Reseller Hosting: MilesWeb Vs. Bluehost

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Reseller hosting can be extremely rewarding for contemporary and traditional resellers.

Some web hosting businesses have reseller programs where you can find resources like – disc space, bandwidth, or several cPanel accounts – to divide and sell as per your preferences. As a result, you can reduce the cost per account, allowing you to pair hosting with other services with minimal impact on your bottom line.

There are some key aspects to consider while selecting reseller hosting. For example, reseller hosting may appear inexpensive, but this is because you will most likely be your customer’s initial point of contact. You can get in touch with the web host to fix the customer issues.

There are no guidelines for determining the best reselling option because this depends on how you want to sell hosting and the services you need. Your first step should be to locate web hosts that offer the plans and support you require and then examine the reselling plans they provide.

To assist you in understanding what to look for, here is a compiled review of the industry’s most prominent companies offering Reseller hosting: MilesWeb and Bluehost.

Who Is Reseller Hosting For?

Before we explore the two most promising reseller hosting platforms, let us look at who can benefit from reseller hosting.

If you are setting up a new website or only looking for a new hosting provider, reseller hosting is not for you.

Preferably, reseller hosting is for web developers, web designers for agencies, and if you want to set up your own hosting company with minimum investment. If you are reselling services provided by some web hosting company, you don’t need an infrastructure of your own; this is why reseller hosting is eyed as an additional source of income.

For instance, if you own a website designing company, you can think about reselling hosting packages to your customers to offer them a complete solution.

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Whether you are a freelance developer, a large company, or anywhere in between, reseller hosting is appropriate for you if you plan to manage at least 10 websites or more. 

Apart from the additional profits you can make from reseller hosting, it is also a great way to retain your customers long-term, as you get all the support from the web host.

Think about this – if you create a website for someone, your project is over, and they wouldn’t need your services permanently. But if you manage the hosting for them, then the services will be recurring, and the income will also be recurring.

MilesWeb, established in 2012, hosted more than 1 Million websites, making it one of the industry’s most popular web hosting services.

It has a global presence in nations like the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and India. Every MilesWeb package has many options that allow you to create your online presence effortlessly. You will find it all here if you need site-building tools, a one-click application installer, or a backup solution.

Reseller Hosting Plans

reseller hosting
reseller web hosting

MilesWeb is a competent web host that provides a wide range of products and services, including unlimited reseller hosting plans powered by Linux and Windows.

The Micro plan starts at ₹315 a month, including 10 GB disc space, unlimited bandwidth, and 5 cPanel accounts. 

In addition, you can host unlimited domains, email addresses, and databases. MilesWeb also includes a free SSL certificate with its basic reseller hosting package.

When you upgrade to the top-end Reseller Boss plan, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain names, database and email accounts with 200 GB disc space, and free SSL with 100 cPanel accounts. This plan costs you ₹7200/month if you opt for a billing term of 3 years. 

Prominent Features

MilesWeb provides a plethora of extras and bonuses. For example, a low-cost license is available for WHMCS, the industry-standard package for managing your client’s billing and support.

MilesWeb’s Reseller account allows you to sell top-level domains and SSL certificates. In addition, white labeling allows you to design unique hosting packages with your brand name, employ anonymous name servers, and apply your branding through customizable themes.

MilesWeb’s most significant feature is its exceptional support, which is crucial in handling customer issues. 

Even though it is evident in the reviews that MilesWeb provides high-quality service, you can try MilesWeb’s reseller hosting for yourself, as they have a 30-day money-back guarantee.



Bluehost provides reseller accounts for Linux and Windows web hosting. Like many other providers, Bluehost offers free migration to its reseller hosting clients.

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Furthermore, Bluehost offers a feature-rich selection of reseller hosting services, including various integrated invoicing, order, and control panels for managing your hosting business.

Reseller plans include a free reseller account for domain name sales and other hosting goods, including shared hosting and email hosting. Softaculous installer is included for quick software installation.

Reseller Hosting Plans

bluehost reseller hosting pricing

There are four primary reseller plans available for Linux reseller hosting, with disk space ranging from 40 GB to 200 GB and bandwidth ranging from 800 GB to 4000 GB. Windows reseller hosting is less generous, with storage ranging from 10 GB to 100 GB and bandwidth ranging from 200 GB to 2000GB.

Pricing is tiered based on commitment, with the basic Linux reseller plan costing ₹1259 per month with a three-year contract. 

Prominent Features

Overall, Bluehost provides suitable hardware and a wide choice of software alternatives to enable the most flexible usage of their reseller hosting services. The Linux option offers the most generous allocation of resources.

Here is a quick insight into the reseller hosting services provided by MilesWeb and Bluehost.

Services Offered MilesWeb Bluehost
Customer Support 24×7 customer support in several languages 24×7 customer support only in English
Web hosting plans Offers 70+ web hosting plans Offers limited plans
SSL certificate Free SSL certificate with all the plans Not all plans come with free SSL certificate
Security Security features are added in all the plans Security features are only included in the top-tier plans
Speed & Performance Offers high-speed SSD storage Offers average load speed


Reseller Hosting gives you access to WHM for cPanel with customer support, helping you to establish and grow your brand. It also offers an integrated WHMCS license to manage billing, domains, and other aspects in a shared and fully-managed environment that keeps your costs low. 

MilesWeb consistently works to provide its customers with the most satisfactory service possible. Speaking of Bluehost, even though they are well-known, MilesWeb’s web hosting prices are relatively low. MilesWeb doesn’t just help you set up your hosting business; you can also establish an online presence with a free SEO and analysis tool provided by MilesWeb.

MilesWeb is known for exceptional and prompt customer support through phone, ticket, email, and live chat /24/7, so you know when you are hosted with MilesWeb, you are in safe hands.

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