Struth Gaming: Server Nuking Blood Lance Build Guide | Necromancer 90+ Nightmare Dungeons

Struth Gaming brings us a comprehensive guide on the Server Nuking Blood Lance Build for the Necromancer in Diablo 4. This build utilizes the Bloodlands skill to generate cascades of self-propagating damage that can wipe out entire screens of enemies. The video showcases the build’s potential, even without an extra high rolled aspect drop. The guide provides detailed explanations of skill selection, gear choices, aspects, and gameplay strategies. It also addresses the issue of server lag caused by the build and offers tips on how to avoid it.


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Key Takeaways:

  • Bloodlands is a highly satisfying skill that can deal massive damage with the right setup.
  • The build revolves around the Aspect of Hungry Blood, which gives Bloodlands a chance to split off and generate additional Blood Lancers.
  • The build requires careful management of attack speed, essence economy, and enemy grouping to maximize its potential.
  • The build can cause server lag due to the large number of calculations happening, so players need to be mindful of this.

Building the Blood Lance Build:

The guide provides two versions of the build, with slight differences in aspects and talents. The first version is recommended for most players and content, while the second version is more focused on pushing high-level nightmare dungeons.


Playing the Blood Lance Build:

The guide offers detailed instructions on how to play the build effectively. It covers strategies for grouping enemies, applying Blood Lancers, and dealing with different types of enemies. It also provides tips on avoiding server lag and maximizing damage output. The guide concludes with a reminder to be careful when playing the build, as it can cause freezes and crashes.

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