Best Email Hosting Provider in India

NetForChoice is a data center service & hosting provider company. It facilitates all cloud computing as well as email hosting services too. Here we are going to reveal that Why is NetForChoice is the best email hosting service provider in India?

Read this post till the end to get to know about an excellent email hosting service provider for handling and assisting mail communication.

Email hosting is much like a web hosting service. The fact that email hosting is the most effective marketing tool for businesses is no surprise.

Many email users believe that paid hosting is unnecessary, but what if you have important documents like bills, invoices, client contacts, or any other pieces of sensitive information stored on your email account?

Can you afford to lose subscribers, customers, etc. only because of having a clumsy and unprofessional email such as [email protected] over your own domain such as [email protected]?

Obviously Not!

The email hosting service providers deliver excellent speed with reliability. These providers for SMBs allow you to send and receive as many messages as you want without the fear of being blocked. Let’s get into it!

What are the Different Types of Email Hosting Services?

There are different email hosting services, each with a purpose of its own. Let’s take a look at the different types of email hosting services:

  1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting that provides hosting on a single physical server for multiple sites. Many users use the resources on a single server, which also keeps the cost low. It cannot send or receive emails in bulk. This type of hosting is suitable for small sites or blogs that do not require advanced resources or high bandwidth speed.

2. Third-Party Email Hosting

It is a type of professional email hosting service that is segregated from your web hosting account. It is mostly preferred by digital businesses. This email hosting provides scalability and easy-to-use servers.

3. Self-Hosted Email Service

It is the practice of running and maintaining a webpage or a website using a private server. These are complex robust servers and require technical expertise to operate. You can easily rely on these servers. These servers can send, maintain and receive emails with ease.

Why NetForChoice is the Best Email Hosting Provider in India?

NetforChoice provides you with both Email hosting and management add-on. With this add–on, you also get your email inboxes from G Suite, Zimbra, Office 365, and Zimbra G Suite Hybrid email hosting solutions. The service is swift, offers robust support, and is available 24*7.

Along with the email hosting and add-ons, you will also get:

#1 – Zimbra

Zimbra is an email and collaboration platform. It consists of both client and server components. NetForChoice’s Zimbra on Cloud is based on SaaS solutions and it offers an amazing interface that a person could have barely experienced until now. It gives the client high performance, the fastest email channel, and a secure environment that makes NFC the best email service provider in India.

Features of Zimbra Hosting by NFC

  • Runs on All Devices – Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Benefit of low-cost
  • Easy File Sharing and Collaboration
  • Easy and Quick Deployment of All the Resources on the Cloud
  • Advanced-Data Security with Anti-Spam Filter
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery with 99.995% Uptime
  • Enhanced Server Management with Hierarchical Storage
  • Best-in-class email client-cross-platform support
  • IT Managed Service with 24*7*365 Support

#2 – Office 365 / Microsoft 365

As is clear by the top email hosting providers, a cloud-based software suite is a go-to email hosting for people who want to go beyond basic hosting services. Office 365 Email Hosting provides you with the existing online applications which include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, and Publisher.

NetForChoice is a Microsoft Office 365 partner, as it seamlessly deploys and integrates cost-effective solutions. Along with the Office 365 email hosting service with licensing options for your day-to-day operations.

Features of Office 365 By NFC

  • Explore and integrate seamlessly with Office & other Microsoft programs
  • By reducing the number of servers, Office 365 meets business needs
  • Access to email, documents, contacts, calendars, or any device anytime
  • Active Directory integration for easy management of user data and permissions.
  • Unified user interface – all applications in one place.
  • Enterprise-level service that includes IT manager support, and disaster recovery.
  • Includes all licenses and can be implemented by companies
  • 24*7*365 Live Chat and Support from Microsoft Office 365 Experts
  • Data stored in the cloud ensures documents are always available
  • Easy Migration with Bulk Data and Account Information

#3 – G Suite Gmail

We all know how Gmail works. Think of G Suite Hosting as an advanced, sophisticated, and feature-rich version of Gmail. By using this service, one can send or receive emails anywhere, anytime without any limitations. It is flexible and perfect for modern-day marketing. G Suite is a lot more than just email.

You can customize business emails, calendars, and mobile emails using G Suite. NetForChoice provides services for a multitude of different SaaS products to run everything smoothly in order to grow your business. It is a SaaS product and by far the best email solution in the market.

Feature of G Suite by NetForChoice

  • Take advantage of the professional domain name of your company.
  • Facilitate all tools needed to bring your project to life
  • Real-time collaboration with a team from any location 24*7
  • Anti-Spam security to safeguard data from external threats
  • Facility of unlimited storage for your business on Cloud
  • Easy to manage Users, Devices, and Date at your terms
  • Technical Support by Experts 24*7*365
  • Protects company’s critical data with potential security services

#4 – Zimbra G Suite Hybrid

G Suite Zimbra Hybrid solution makes it feasible to work with Google G Suite along with Zimbra Cloud using the same domain and collaborate in real-time. Organizations that have a good number of employees require multiple licenses of Google G Suite. And that leads to a case of large upfront capital expense. To overcome this pain, the hybrid cloud solution comes into play.

It is an optimal flexible suite model that takes into account the open-source functionality of Zimbra Mail to reduce the cost of licensing. Moreover, the integration of G Suite with Zimbra helps the organization to meet its technical as well as business objectives effectively and cost-efficiently.

Features of Zimbra G Suite Hybrid by NFC

  • Reduces G Suite Licensing Cost By Migrating Non-Critical users to Zimbra
  • Significantly Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership of a Business
  • Power Users Can Get Advantage of G Suite and Its Services
  • Allows to Share the Same Domain in both G Suite and Zimbra Application
  • G Suite Zimbra Hybrid Provides Simplified and Unified Communication
  • Technical Support and Uninterrupted Workflow 24*7*365
  • NetForChoice Managed Services Keep Infra Always Up

Final Say – Is NetForChoice Best Email Hosting Provider in India or Not?

Using the services provided by NetForChoice, a user will be able to enjoy all the benefits and services that are required for Email Hosting. NFC provides all the things that a client looks for in an email hosting service provider. Based on your understanding and business needs, you can choose any one of the four hosting solutions mentioned above.

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