How to set up a V Rising dedicated server

Once you’ve purchased V Rising, you can get started in a multiplayer session straightaway by running it on your own device. However, hardware and internet connection are the decisive factors for the stability and performance of a V Rising server – especially when you want to participate in the game. Note that the server only runs when you’re online.

For the best possible gaming experience, hosting with a professional provider is recommended. With IONOS, for example, you can choose from three server models:

With a dedicated server you opt for maximum performance by accessing enterprise hardware with strong single-core power that’s exclusively reserved for you. At the same time, you only get charged for what you use.

In contrast, the vServer (VPS) and Cloud Server from IONOS use virtual resources. These are shared between customers, but that doesn’t affect their performance. With a vServer, you pay a fixed monthly price. With a cloud server, performance can be flexibly adjusted and what you use is billed by the minute.

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