How To Resell Hosting On Your VPS

A lot of our Reseller hosting customers eventually start branching out their business to include reselling on Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

With the power of the cloud, building a VPS is now very affordable and scalable. Meaning that customers can start with a low amount of space and instantly scale as their business grows.

Most Resellers start going this route so they can also offer Reseller Hosting packages to their customers and include important tools such as Web Host Manager.

While our standard Reseller Hosting packages are great to offer single-site hosting– what if you have clients that need more?

As you can see we offer some very aggressive pricing, amongst some of the best in the industry.

All VPS deployments are built on our same infrastructure as our Basic & Reseller Hosting accounts meaning your customers will also enjoy the speed, reliability, and security of our private cloud.

These are also dynamically scalable, meaning you can start with the Hero 2GB and scale up to the Hero 4GB with a couple of clicks from right inside of our managed interface.

  • Offer your customers Reseller Hosting packages

  • More flexibility for larger/high traffic customers

  • Customizable server host name

  • Dedicated resources (not shared)

Our Cloud VPS’ have a lot of advantages over traditional “old school” dedicated servers since they can be scaled in real-time.

Back before the cloud, if you wanted to add more resources to your server you had to take it offline, add a new hard drive or RAM, and then bring it back online. This made upgrades a tremendous task filled with downtime and mad customers.

Some Resellers choose to start directly with a VPS so they have complete control over all of their accounts. Depending on your business model/budget there is nothing wrong with taking this route.

The only disadvantage is if you want to use some tools we have standard on our basic Reseller accounts such as CloudLinux with PHP Selector and LiteSpeed web server (faster than Apache) you have to purchase those licenses separately.

Our support team however will help you get them installed on your VPS and ready to use for your customers.

In the coming days, I’m going to be blogging about how to integrate your new VPS with WHMCS as well as how to setup basic and reseller hosting packages to offer your customers!

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