Microsoft 365 Email Hosting Services

Mitigate the risks of moving to Microsoft 365 email hosting

While Microsoft Office 365 offers a highly effective cloud platform with familiar productivity tools, moving to Microsoft 365 email hosting is not without risk.

No single solution can provide all of the security, archiving and continuity needs that organizations require to protect and manage business email. In traditional on-premises Exchange environments, IT teams could invest in technologies to defend against threats, manage archives to ensure compliance and provide continuous access to email data. In moving to a cloud based email service like Office 365, organizations may need to replace those on-premises point solutions with third-party cloud services to minimize the risks inherent when relying solely Microsoft 365 email hosting.



Mimecast’s services for Microsoft 365 email hosting

Mimecast provides a rich set of cloud services designed to help Microsoft 365 email hosting customers minimize risk and get the most from their investment. By providing key services for email security, archiving and continuity, Mimecast enables organizations to move to the cloud with confidence and eliminate dependence on on-premises technology.


Benefits for Microsoft 365 email hosting

Mimecast’s all-in-one service addresses four critical areas of risk in Microsoft 365 email hosting.

  • Security. The landscape of threats against email is constantly changing, and Microsoft 365 email hosting on its own may not offer the kind of layered protection required to fully protect data and users. Mimecast augments security by providing defense against targeted threats like phishing and spear-phishing, as well as protection from malware, spam and data leaks.
  • Data integrity. Microsoft 365 email hosting provides some archiving and compliance capabilities, but this basic set of functionality may not cover the needs of all enterprises. Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving provides an independent, immutable and verifiable backup of email data to protect against corruption, malicious activity and data loss. Users get search tools that provide fast access to email archives from any device, anywhere, while administrators get automated tools to easily manage retention, e-discovery and litigation requests.
  • Business continuity. As powerful as Microsoft 365 email hosting is, it cannot provide 100% uptime. Mimecast ensures Office 365 business continuity, giving users access to live and historic email attachments even during planned downtime, an email outage or a disaster.
  • Migration. Migration to a new platform poses risks in security, data loss and productivity. Mimecast’s exchange to Office 365 migration tool simplifies and streamlines migration to Microsoft 365 email hosting. Mimecast protects against data corruption and loss, and defends against threats even when some layers of protection are dropped during migration. Mimecast also ensures 100% uptime during migration and supports all aspects of an email system migration plan.

Learn more about moving to Microsoft 365 email hosting with help from Mimecast, and about using Mimecast as a Postini alternative solution.

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