7 Best GMod Server Hosting for Everyone

Garry’s Mod (GMod) is one of the oldest and original sandbox games.

It arrived long before Minecraft or other new-age gaming sensations you see in the sandbox arena presently.

People were crazy about games then, they are now, and they will be; just the modes of playing games change.

Now, you have plenty of online video games available with spectacular graphics and functionality that can take your adventure to the next level.

No wonder why there are plenty of professional game hosting providers out there offering you seamless performance, usability, and features, so you don’t get stuck in the middle of your game or get annoyed due to frequent crashes and lags.

So, are you a pro GMod player?

Or, are you still exploring the game?

Whatever be the case, increase your gaming experience multiple times by using these game hosting services. However, you may get stuck while choosing a host for your GMod game as there are multiple options available.

Don’t worry; we will cover some of the best GMod server hosting providers in this article to help you make your best choice.

But first, let’s understand the game.

What is GMod?

Abbreviated as GMod, Garry’s Mod is a sandbox game designed in 2004 by Garry Newman. It was published by Valve and developed by Facepunch Studios.

Looking at the designer’s first name, you can understand how this game got its name.

GMod takes you into a world where you can manipulate objects freely, and there is no definitive objective for GMod’s base gameplay mode. Other modes are available that other developers have created, such as Trouble in Terrorist Town that you can install separately using methods like Steam Workshop.

Coming to the gameplay, GMod is physics-based, where you can spawn props, non-player characters, ragdolls, and communicate with them via different means.

You can pick up, rotate, and freeze the props and ragdolls by leveraging the physics gun. Besides, you can even manipulate the limbs of your ragdolls.

You can also grab a tool gun that serves as multi-purpose equipment to handle certain tasks like constraining and welding multiple props together, along with changing the ragdolls’ facial expressions.

GMod is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, and this game continues evolving, all thanks to their developer community.


Why do you need a dedicated GMod game hosting?

Although you have the option to self-host your GMod gaming server, you may get irritated with limited controls, others exploiting server resources, and frequent lags.

Not to mention, you may run into security risks as cyber attackers are out there looking for vulnerabilities and hack your account.

Additionally, system and network performance is also a big concern that impacts your gameplay. Therefore, it would be best to have great bandwidth, CPU, memory, storage, and high network availability and uptime to play your games smoothly.

Managing all these is quite troublesome with self-hosting.

But if you use a GMod server hosting, you can completely enjoy your game without any worries. In general, you are likely to get:

  • Enough server resources
  • Advanced security such as DDoS prevention
  • Control panel to manage your server and games with ease
  • High-performance server with latest hardware and features
  • Quality data center to host your server with more than 99% uptime and network availability
  • Expert support if you run into a trouble

…And many more things that make your gameplay journey memorable.

So, let’s discuss the best GMod server hosting if you are a game lover.


Get your premium Garry’s Mod Server hosting with HostHavoc and create your playground for imagination and creativity.

HostHavoc maintains top-notch network availability by housing its infrastructure in the best data centers with reliable uplinks. As a result, they have established a vast network with great facilities and genuine redundancy. They offer an advanced level of security from source engine attacks and UDP floods.

Furthermore, as most of the attacks target app exploits instead of leveraging bandwidth, they offer you complete DDOS protection. For expert gamers, you can have the feature of full FTP access and also access to a web-based file manager. You can even allow your users to configure their server’s command line.

Experience complete control on your server with their powerful control panel by TCAdmin v2. This control panel is a reliable and consistent control suite that is very easy to use. They also have tailored their game templates, offering unique installers and features. You can also install plugins, workshop content, oxide, and more.

Secure your account with 2FA with Google Authenticator so no unauthorized user can access your server. In addition, HostHavoc has established eleven data centers in different cities to assure 99.9% uptime and stable server performance. These data centers are located in North America, Europe, and Australia.

So, are you up for the game?

Start your server by choosing your slot size, starting at $10/month for 20 slots.

Sparked Host

Sparked Host offers cheap but reliable unlimited slot hosting with many options for specifications for all of your hosting needs. Sparked offers 3 plans for Gmod hosting in 8 different worldwide locations, with the cheapest plan being $2/mo for 24 recommended players, which is insured by a 48-hour money-back guarantee (along with all plans). Sparked offers the cheapest plans available on this list and in the industry.


Ease of mind with your hosting is something that is hard to find in most hosting. Questions like “will this work for me” or “I am not sure if I will like this” can seriously hold you back from buying a server, and that is why they offer a 24-hour free trial on top of their 48-hour money-back guarantee. 

Sparked is very distinct from most of your other hosting providers. With their custom Apollo Panel, you are able to install the most popular Garry’s Mod game modes and plugins with a click of a button utilizing their Workshop and Mod installer. In addition, Sparked boasts CosmicGuard Layer 7 DDoS protection, easy-to-use SQL databases, Easy Configuration, and Extensive support with Gmod specialists for your hosting.

What is CosmicGuard? CosmicGuard is a DDoS solution that stops all such attacks targeted at Gmod – with Sparked Host, and you’ll have no problems with UDP floods.

Need support in the game? Sparked has you covered! Their Garry’s Mod specialists will assist you with the game or server issues you may get. Users will always get exceptional server support with Sparked servers WITHOUT additional fees.


Are you interested in playing Garry’s Mod?

Rent XGamingServer’s GMod server hosting and take a 2-days free trial. Its intuitive and easy-to-use control panel that is based on pterodactyl comes with powerful features. Change settings to automatic backup to the Amazon AWS S3 cloud storage and make sure your data will be safe so that you can download the same backups anytime.

XGamingServer’s file manager has improved its functionality, such as a one-click SFTP launch button, etc. Additionally, you will get the MySQL database, the option to create schedules and invite users, and a lot more.

There are many reasons you must try XGamingServer starting from no fixed game slots and fast activation to an intuitive control panel. Their engineers analyze popular online games and identify various app vulnerabilities and attack strategies, so your server is safe from DDoS attacks.

XGamingServer provides high-performing servers available all the time that ensure you enjoy multiplayer mode smoothly. Your system is secure as it goes through the monitoring process continuously.

They have two data centers in Europe and Canada that ensure you experience low ping and fast performance. They use Intel i7 6700k/7700k and AMD Ryzen 7 hardware to provide a better gaming experience.

Get a GMod server at just $15/month and enjoy the features.


Iceline hosting is a simplified GMod server hosting service that provides you with effective controls and access to lots of helpful information and resources. In addition, it offers high-end NVMe storage and CPUs to ensure the best running speeds and low latency.

Installing mods in your GMod server is very easy with a single-click mod installer. With this feature, you can install SWRP, DarkRP, CStrike, ULX, and other mods easily from the panel interface only by clicking a button. Managing their custom game control panel is easy, efficient, simple, and lighting fast.

YouTube video

In addition, the interface includes many features like file manager, phpMyAdmin, mod installer, and a lot more. Iceline game servers have AMD Ryzen 7 3800X running at 3.9GHz, having 8+ cores that are the best in the market. Also, you will get 4x32GB DDR4 2666Hz RAM along with sufficient memory to use.

This game server has Intel SSD DC P3520 Series NVMe SSD that runs in Raid 0 to help achieve better redundancy. Additionally, Iceline utilizes a 1Gbps uplink and 4Tbps DDoS prevention capacity to ensure that you have high download and upload speeds with security.

This premium-quality server runs smoothly and provides you with better infrastructure on seven different data centers located in North America, the UK, Germany, France, and Singapore. Choose your slot, start using one of the best GMod servers, and get 48 hours of a full refund if not satisfied with the service.


mTxServ GMod Server allows you to easily set up your server with the latest hardware management panel.

You can create your own Garry’s Mod server hassle-free and configure it with the anti-DDoS game L7 Arbor. You can install plugins with a single click, save servers, measure performance, restore it, and many other features that help you in everyday use.

mTxServ focuses on delivering high performance, and that’s why it has CPU AMD Ryzen 7-3800X at 4.5GHz processors, DDR.4 RAM with ECC 2666 MHz, and NVMe storage with 1Gbps Network safeguarded by DDoS L7. You will also get the support of PHP 7.3 and MySQL databases at no additional fees.

Experience a full backup after every 6 hours, and provide full FTP access plus web FTP to your pro gamers and allow them to transfer files in an easy and fast way. Their game console showcases the live view of your server logs and guides you thoroughly with the management process.

In addition, you can view all the actions on the provided API, which is the same as your control panel. With seven data centers in places such as France, Poland, the UK, Germany, Canada, and the US, you will get better uptime and network availability.

Buy your slot for as low as $6.04/month for eight players. It includes no hidden fees or duration commitments.


Nodecraft offers you one of the best Garry’s Mod server hosting, where you can switch between 28 game servers, take a free trial, and cancel it anytime.

With the latest NodePanel 2 interface, it is easier to get started and access your game server without any hassle. Their advanced control panel is also mobile-friendly and gets installed in a few seconds. Therefore, you can easily install your server in seconds, control the settings, and configure changes.

Nodecraft gaming server allows you to manage the server with ease and always performs with top speed and stability that satisfies experienced gamers. Here, you will also get a streamlined mobile app that can handle your dedicated server.

The entire infrastructure is built on the Linux ecosystem, due to which you can experience excellent security, stability, and performance. No one likes laggy gamer servers, and that’s why Nodecraft has the following processors, RAM, and storage:

  • 3.8+ GHz Processor with Intel Xeon E-2174G
  • 32 GB ECC RAM
  • Enterprise SSDs and HDD storage to power your games
  • Full DDoS protection and widespread network.

In addition, you can swap your GMod server to any of the games server available for free. They offer 13 data centers in 4 different continents, including the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America.

Just host your gaming server with Nodecraft starting at $9.98/month, and there is a free trial available to test their services better.


Start exploring and experimenting with the Havok engine and different tools available for individual constructions using Garry’s Mod server by ZAP-Hosting.

Don’t just play the game; enjoy it wholeheartedly with multiplayer options. ZAP-Hosting ensures you can have fun with the help of multiple mod packs such as Trouble in Terrorist Town. You can also experience other game modes like Murder, Prop Hunt, Zombie Survival, Vanilla, Garry’s Horror, and more.

Gain full access and control to the game modes with their prepaid GMod Servers. You can manage your servers easily and conveniently with the ZAP web interface. Moreover, it is also possible to rent your GMod Server directly through the prepaid plan to your friends or others and change it at any time.

You can also swap between other available game modes and install Steam Workshop on your game server easily. Just paste the given Workshop ID on their web interface and reboot the server. On top of this, even if your game server scales up, you won’t experience lag as they offer a robust infrastructure.

For safety, they offer DDoS protection for free and let you upload plugins using FTP. For better performance, ZAP-Hosting always maintains the latest hardware and has Intel E5-2650v4 processors, 328GB DDR4-RAM, and an SSD server. You can edit and configure server settings at any point, use the InGame console to send commands, and create backups with a click.

If you get everything checked on your list, click over the buy button and get your GMod server hosting now, starting at just $8.35/month. You can pay through PayPal, PaySafeCard, and credit cards.


If you love playing video games, try GMod. And multiply your gameplay experience many times by choosing a GMod server hosting provider that can equip you with a high-performance server backed with advanced security, performance, and scalability.


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