Managed Email Hosting | Bizbox Email Hosting

Our Bizbox is a complete solution to untie you from the burden and the cost of the expensive Microsoft solution. Bizbox is your file server, your email server and your web server. Bizbox is based on the open source Linux Platform and will provide you with the exact same advanced functionality you are used to with a traditional MS Window environment and with added security.

Bizbox, designed for price sensitive customers, is built over an open source Linux OS (Debian) and filled with open source applications to handle every aspect of a business, including:

  • File server and Print server – Using Samba, your file server is fully compliant with MS Technology
  • Email server – whether you are an Outlook, Apple Mail or any other traditional email client, our email server will support you
  • Webmail when you are on the move
  • Shared address book and Calendar
  • Web server – Apache is the choice of many large organisation and ISP
  • Database – mySQL, Postgress are available in your Bizbox
  • Storage – Safebox functionality is fully supported
  • Connectivity – integrate in your LAN / WAN architecture with no efforts

And all this in a box that is fully supported by SafeComs, remotely managed and supported, keeping your operations moving efficiently and effectively. BizBox brings all your business applications together so they are easy to manage.

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