ImmuniWeb offers free email security testing amid rising cyberthreats

Application security company ImmuniWeb SA today released a new email security test as a part of its free Community Edition to address a surge in phishing and other email-based cyberattacks.

The service seeks to counter the growing sophistication of email cyberthreats, with the financial implications of phishing attacks almost doubling over the past year. According to ImmuniWeb, based on its own data from its Discovery solution, there has been a 59% rise in phishing websites targeting customers from over 50 countries this year compared to 2022.

At the same time, shadow information technology and shadow assets in a multicloud environment have created additional risks by exposing misconfigured or test-environment email servers to the internet. That makes them easy targets even for inexperienced cyber criminals.

The new free email security test is designed to provide a thorough response to potential cyberthreats by providing a comprehensive check of email server security, encryption and compliance with best practices. The service’s features include identifying DNS misconfigurations, discovering potentially compromised credentials and detecting active phishing and squatting campaigns. The tool also enables users to verify if their email server is listed on any dark web sites or spam lists.

ImmuniWeb states that the new tool can be an invaluable asset for smaller entities like small to medium enterprises, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and municipal governments, which often lack the resources to invest in enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions. The company’s email security test provides a foundational level of cyber defense, privacy and compliance checking at no cost.

“While our primary duty is to take care of all our customers and partners, we take our social responsibility seriously and we are strongly committed to supporting the most vulnerable organizations in their efforts to protect themselves against skyrocketing cyber attacks,” Dr. Ilia Kolochenko, chief architect and chief executive officer of ImmuniWeb, said in a statement. “The new free email security test brings a simple and efficient solution to ensure that… email servers and communications are safe.”

Image: ImmuniWeb

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