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Runes are a system of custom enchantments used throughout the Complex Gaming server’s vanilla gamemodes. They can be applied to one’s armor, tools, or weapons, bestowing them with a wide range of effects and bonuses, or give the user new abilities.

Like regular Minecraft enchantments, all types of runes have different levels that influence their power. Runes are assigned one of four different rarities; common, rare, legendary, and mythical, each increasing in cost and difficulty to obtain.

Unlike normal enchantments, however, runes exist as distinct items that are manually applied to a desired piece of gear, where the rune item is consumed in the process. Every rune item has a varying success and failure rate measured in percentages, meaning the application of a rune is not always guaranteed. The success rate can be increased by using Lucky Gems.

There are also crate-exclusive runes that are not obtained from the same method as regular runes; set items that are recieved from exclusive crates will be enchanted with a unique, powerful rune that cannot be possessed by any other item.


Runes are primarily obtained at the infuser, where players may trade a fixed amount of experience points for a tome of a certain rarity. Tomes are consumable items that, when used, produce one rune of corresponding rarity of a randomized type, level, and success rates.

Some crates have a chance to give the player runes of varying rarity and quantity when opened. These runes will have randomized stats upon collection similar to opening tomes.

Certain kits include runes as part of the item assortment that is given to the player upon opening. Like runes recieved from crates, these runes will also have randomized stats as if they were obtained from a tome.

With the addition of envoys in Season 2, runes may be dropped as prizes from an opened envoy. Like tomes, these runes will have randomized properties.

Players can list runes or tomes for sale in the auction house (/ah).


Most runes are only compatible with a specific type of item (such as the helmet or the bow), but some can be applied to more than one type. Attempting to use a rune on an item that is incompatible will have no effect, and the rune will not be consumed. Once the rune has been enchanted to an item, it cannot be retrieved and placed onto another.

Success rate[]

List of non-exclusive runes[]

Common runes[]

Rare runes[]

Legendary runes[]

Mythical runes[]

Name In-game description Maximum Level Compatible with Level effect formula
Runemythical 4x Barricade Has a chance of creating a 5 blocks wide moving wall in front of you, pushing enemies away. V (5) Shields level
Runemythical 4x Blacksmith Has a chance to slightly repair all of your armor when you are hit. X (10) Armor
Runemythical 4x Echolocation Gain permanent night vision when worn. I (1) Helmets Grants night vision
Runemythical 4x Extra Padding Gain an increase of +5 ❤️ while armor with this is equipped. Does not stack. X (10) Armor 0.5 ❤️ × level
Runemythical 4x Glass Cannon Lose 6 ❤️ while armor with this is equipped, in exchange, gain Strength III. Permanent Regeneration II is given at its highest level. III (3) Chestplates 2 ❤️ × level
Runemythical 4x Greenhouse Crops near you will grow faster. V(5) Helmets
Runemythical 4x Herbalist Has a chance to double the amount of crops you harvest with this rune. V (5) Hoes
Runemythical 4x Iron Lungs Gain permanent water breathing when worn. I (1) Helmets Grants water breathing
Runemythical 4x Lifeforce Will restore +3 HP and food every 5 seconds. III (3) Helmets level
Runemythical 4x Puffer Has a chance to surround yourself with deadly pufferfish when attacked. V (5) Chestplates
Runemythical 4x Refurbish When an item with this rune breaks, it will lose one level of this enchantment, remove one other random enchantment on the item, then be restored to full durability. X (10) Armor, Tool, Weapon
Runemythical 4x Saboteur Whilst in combat, has a chance of placing landmines down on the ground, damaging those who walk over them. V (5) Helmets

List of exclusive runes[]

Items from exclusive crates will always come enchanted with a random level of its corresponding rune. These levels are what players refer to as the ‘tier’ of a seasonal item, which often determines its value since the rune’s level cannot be changed (e.g. a t8 divine fishing rod would have Heaven’s Lure at level 8).

Armor pieces are enchanted with two unique runes: its normal ability with a varying effect and maximum level, and its ‘set bonus’ rune which is capped at level 1, only activating when the player equips all four pieces of the set. When notating crate armor’s tier, only the ‘main’ rune is mentioned, as mentioning the set bonus rune is unnecessary due to always having a max level of 1 (e.g. an imperial helmet with Kabuto Level 4 and Imperial Resolve Level 1 would be referred to as t4)

Divine Runes[]

Demonic Runes[]

Name In-game description Maximum Level Compatible with Level effect formula
Runes reddye Demonic Destruction Sneaking while shooting causes your arrows to be infused with the destructive powers of demons, causing explosions where they land. V (5) Item demonic-crossbow 4x Crossbow ?
Runes reddye Demonic Lifesteal When attacked whilst your shield is raised, has a chance to steal hearts from your attacker. V (5) Item demonic-shield 4x Shield ?
Runes reddye Devil’s Crown Gain immunity to all wither and poison damage. I (1) Item demonic-helmet 4x Helmet
Runes reddye Eternal Damnation Gain a purple glowing effect and open a portal to hell whenever you login. I (1) Item demonic-helmet 4xItem demonic-chestplate 4xItem demonic-leggings 4xItem demonic-boots 4x Set Bonus (Armor)
Runes reddye Hades’ Hellfire As you step, you’ll leave a trail of flame in your wake. V (5) Item demonic-boots 4x Boots ?
Runes reddye Hell’s Dogs Has a chance for a swarm of baby zombies to surround whomever you hit. V (5) Item demonic-bow 4x Bow ?
Runes reddye Hell’s Rings [SHIFT] + [RIGHT-CLICK] to surround yourself in a ring of fire.
(1m cooldown)
V (5) Item demonic-sword 4x Sword 5m – (1m × levels above 1)
Runes reddye Reaper’s Scythe Has a chance to harvest nearby crops in a blast of flames around you. Blast size increases with level. V (5) Item demonic-hoe 4x Hoe ?
Runes reddye Six Feet Under [SHIFT] + [LEFT-CLICK] to instantly dig 12 blocks straight in one direction.
(2 second cooldown)
V (5) Item demonic-shovel 4x Shovel ?
Runes reddye Temptation of Eden When chopping trees, has a chance to drop golden apples, apple quality and quantity increases with level. V (5) Item demonic-axe 4x Axe
Runes reddye Touch of Malice The lower your health is, the stronger you become. V (5) Item demonic-chestplate 4x Chestplate Grants Strength I at T1, II at T2/3, III at T4/5
Runes reddye Underworld’s Grip Has a chance to apply Slowness III to attacked entities for a short duration. V (5) Item demonic-leggings 4x Leggings Inflicts Slowness I at T1, II at T2/3, III at T4/5

Ancient Runes[]

Name In-game description Maximum Level Compatible with Level effect formula
Runes browndye Ancient Decay Has a chance to chop up to 200 logs in a tree, and replant a sapling in its place. X (10) Item ancient-axe 4x Axe ?
Runes browndye Desert Wind While blocking, has a chance to send the attacking player flying away in a sandnado. V (5) Item ancient-shield 4x Shield
Runes browndye Eye of Horus Gain a blue and golden glowing effect. I (1) Item ancient-helmet 4xItem ancient-chestplate 4xItem ancient-leggings 4xItem ancient-boots 4x Set Bonus (Armor)
Runes browndye Hieroglyphic Harvest Has a chance of uncovering a random rune when harvesting crops. X (10) Item ancient-hoe 4x Hoe
Runes browndye Mark of the Sphinx When shooting a player, has a chance to inflict Mark of the Sphinx on them. Mark of the Sphinx increases the damage a player takes by 10% per level, for 1 second per level. V (5) Item ancient-bow 4x Bow 10% × level, 1 × level seconds
Runes browndye Mummification Has a chance to summon a swarm of baby mummies on your attacker. V (5) Item ancient-leggings 4x Leggings ?
Runes browndye Nile’s Cast Has a chance to catch a Vote Key while fishing. X (10) Item ancient-fishingrod 4x Fishing Rod
Runes browndye Osiris’ Blessing [SHIFT] + [RIGHT-CLICK] to remove all active rune effects from yourself.
(1m cooldown)
V (5) Item ancient-sword 4x Sword 5m – (1m × levels above 1)
Due to a bug, Osiris’ Blessing level 5 has no effect on the player.
Runes browndye Pharaoh’s Reinforcement Has a chance of gaining Damage Resistance V when you have less than half health. V (5) Item ancient-chestplate 4x Chestplate Resistance × level
Runes browndye Ra’s Wrath When another player has a combo on you, have a chance of gaining temporary Damage Resistance, and inflicting Blindness and Slowness on your attacker. V (5) Item ancient-helmet 4x Helmet Grants Resistance I to the wearer; inflicts Blindness × level, Slowness × level, and Mining Fatigue × level on the attacker for 2 × level seconds
Runes browndye Sandwalker Gain a massive speed boost while walking on sand and sandstone. V (5) Item ancient-boots 4x Boots Speed × level
Runes browndye Sekhem Swing Gain permanent Haste 3 while this item is held. V (5) Item ancient-shovel 4x Shovel Haste × level, up to III

Halloween Runes[]

Christmas Runes[]

Name In-game description Maximum Level Compatible with Level effect formula
Runes greendye Absolute Zero While fighting, a freezing ring is emitted periodically, slowing nearby entities. Size and speed of ring increases with level. V (5) Item christmas-helmet 4x Helmet ?
Due to a bug, Absolute Zero has no effect and cannot be triggered.
Runes greendye Ancestral Assistance Has a chance to activate a random Crate Exclusive Fishing Rod Rune prior to the Valentines 2023 Crate. X (10) Item christmas-fishingrod 4x Fishing Rod ?
Runes greendye Christmas Miracle Has a chance to restore health when damage is taken while below 20% health. V (5) Item christmas-leggings 4x Leggings ?
Runes greendye Festive Blast While blocking, has a chance to send the attacking player flying away from you in a flurry of snow! V (5) Item christmas-shield 4x Shield
Runes greendye Frosted Feet Gain a massive speed boost while walking on snow or gravel. V (5) Item christmas-boots 4x Boots ?
Runes greendye Ghost From Christmas Past Has a chance to freeze shot entities. V (5) Item christmas-bow 4x Bow
Runes greendye Happy Holidays [SHIFT] + [RIGHT-CLICK] to grant yourself invisibility for 40 seconds.
(5m cooldown)
V (5) Item christmas-sword 4x Sword 24s + (4s × levels above 1),
9m – (1m × levels above 1)
Runes greendye Icy Trail While sprinting in a straight line, your speed will be increased every 5 blocks. Maximum speed determined by level. V (5) Item christmas-axe 4x Axe ?
Runes greendye Santa’s Blessing Increases the drop rate of Gold Shards looted from mobs by 20% X (10) Item christmas-chestplate 4x Chestplate 2% × level
Runes greendye Santa’s Surprise Has a chance to jumble the hotbar of shot players. V (5) Item christmas-crossbow 4x Crossbow
Runes greendye Secret Santa Has a chance to find a random pouch while harvesting crops. Better pouches can be found with higher levels. V (5) Item christmas-hoe 4x Hoe Due to the abscence of pouches, Secret Santa has no effect in Prison
Runes greendye Snowman’s Remains When digging snow, have a chance to find carrots, golden carrots, sticks, carved pumpkins and buttons. V (5) Item christmas-shovel 4x Shovel
Runes greendye The Night Before Christmas Gain a green and red glowing effect. I (1) Item christmas-helmet 4xItem christmas-chestplate 4xItem christmas-leggings 4xItem christmas-boots 4x Set Bonus (Armor)

Valentine’s 2023 Runes[]

Imperial Runes[]

Celestial Runes[]

  • Main article: Celestial Crate

Rune Incineration[]

In the bottom-right corner of the infuser menu is a bomb icon that opens the Rune Incinerator menu when clicked. Here, the player may ‘incinerate’ selected runes, destroying them and giving an portion of experience based on the runes’ rarity, level, max level, and success rate.

The maximum refunded XP a rune can give is 64% of its rarity’s tome cost (5,000 XP for commons, 100,000 XP for mythicals, etc). This 64% base value is lowered if the rune is not the highest level of its type and/or its success rate is lower than 100%.

scrap value = success rate × [ (base xp × 0.64) × (level / max level) ]

Rounded down to integer

For example, an Echolocation I mythical rune with an 84% success rate can have its scrap value calculated:

53,760 XP = 0.84 × [ (100,000 × 0.64) × (1 / 1) ]



Unobtainable runes[]

Runes from unimplemented crates[]

The first three limited-time crates released on Complex Gaming were not made available on Prison, and were only obtainable on other gamemodes. However, the infuser will still display these under the exclusive crate tab.

Valentines Runes[]
St. Patricks Runes[]
Easter Runes[]


Runelegendary 4x Meteor Throw yourself into the air by holding down [RIGHT-CLICK]. When you fall to the ground, your enemies are knocked back and damaged.

(1m cooldown)

V (5) Swords 5m – (1m × levels above 1)
Runemythical 4x Greedy Greens Automatically sells all crops harvested.

Sell Multiplier: 200% (+5% sell multiplier per level)

XX (20) Hoes
Runemythical 4x Magma Strider Gain the ability to swim through lava much faster. I (1) Boots
Runerare 4x Dasher Be shot across the landscape every 20s while you’re sprinting. VI (6) Boots 45 – (5 × levels above 1) seconds

Exclusive pickaxe runes[]

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