PlatinumHost: Cheap Gaming Server and VPS in UK and France!

PlatinumHost contacted us and asked for a mention on our site, and after a quick glance, we said sure!

Why?  Well, for one thing, you can try out their game server service for 14 days for free – and that’s on Ryzen system with a DDoS-Protected IP.  After that, service is only £1.00/month!  And if you need more horsepower, you can upgrade their game servers at a pace of 1GB for £1.00/month.

That’s for game servers.  See their full range of game servers, including Factorio, Terraria, Rust, 7 Ways to Die, and Ark Survival Evolved.

They also have VPSes in the UK that come with hefty bandwidth.  For example, they start with a 4GB VPS system with a massive DDoS-protected 10TB bandwidth allowance.  Check out their cheap VPS deals here.

Their Terms of Service is available on their web site. They accept Visa/Mastercard via Stripe.

Here’s a little about PlatinumHost in their own words:

“We are a newly incorperated company selling cheap and fast Game and VPS Services. We offer a range of Game Servers such as Minecraft, Terraria and Factorio servers with prices as low as £1.00 per month all with Unlimited CPU and SSD storage. All of our services are DDOS protected up to 1Tbps with an uplink of 1Gbps connection for larger communities to utlize.

We currently only have London, UK however at the time of this post we are setting up our servers in Paris, France and are expanding our server range every month!

We have an easy to understand refund policy and will help on any issues you may face with our Minecraft or VPS services and are expanding our FAQ page to help configure your new service.”

They new, but that’s sometimes where the best deals are.  Have you been a PlatinumHost customer? Please share your experience in the comments below.


Please let us know if you have any questions/comments and enjoy!

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