9 Best Path of Titans Hosting Servers for Thrilling Adventures

Path of Titans is an exciting video game where you can explore the prehistoric world with your friends and immerse yourself in the age of dinosaurs. 

In this adventurous game taking place in an ancient world, dinosaurs rule the ecosystem. It requires you to survive dangerous events and many disasters. 

But if you choose to self-host the game, your gameplay will be affected in terms of performance, functionality, features, network stability, and other such issues. 

Therefore, using a reliable Path of Titans hosting server to play the game makes total sense if you want to experience good gameplay.

The game servers will ensure a smooth gaming experience without lags, errors, and unwanted disturbances. 

Let’s understand Path of Titans more, its gameplay, and the best Path of Titans hosting servers to enjoy the game for hours.

What Is Path of Titans?

Path of Titans is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) survival video game based on a prehistoric world where you will take on the role of dinosaurs. In this game, the player will be subjected to different scenarios and adventures with friends and have to complete many survival tasks. 

Since it is based on Unreal Engine 5, you will get a realistic environment with many details and objects. In the beginning, you can choose from 30 dinosaur species. Be careful with your choice, as each dinosaur has a different playing style. You will control your dinosaur from a third-person perspective which will give you a broad view of the environment you are immersed into. 

Besides dinosaurs, you can control other prehistoric animals that are an essential part of the world. Together with your friends, you will be involved in various natural events, guilds, adventures, and quests, all while avoiding death and going through different environments. 

As you will roleplay your favorite creature in various quests, you will gain experience points, which will help your dinosaurs grow. While playing with your friends, you can control the environment and gain food and trophies. The growth of your dinosaur will also allow the game to progress besides quests and events.

Furthermore, you can form parties with your friends, and each party offers up to 10 slots. However, highly matured dinosaurs may take up to 5 slots in a party. Whether you have Microsoft Windows, MacOS, PS5, or Xbox Series X, this multi-platform game can be played on the most popular platforms.

Why Do You Need a Game Hosting Server?

When indulging in Path of Titans and roleplaying your favorite dinosaur, you and your friends will obviously expect smooth gameplay. This is what you can expect from a dedicated hosting server

hosting server

Below are the reasons why you need a game-hosting server to play Path of Titans. 

#1. Impressive Lag-Free Performance

One of the significant reasons many Path of Titans enthusiasts opt for hosting servers is due to the lag-free performance it offers. A reliable hosting server will help you properly explore the prehistoric world and enjoy the real environment without facing any issues.

#2. Tested and Reliable System

Many hosting services offering dedicated servers stress test their servers so that the game doesn’t crash while you are on an intense quest. The servers are also maintained in such a way that they are always available, and that too with low ping. 

Importantly, these servers also come with backup generators and storage options so that if there is a power outage or server crash, you don’t lose your saved game, configs, and data.

#3. Customizable Server

You will get a lot of customization options while playing Path of Titans on a dedicated server. Not only would you be able to define the rules of the game, but also manage the players’ permissions. 

You can choose the hardware you want for your server so that you always have an optimal gaming experience, whether you are playing alone or with your friends.

#4. Safe and Secure


Top hosting servers are safeguarded by security protocols, DDoS protection, and other security features. These security measures protect the server from malicious users, especially DDoS attacks.

#5. Dedicated Customer Support

Opting for the best game hosting service game offers you 24/7 customer service from the organization. Whether you are facing issues making adjustments in the slot or facing lag, dedicated customer support will always be there to assist you in every way.

Minimum Server Requirement 

When choosing a game hosting server for Path of Titans, ensure it has the below-mentioned specifications:

  • Latest AMD Ryzen or Intel processor with a minimum of 4 cores and 3.6 GHz clock speed
  • 8 GB or 16GB of DDR4 RAM, depending upon the player slot
  • Latest Windows operating system and server
  • 100 GB storage space and preferable SSD storage
  • Minimum of 100 Mbps constant bandwidth
  • 10 Gbps of minimum DDoS protection
  • 18 hours of minimum server uptime
  • Support for workshop mode and quick installation of Plugins
  • Complete customer support throughout the day
  • Integrated game panel for server configuration

Now, it is time to introduce you to the best Path of Titans hosting servers so you can be assured of high-quality service.


Nitrado, undoubtedly, is one of the best Path of Titans hosting servers you can use to have high-speed gaming sessions with your friends. Its team understands the requirement of high-end MMO survival games, and that is why they have incorporated fail-safe server hardware that will ensure an optimum gaming experience. 


Many prefer this hosting service because it gives you the option of flexible runtime and upgrading or downgrading the server to meet your needs. Thanks to its reliable backup routine and shortest internet routes, you can explore the environment at low ping without worrying about losing the saved games. 

Nitrado server access won’t be limited to just you; you can share access with your friends, who can help you manage the server whenever needed. Whether you hit a snag or face a ping issue, the 24/7 customer support will always be there to help you out through chat or email.


You will be in awe of the gaming experience once you start playing Path of Titans on the dedicated server of PingPerfect. It is a widely popular hosting service that is known to offer high-specification enterprise hardware so that you can play smoothly in the rich ecosystem of the game.


There are vast amounts of objects and AI creatures in the environment, but you will hardly face any FPS drop when playing. Since its data centers are located in many cities across the globe, the hosting service ensures every player enjoys low-ping gameplay. 

Along with the server, the team treats you with free web hosting and full access to FTP and file browser protocol which plays a crucial role in improving the user experience. You can stay assured you will always retain your saved games while using this service, and the credit goes to its highly efficient in-house backup system.

Survival Servers

From instant server setup and full FTP access to complete security and ultra-fast storage, you will get many features when you go for Survival Servers. It is a top-notch hosting service for Path of Titans, providing you with the highest single-thread processors and NVMe SSD drives. This lets you control your dinosaurs in the open world with ease. 

Survival servers

Survival Servers make playing this MMO survival game easy with your friends, as its data centers are spread across the globe. The custom in-house control gives you complete access to the server, where you can control the number of players and location and modify the settings.

If you decide to introduce mods or plugins in the game to spice up your gaming experience, you can easily do it without any hassle. You can find this hosting service option in the Alderon Games launch, which makes accessibility much more effortless.


If you are looking for a fan-favorite hosting server to play Path of Titans, try ServerBlend. Since the launch of the game, this hosting service has been successfully offering servers to thousands of gamers all over the world. 


The main reason behind their immense popularity is the use of top-end Xeon processors with ECC RAM and NVMe SSDs for all the servers, along with complete DDoS protection. You will find many fellow Path of Titans gamers using this service and loving the user-friendly TCAdmin control panel, coupled with an automatic update option. 

Playing on ServerBlend’s server is totally fun because they are based on a top-end network that ensures low ping throughout. If you decide to opt for a hosting rental service, you will either have to choose their Premium plan or the Standard plan. Both the plans offer the same performance, but there are some added services you will get with the Premium plan.


When it comes to getting the best Path of Titans hosting service, one name that is widely recommended by most Path of Titan die-hard fans is 4NetPlayers


Get more power and control in your gameplay, and stay assured that you will have the latest server hardware with a fast CPU and instant setup service. With an improved DDoS protection facility, the hosting services will ensure you never get interrupted by malicious users while exploring the unknown world with your dinosaur. 

Thanks to its intuitive interface, you and your friends can easily manage the server even when you don’t have any prior experience.

4NetPlayers offers three plans; – Starter ($5.44/monthly), Professional (($7.68/monthly), and Premium ($14.80/monthly). Each plan has its own perks and number of features as well as the player slot increases when you go for higher plans. 


GTXGaming is one of those unique hosting services that offer your Path of Titans servers compatible with all platforms, including PC, Xbox, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The servers are configured in such a way that they work automatically on any platform when you decide to go on a group quest with your friends in the game. 


Like every top hosting service, GTXGaming also uses expensive hardware setups like Intel i9 processors coupled with high-end RAMs. This makes sure you won’t find any lag while playing. To support such smooth gameplay with low ping, the rental service has also kept its data center presence worldwide. 

One of the great things you will get from this service is the offsite backup option, where the saved folders and APIs are stored in an offsite backup machine whenever you restart the server. Many users of Path of Titans have highly lauded this service’s DDoS protection protocols because they utilize enterprise-level DDoS protection.


When you embark on a quest with your friends in Path of Titans, you would obviously need a game server that is high performing, flexible, and secure. 1GServerHost offers you all of these and more.


1GServerHost’s dedicated gaming server is based on enterprise hardware, ensuring you get immersive gameplay with your friends. You will be loaded with top services like instant server setup, DDoS protection, and complete backup service. 

With over 9 global locations and automatic updates, none of the players would be plagued by high ping issues. The hosting service also gives you a custom control panel and unlimited player slots to enable the best gaming experience. 

To get all these, you just have to pay a monthly rental fee of $5. However, if you aren’t happy with the service after using the server, you can ask for a full refund within 72 hours.


LOW.MS is a top-tier server hosting service that has been offering high-performance servers for many popular multiplayer games, including Path of Titans. With 11 server locations spread all around the globe, this hosting service ensures low ping. 


When you play a hardware-intensive game like Path of Titans with your friends on a dedicated server, you need to have a high-end configuration to have seamless gameplay. To fulfill this criterion, LOW.MS has configured all its servers with 5.3GHz high-end processing power, DDR4 RAMs and NVMe SSDs. 

The monthly rental plan starts from $15.06 with an availability of 10 slots, and the rental price increases as you increase the slots. Once you opt for the monthly subscription, LOW.MS will instantly set up the server for you so that you can start playing the game as soon as possible.


The list of best Path of Titans hosting servers will be incomplete without the addition of Fragnet hosting service. It is a widely popular service that focuses on the smooth experience of gamers, and this is the reason they have servers backed by powerful hardware along with an easy-to-use control panel. 


What sets this service apart from others is the presence of servers in over 21 locations worldwide. As a result, all your friends playing Path of Titans will get to play the game without network downtimes, lags, and ping issues. You will get all the common features of a game server but at an affordable price. 

For this hosting service, you will get three plans – Anodontosaurus, Albertaceratops, and Daspletosaurus. The main difference between these plans is the hardware support and specific features, so you can choose them depending on the way you play Path of Titans.

Final Words

When you have the best dedicated hosting server for Path of Titans, you can experience high-performing gameplay. This will leave you in awe of the service you get, and you will never regret your purchase.  

The best hosting service will offer you valuable features, performance, and security, along with high-end customer support. Thus, choose a Path of Titans game hosting server based on your preference, features, and budget.

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