10 Best Satisfactory Dedicated Server Hosting for Everyone 

If you love exploring the wilderness, doing research, building things, and enjoying combat, you would like Satisfactory. It will take you to an unknown world where you can harness resources and use them while you struggle and sustain in harsh environments.

The game will wake up the engineer inside you and put your skills to the test. And if you want to experience it with full power, a dedicated Satisfactory server hosting is a must-have.

It will multiply your gameplay experience with all the speed, performance, security, and control you need to make the most out of this game.

But what is Satisfactory all about?

And how a dedicated server hosting can benefit you?

Let’s find out!

Satisfactory: What is it anyway?

Satisfactory is a factory-simulation video game developed in 2019 by Coffee Stain Studios, a Swedish game developing company. It is a 3D open-world first-person factory building and exploration game.

Satisfactory runs on Unreal Engine 5 and was released for early access on Epic Game Store in 2019. It was made available on Steam in 2020 with multiplayer and cross-platform compatibility. It is like a 3D version of another factory-building video game, Factorio. However, unlike Factorio, Satisfactory features a pre-generated world where every player has the same map.

This video game quickly rose to fame with its 500k+ copies sold within three months after its release. Over 1.3 million copies of the Satisfactory game have been sold as of July 2020. It is estimated that it has made around US$11.5 million to Coffee Stain Studios.

About the game

Satisfactory is set on Massage-2(A-B)b, an alien planet. The playable area here is limited to around 30 square kilometers.

A player is dropped onto this world, possessing some tools. They must harvest the natural resources from the planet to build advanced factories. In addition, they must accelerate the process by automating processes and resources.

Here, the player’s initial goal is to construct a space elevator and supply complex components in bulk to FICSIT, the company they work for, to accomplish their purposes. When they export supplies, more buildings are unlocked to enable the subsequent exports.


The player actually enters the world as an engineer to build factories for FICSIT. As a player, you will get four location options to start your gameplay :

  • the Grasslands
  • the Northern Forest
  • the Rocky Desert, and
  • the Dune Desert

Choosing your location matters as it affects the number of natural resources you can access in the early stage of the game, along with the area of flat land to build factories easily. However, you can move to other areas on the map whenever you want.

After you land in your chosen location, you must rescue the landing pod so you can secure parts used for constructing the Hub. The Hub is the main location that other builds would extend from. You will learn to mine basic ores like copper and iron and process them for use in constructing factories. You will explore the Tier system consisting of eight tiers as of now, which provides access to sophisticated and complex materials and equipment.

In the beginning, you will go through a short tutorial, and tiers 1 and 2 will be unlocked for you. You can unlock the rest by exporting parts and components to the company via the Space Elevator. Unlocking more tiers will enable you to automate complicated tasks more. Your ultimate aim will be to construct a fully-automated factory to manufacture any part without needing manual intervention and exporting required parts.

Moreover, you will research and construct power systems like generators and nuclear power plants. You can also face some hostile life forms and hazardous environments in the game that you need to beat to find natural resources. You can carry some tools, weapons, and vehicles to be ready for this.

System Requirements

To play Satisfactory, here are system requirements:

  • 64-bit OS and processor
  • Windows 7 and up
  • i5-3570 3.4 GHz 4 Core processor
  • 8GB RAM of memory and 15GB available space
  • Dedicated graphics card, can be GTX 770 2GB

Why do you need a dedicated Satisfactory server hosting?

Although you have the option of self-hosting a Satisfactory video game, you might face some issues during the gameplay, managing it, or security-wise.

The reason is that self-hosting your game from your service provider comes with many limitations. You will share your server with many others that may consume more resources than you do. It will leave you with insufficient bandwidth and server resources, which will affect your gameplay.

You may face frequent downtimes, crashes, lags, and errors. This clearly can vanish all your enthusiasm for the game. In addition, if you want to invite your friends from other countries to play with you, it will be more problematic. They can experience delays in response times and other factors that will also take away their enthusiasm.

So, what’s the solution?

It’s renting a dedicated game server.

It will provide you with the power, server resources, and control you need to play the game with maximum performance and excitement. In addition, you will get a bunch of features and benefits that will increase your enjoyment level to a great extent. You can even invite your friends and family from anywhere to join you in the game and have fun.

The benefits of renting a dedicated Satisfactory server hosting are:

Outstanding performance

Whether you want to play alone or go multiplayer, you need high performance and speed. Renting a dedicated server hosting will provide you with the latest hardware and software along with abundant server resources like RAM, storage, CPU, and more.

As a result, you can experience high-speed performance during your gameplay. Due to space availability, you can store bigger file sizes, and nothing can slow you down. This amounts to improved gameplay performance that you might have never experienced.

Little to no downtime

Dedicated Satisfactory server providers utilize sophisticated data centers with the latest technologies to power your game. They will also give you the option to choose our preferred location. Hence, due to the shorter distance from the data center, you will experience faster response times, amplifying your gameplay experience.

In addition, the server provider will also monitor and keep everything updated, so you don’t face any downtimes and lags. Thus, no matter how long you play or how many friends join you, you can experience optimal performance.


Nowhere is safe, not even your gaming server. There are people trying to hack into your systems to steal your data and resources. But don’t worry; if you have a dedicated game server, you will get superior security such as DDoS protection to ensure you are safe. And the best thing, you don’t have to manage or update it; the service provider is responsible for managing it.

Better control and customization

Dedicated Satisfactory server hosting will provide you with innovative and easy-to-use control panels so you can have better control of your gameplay. You can customize it according to your preferences to increase your convenience. In addition, you can integrate it with other tools like player ranking software, forums, etc. You don’t have to manage anything; let the server do that for you while you play your game without worries.

So, are you ready to experience all these benefits?

Let’s look at some of the best Satisfactory server hosting providers.

Indifferent Broccoli

Indifferent Broccoli is a modern server hosting company known for its simple interface and excellent customer support. They’re perfect for gamers who want to launch a server with no hassle–setting up a Satisfactory server takes only one click. Build your ultimate Satisfactory server with Indifferent Broccoli, and you won’t regret it.

Indifferent Broccoli does everything in its power to reduce lag. They offer quality hardware (64GB to 128GB RAM) in North America and Europe, so you won’t need to worry about performance when building the factory of your dreams.

The best thing about straight-faced broccoli is their top-notch customer service, and they are almost always on Discord, ready to answer customer questions. Since Satisfactory is still in Early Access, issues occasionally pop up, but they quickly help if something arises.

They also offer a two-day free trial, and you can start the server without entering any payment info.

Give Indifferent Broccoli a try if you’re looking for a friendly, helpful, and practical server host for your Satisfactory servers. They offer a two-day free trial, followed by $12 per month for an 8-player Satisfactory server.

Survival Servers

Survival Servers brings Satisfactory server hosting for you with many valuable features, such as instant server setup, custom/automated server restarts, server notifications, supported mods, in-house control panel, custom launch parameters, and more.

For expert gamers, it offers complete access to FTP. You can change the location and modify your server settings instantly from the control panel whenever you want. In addition, it uses ultra-fast NVMe SSD drives and the latest AMD/Intel CPUs for better performance. Install plugins and mods easily and access third-party tools for better handling.

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Survival Servers always keep security in the front-line and provide complete protection for your servers against DDoS attacks. It houses its infrastructure in various data centers across the globe, including Seattle, New York, Singapore, Los Angeles, France, and Germany. You can also switch locations for a better experience and low ping.

Furthermore, the in-house control panel allows you to easily customize and configure your game server. Change or modify any setting you want between your subscription and its one-click form. So, order now and get instant setup to start your journey.

Host Havoc

Get the premium Satisfactory game server with Host Havoc’s hosting platform. It will help you enjoy the game to the fullest in a multiplayer environment. Host Havoc maintains high network availability due to its high-quality data centers located worldwide that provide reliable uplinks and a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

From basic attacks to source engine attacks, Host Havoc stands in front of your server as a guard and protects it from DDoS attacks targeting application exploitation. Experienced users prefer to manage the server by themselves, and hence, Host Havoc provides access to File Manager and FTP to manage and install your server’s content.

All the game servers are hosted on Host Havoc’s modified TCAdmin v2, a robust and reliable control suite. You will also get a custom-tailored game template to get the ideal functionality for your server. In addition, you can quickly and easily configure your Satisfactory server features and settings.

Always secure your account with two-step authentication through Google Authenticator. Whether you are a novice user or a power user, you will get high levels of utilities that are very useful. Host Havoc’s network is 10 cities, including New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Montreal, London, Nuremberg, Amsterdam, and Sydney.

Board yourself to the new era and start playing by choosing your server size starting from $15/month and get a 3-day money-back guarantee.


Rent a Satisfactory game server for your PC from Nitrado, which provides inexpensive server hosting and unique features. You will get an accessible and comprehensive feature package, such as MySQL databases.

Nitrado offers a variable prepaid system that ensures you use all the services without minimum contract terms. With the prepay system, you will get immediate access to your servers. You can also switch between available services whenever and wherever you want.

You will get ESL premium-certified game servers by Nitrado. It will also allow you to manage all the benefits from a single account. It extends its network to 7 modern data centers to provide a low ping experience worldwide. If you are a power user, you will get full access to Nitrado’s web interface, FTP, and RCON.

Furthermore, you can easily configure all the important settings with a few clicks. You can also use Nitrado’s built-in File Browser to upload mods and files without any additional software. In addition, it uses the latest technology, from fail-safe, high-quality server hardware to a fast 500 Gbit connection in Frankfurt.

Nitrado has direct pairings with UnityMedia/UPC, Tiscali, Telia Sonera, Deutsche Telekom, and other big carriers. It ensures better pings around the globe as it links to AMS-IX, LINX, and DE-CIX. It also protects your server files with daily backups.

Rent the game server at as low a price as $3.25 for 10 players.

Sparked Host

Sparked Host offers cheap but reliable hosting with many options for specifications for all of your hosting needs. Sparked offers 4 plans for Satisfactory hosting in 8 different worldwide locations, with the cheapest plan being $8/mo for 5 recommended players, which is insured by a 48-hour money-back guarantee (along with all plans).


Ease of mind with your hosting is something that is hard to find in most hosting. Questions like “will this work for me” or “I am not sure if I will like this” seriously can hold you back from buying a server, and that is why they offer a 24-hour free trial on top of their 48-hour money-back guarantee.

Sparked is very distinct from most of your other hosting providers and offers a brand-new and improved panel, CosmicGuard Layer 7 DDoS protection, SQL databases, and extensive support with Satisfactory specialists for your hosting.

Need support in the game? Sparked has you covered! With their Satisfactory specialists, they will assist you with the game or server issues you may get. Users will always get exceptional server support with Sparked’s servers WITHOUT additional fees.

Sparked uses Ryzen 5000 CPUs with RAID 1 NVMes to ensure great performance for your services, in addition to having round-clock staff to ensure servers stay online.


Get your Satisfactory game server online within minutes with ZAP-Hosting and start playing. You can use Steam or Epic Games Launcher to get started as well. Play together with friends and feel the fun in the game with its excellent services.

ZAP-Hosting protects your servers from DDoS attacks, allows you to manage server files on its web interface, and provides full FTP access with mod support. You will also get a prepaid option, automatic setup, its own interface, powerful hardware, and better support.

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ZAP-Hosting uses Intel E5-2650v4 processors for high-performance and lag-free gaming. You will get enough power with 328 GB DDR4 RAM for plugins and more. In addition, ZAP-Hosting uses SSD servers for more performance and lightning-fast speed.

You can configure and modify the settings you want with an online configuration editor and also use backup options to secure your server files. ZAP-Hosting houses its infrastructure in Eygelshoven, London, Helsinki, Los Angeles, Ashburn, Montreal, Dallas, São Paulo, Sydney, and Singapore. Before taking the rent, you can perform a ping-check at your nearest locations.


Rent a Satisfactory dedicated game server from Shockbyte and enjoy your gameplay without worries. Shockbyte provides automatic updates, multiple saves, full FTP access, 100% uptime, low latency, DDoS protection, instant setup, multicraft CP, support articles, server console, free MySQL DB, and free MySQL DB sub-domain, global locations, and a lot more.

Build intricate and complex factories on an alien planet with your friends and explore, automate, and have more fun with the Satisfactory server. You can start your game server within minutes and leverage its powerful hardware for high performance.

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Customize your server the way you want with the control panel and get complete control over your server with direct access and a built-in console to all the files. You can downgrade and upgrade your current plan when you want from the client area. In addition, you can change the configuration, add or remove mods, and perform other operations at any time.

Get a 4-player slots plan with 4 GB memory at $7.99/month and start playing with your friends.


Create a Satisfactory server instantly with the Nodecraft server hosting platform and switch between 30 available games at any time from anywhere. It offers high-performance hardware, so you won’t face any lag during the gameplay.

You can build and share the Satisfactory game server with your friends and get affordable access to the best hosting without any hassle. Thanks to Nodecraft, your private server will be online easily with NodePanel 2 interface. It gives you complete access to your server so you can change or modify settings and configurations effortlessly.

NodePanel provides optimum stability and speed that you can feel while playing the game. You will get a 3.8+ GHz processor from Intel Xeon E-2174G or equivalent, 64 GB ECC RAM, and SSDs for powerful performance, speed, and stability. In addition, you can manage the server from your mobile phone with the Nodecraft Powered Overwolf application.

The complete infrastructure is built on the Linux ecosystem to focus on security and performance. It can defend itself and your server from DDoS attacks. Furthermore, Nodecraft has data centers in four continents so that users across the globe will experience 99.9% uptime and low pings.

Get the game server starting at $9.98/month and avail a free trial. You can also cancel your subscription any time you want.


Construct massive factories by using enormous resources on the planet and enjoy the game like never before with 4Netplayers’ Satisfactory game server. 4Netplayers is the largest service provider in the European continent.

Get simple configuration options, automatic updates, and more features with the subscription plan you choose. Once your order is placed, the server will be ready in a few minutes. You will get more than 120 mods and games at no extra cost.

When a new update is available, 4Netplayers installs the update in its system quickly. You can also enter your Steam workshop ID if you want the 4Netplayers to install the server for you. Additionally, it helps you manage your server with an easy-to-use web interface without any prior knowledge of it.

Moreover, 4Netplayers uses only the latest hardware, SSDs, lots of RAM, and fast CPUs. It protects your server from DDoS attacks without interrupting any game during the attack. You can also invite your friends into the game from across the globe and play like a pro gamer.


Co-op Games are always fun and XGamingServer is here to make sure you enjoy Satisfactory with your friends. With their dedicated plans ranging from 4GB to 8GB, they ensure smooth gameplay and flexibility and an ultimate gaming experience, and this is offered by dedicated computing resources.

Are you tired of paying for slots? Then, XGamingServer is your best option; they don’t sell their servers according to slots.

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Their game servers have up to 1Gbit/s bandwidth, this is enough to run the servers efficiently. With server locations in Europe and North America, you can rent servers closest to where you are based, for the lowest ping possible.

The servers are hosted on Ryzen & Core i7 processors for smooth Satisfactory gaming. From their uptime monitor, the servers have over 99% service level agreement (SLA) which means your server will always be online. Plus their servers know about attacks and hence, secure your servers from DDoS attacks without hampering the performance

With all these, a custom control panel, automated cloud backups, and more, XGamingServer is designed to give you the best performance experience. Once you place an order the server will come up within minutes.

Check them out with a 2-day Free Trial and plans starting from $15/month they are a good deal for Satisfactory hosting.

Conclusion 🎮

Choosing an excellent dedicated Satisfactory server hosting can help you play the game with more speed, performance, security, and control. It will provide you with valuable features and tools to multiply your gameplay experience and have more fun.

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