A new Ubuntu/Linux community Minecraft gaming server

I recently made a PaperMC (a popular Minecraft server implementation) package for Cloudron with support for plugins and other features. I had initially hosted a demo server but have now expanded it and added many more game modes.

Server details

Here’s the host (it can be added to your MC server list): craft.ruds.io (the port’s the default port)

THIS IS NOT A CRACKED SERVER (online-mode=true)

UPDATE: The server now doesn’t just have a creative plot-based mode, but also a Skyblock mode, parkour minigame and a PVP area (part of the lobby, which is no longer just a part of the plot-based mode).

Hosting a similar server

You’ll need:

  • A server running Ubuntu Server 20.04 (also, it won’t work on ARM PCs like the Pi)
  • At least 8GBs of RAM for the server to not keep crashing when users join

Here’s the PaperMC Cloudron package I made: https://gitlab.com/rs2009-subgroups/servers/cloudron.papermc.app


  • You can install Cloudron by following the instructions at cloudron.io (it’s completely open source and has a free version, but I’ll be looking into making a PaperMC snap too in future, similar to the Nextcloud snap).
  • After installing Cloudron, you’ll need to install Cloudron’s CLI on another PC (other than the server). I would suggest using the node snap (which includes npm), since the node and npm packages in the official repos are really outdated (even on 21.10).
  • You can follow the instructions at the above link and then increase the RAM limit in the app settings after installing the app.

A few screenshots of the Minecraft server at craft.ruds.io


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