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Easily view and test email functionality in your software as you build it

Imitate Email provides a sandbox (or fake) email server that lets developers build, test and view email functionality as they build their software.

This extension adds the email viewer to your web app so that you can see test emails inside your application as you build it. This makes building and testing email based functionality much easier as you can see emails as they're sent and check their content/design without leaving your application.

To get started, sign up for free at (it only takes an email address or social login) and you'll get your free mailbox with SMTP credentials or address.

Then start sending emails from your application to that mailbox (either using our SMTP server or using your mailbox email address) and they'll appear inside your application.

Don't waste time setting up a local fake SMTP server, or dumping emails to the file system. Imitate Email also provides IMAP/POP3 interfaces alongside Web Socket support for fast integration testing. And, when you're ready for users to test out your application, you can easily surface test emails to your users.

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