The Three types of Cloud Reseller Hosting customers

In the dawn of Web Hosting, the selection of Web Hosting plans was very limited. The customers had a choice between access-restrictive and affordable Shared Hosting, unrestricted but more costly VPS Hosting, or standalone Dedicated Servers as the most powerful and expensive option. While the types of Web Hosting plans were created by following the increasing demand for resources of the hosted websites, their price points were what ultimately set them apart.

By that time, if you had a Digital Agency with hundreds of clients, you pretty much had to choose one of the following options:

  • Host each website on a separate Shared Hosting plan, but be limited in terms of the resources you can utilize and suffer the multiplying cost.
  • Purchase a high-priced solution like a VPS or even a Dedicated Server, where you can host more websites but lose the optimization and added security that comes with the Shared Hosting plans.

This situation created the need for a new type of Web Hosting plan. One that would combine the affordability of the Shared Hosting environment with the unrestrictive nature of the VPS and Dedicated Servers. That is how the Reseller Hosting services was born.

The Reseller Hosting services allow the customer to create and utilize multiple Shared Web Hosting accounts for a significantly lower cost than the one for a VPS or a Dedicated Server. To put it simply, the Reseller Hosting services allow the client to create customized Web Hosting plans freely, while the same can later be sold as products to their customers at any predetermined price. At the same time, the Web Hosting Company providing the Reseller Hosting service remains responsible for managing, delivering, optimizing, monitoring, and maintaining the service.

Let’s review the Three types of Cloud Reseller Hosting customers and see how their businesses can benefit the most from the features our Managed Cloud Reseller Hosting service offers.

Cloud Reseller Hosting for a Small Web Hosting Venture

You have a plan to start your web hosting business, and your initial goal is to provide websites and general support to 100 starting businesses. All of them would rely on using a widely popular script, such as WordPress. They will also need space to store and access operation-related files and the ability to create FTP and Email accounts for their staff or customers. 

Regular Cloud-based Shared Hosting plans can also cover these requirements. However, your customers would need to request support from you whenever they need to take advantage of any of these features because they will not own the web hosting account.  Of course, the exact requests you get would depend on the access level you have decided to provide them with. In the general case where you will host all their websites under one web hosting account, granting a customer access to the same would expose the others. 

To avoid this cumbersome endeavor, you would be better off creating separate web hosting plans for each customer.  But, in that case, the cost will add up. 

All Managed Cloud Reseller Hosting plans powered by HostArmada are providing the ability to create multiple hosting plans, and multiple cPanel-powered web hosting accounts. That is achieved thanks to the Web Host Manager (WHM) service we provide. So naturally you will be able to create and manage all the cPanel Web Hosting Accounts you will need. In addition to that, a separate cPanel account brings full access to edit the records in the DNS Zone for any domain that is tied to the account and basically any cPanel feature your customers might need. 

But all that is meaningless if your client are not recognizing the web hosting service as your product. To show your branding in every Web Hosting Account we provide the White Label service which means that you can easily put your logo and customizations directly within each cPanel account. That feature makes it easy for you to popularize your brand and make it look more professional in the eyes of your customers. 

As a Small Web Hosting Business owner, you will likely want to minimize your expsenses. One thing that our service also takes care of is the Billing Software you will need when managing and billing your customers and their web hosting accounts. WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution and is the most popular software for creating a fully-fledged web hosting business. We provide that for free on our bigger Cloud Reseller Hosting plans and should you need it we will gladly install and configure it for you. 

Finally to show you that we know what your clients’ websites need, we included the  LiteSpeed Enterprise web server. It is specifically designed to serve static and dynamic content significantly faster than Apache and even than NGINX.

Cloud Reseller Hosting for Digital Agencies and Web Developers

Image of Reseller Hosting for Agencies and developers

As a Digital Agency or a Web Developer, your focus is probably on the job you are hired for. Being for the design, functionality or the marketing of your client website, often your customers will approach you with a question about which web hosting provider to choose for their website. Letting your customers choose a web hosting provider is one side of the coin, however that will put at risk not only your customer’s website but also all your work.

The other side is if you assure your customer that you can take care of that aspect since if you have a Cloud Reseller Hosting plan, you can bring all your customers under the same roof. That will ensure their websites are all under equal terms – the same optimized, fast and secure service. What is best is that you can decide how much to charge them.

Of course, the Cloud Reseller Hosting service consists of way more features than simply web hosting. Here are some of the main features that you would be able to access and utilize.


Backups are a very important emergency data security measure that saves the day when something goes very wrong with a customer’s website. When all other options are exhausted, you can simply restore a website backup without affecting your other clients, and things will be back to normal at a moment’s notice.

Security – Free Malware Scanning and Malware removal

All Reseller Web Hosting plans that we offer come with an integrated, AI-based, All-in-one cutting edge security solution. It not only takes care of security for your customers’ websites but also proactively scans and removes any present malware infections.

Free SSL for all websites

Every domain and subdomain is covered by a domain-validated SSL certificate for free with our Cloud Reseller Hosting service. The certificates are issued by the security leader Sectigo and thus cover the necessary level of data encryption required by all modern browsers. 

Multiple PHP versions, Git, WP-CLI, SSH, and many more

The development tools we have included match the needs of nearly every web application developer. Multiple PHP versions and options to choose which PHP modules will be activated are fully supported on all Reseller Hosting plans. You can even set the most important PHP variables on a per web hosting account basis, in case you would need to customize things further for some websites.

Full SSH access also enhances your experience by providing access to tools such as git (for version control) and WP-CLI (for easy WordPress management), among others. 

Web Applications and One-Click auto-installer

All your customers will also benefit from the included-for-free Softaculous auto-installer. It allows the installation of hundreds of Open Source and Paid scripts such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal and many more. 

Softaculous also includes the free management interface for the very popular WordPress CMS platform. It allows you to create users, manage plugins and themes and edit general website settings without entering the admin panel of WordPress.

If you feel like the above situation rings a bell, all of the mentioned features and more are available with the Cloud Reseller Hosting plans.

Cloud Reseller Hosting for owners of multiple websites

Image of a multiple website owner

Do you happen to own multiple small businesses? Each with its respectful website, and each of those sites are hosted on a separate Shared Hosting package. If that sounds familiar, you should probably switch to our Cloud Reseller Web hosting plans, mainly because your annual costs for maintaining separate Web Hosting services for all websites will drop significantly.

The cost of having separate Shared Hosting packages for, say, 20 websites is considerably higher than using only one Cloud Reseller Web hosting plan and deploying all websites on isolated web hosting accounts within that plan.

Furthermore, the move to a Reseller Hosting plan would also grant you access to the Web Host Manager (WHM), which is the name of the management control panel for all of your web hosting accounts. WHM eliminates the need to enter separate login credentials because it allows you to manage all separate cPanel Web Hosting accounts from one place. 

Each separate cPanel account would also come with separate login credentials in case you need to grant access to a single website to say a developer or a designer. This would allow the selected person to make changes to the website without having any control over the other websites located on the same Reseller Hosting plan.

If you are coming from another hosting provider, you should take comfort in knowing that we will take care of the website transfers professionally and securely, while ensuring no data loss and guaranteeing as little downtime as possible. This service is provided completely free of charge and will be carried out as fast as humanly possible by our 24/7 available technical support team available via phone, chat, or an efficient ticketing system.


Following the latest trends and making sure you use the most hyped-up technologies is not always the best course of action for your company. Sometimes small savings here and there can be the reason for more freely usable funds. Those funds you can invest in marketing or business development and that often brings new customers that raise your brand recognition score immensely.

Not only will you spare funds compared to a VPS or Dedicated Server, but you will also host your websites on a service full of potentially resellable features!

Your websites will be protected, they will make the most of fast loading speeds, and you will have professional technical advice and assistance available 24/7/365. In essence, we have developed the go-to plan that guarantees to help you elevate your web hosting game to the next level!

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