The Difference Between Reselling Hosting And Domains

Recently we’ve been getting quite a few inquiries in our helpdesk, live chat, and on the phone about reselling specific TLDs (most notable country-based ones ie.,, etc.).

Potential new customers (and some current customers) seem to be confused between the relationship with reseller hosting and reselling domains, so I thought I’d attempt to clear it all up here.

These allow you to setup your own white-labeled web hosting website and resell space directly on our high-speed cloud to your customers.

All of our packages are loaded with added bonuses including SSD Raid 10, LiteSpeed web server, free and automatic SSL, Cloudflare with Railgun, as well as a free Enom and Reseller Club domain reseller account.

Those that decide to purchase our Corporate Hero package also get a complimentary WHMCS license allowing them to automate the process for their clients.

Regardless of all the features and added bonuses, the real value in the Reseller Hosting package is the ability to resell on our high-speed cloud.

However, the domain-reseller accounts can provide a nice revenue stream for your web hosting business.

This allows your customers to also register or transfer their domains to your company when signing up for hosting.

Since most customers prefer to have both in one location, this makes for the perfect (and most practical) upsell.

However, the two aren’t mutually exclusive, meaning you can sell web hosting without domains or you can just sell domains.

You’re also not limits to just the TLDs offered by Enom or Reseller Club, you’re free to add other domain registrars to your WHMCS.

All you need to do is have a Reseller account with one of these registrars, then you can activate their Domain Reseller module inside of WHMCS Admin -> Products/Services -> Domain Registrars:

Once on this page, you’ll just need to click “Activate” and enter your Reseller information:

You can also use multiple domain registrars depending on what TLDS you need setup.

You can easily define this inside of WHMCS Admin -> Products/Services -> Domain Pricing:

Notice the above screenshot is using Enom for the .us TLD. This is especially useful if you have country-based TLDs that need to have specialized registrars.

I filmed a video where I discuss this subject and help clarify the difference between reselling hosting and domains:

The main point I want to get across in this tutorial is that NameHero is a web hosting company.

The domain reseller accounts, WHMCS license, Cloudflare, etc. are added bonuses to help you easily start and grow your business.

Since they’re provided by third-party vendors, we cannot fully support them and don’t have control over the specific features they offer.

If you have any questions on this, feel free to leave me a comment below!

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