Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting: Which one to choose?

There are plenty of web hosting services available for users and you have different web hosting options with you. Shared and dedicated hosting plans are two major popular ones that many web hosting companies offer to users. If you are confused to choose the right one for you among both

By the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of what each of these web hosting options provides, and be able to make the best decision regarding where, and how, to host your website.

Shared hosting users host their websites on one server only. It means one server is hosting multiple sites with server resources sharing among multiple hosting account users. Hundreds or even thousands of websites can be hosted on a single server, which creates advantages and disadvantages.

Shared hosting plans requires less technical skills or any in-depth technical expertise to manage the web hosting operation. If you want to accommodate general websites in a hosting server, shared hosting plan is the best suitable one for you. Server maintenance, like installing updates and patches, is carried out by the host providers, so all you have to worry about is developing your business.

Dedicated hosting services as the name suggests, in one single server, there is only one hosting user who can host one single website. The major benefit of this dedicated hosting server is that you can easily scale and get a good traffic and the outcome through it.

If shared hosting is like a public bus, then dedicated hosting is like renting your own car. You have more control where you take your car, how fast it goes, and what radio station plays. However, it also comes at a much higher cost, and requires more knowledge in order to maintain it. Dedicated hosting has very similar advantages and disadvantages.


The potential for slowdowns or downtime increases on shared hosting plans. This could be due to bad neighbors — websites on your shared server that experience high volumes of traffic and use up more of a server’s processing power — or due to faulty coding. Dedicated hosting is extremely reliable making it the preferred hosting package for businesses that experience large volumes of traffic.


In terms of cyber security, shared hosting plans tend to be more susceptible to cyber-attacks than dedicated hosting. This is because the server is shared by multiple users, which opens more opportunities for security breaches. If the physical security of the server is a concern, make sure to host your website with a reputable professional hosting company you can trust to protect the server from break-ins or damage.


In many cases, shared hosting is not scalable. However, some web hosts like offer shared hosting with scalable bandwidth, meaning the amount of traffic and data that flows between your website and users is not limited. In the fortunate event that your website is successful and garners heavier traffic, will work with you to move your site to a host server with more resources, ensuring optimum performance for all customers using shared hosting.


Dedicated hosting is very scalable because there is no competition for resources on the server. This makes it possible to accommodate high growth.

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