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Resell Collaboration Software to Empower Business and Professional Teams with a powerful Collaboration Software. Enable Teams to Co-Create, Connect, Collaborate and Manage office, employees, projects, meetings, chats, and all the daily activities for an office online and virtually.

Collaboration Software Hosting
Top Quality Collaboration Hosting with ample Space, Bandwidth, Domain or sub-domain, Collaboration software, Website Security, Backups and Completely Managed Hosting.

Simplified Collaboration Software Admin Panel
Simplified Collaboration Software Admin Panel so you can manage & update your Collaboration Software regularly as & when you need.

Collaboration Software
Launch a powerful collaboration software for your business or professional team:
1. CREATE A virtual office for your organization as per your team structure. Create Unlimited Teams and Channels.
2.CONNECT With team members and invite them to join your Virtual Workspace to work remotely on projects and collaborations. Team members have access only to the Teams and Channels you provide them access with.
3. COLLABORATE Virtually using chats, discussions, Video conference meetings, filesharing, and more.
4. MANAGE Your work with a very simple project management system using Boards and cards to manage department-wise and team-wise activities.

Specalized Setup Services
We provide you a complete Setup Services with custom design & development of your Collaboration software based on Information collected from you.

Help & Support
Need to Know How to do something on your e-Collaboration Portal or the Collaboration software, its easy to find out with our dedicated Collaboration Software Support & Help via email, WhatsApp, helpdesk.

Collaboration Software Maintenance
We keep your Collaboration Software updated with the latest plugin versions, firewall & backups.

Daily Offsite Backups
We take daily offsite backups so that your data is safe secure and always recoverable.

Problem Fixing
If you face any problem in your website then we will fix it for you ASAP

Security & Firewall Set-up
We setup Security & Firewall to secure your Online Store and data

Malware Scanner
As part of your Collaboration software maintenance, we run a complete malware scan

Staging Site Creation
We Create Staging site for you because it”s a great way to test any new additions to your Collaboration Software.

  to know how we can transform your business online with Top Quality Open source Technologies and achieve your Business Goal and Objectives at Optimal Costs and quick turn around Time.

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