Shared Hosting or WordPress Hosting?

Shared Hosting or WordPress Hosting?

When creating a new website, one of the first things you should think about is what type of web hosting service is ideal for you. And if you choose WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS, you have two possibilities.

You may choose between shared hosting plans and WordPress hosting plans.

Depending on what you want to accomplish and spend, each plan offers pros and downsides. As a result, whatever plan is appropriate for you is totally dependent on your requirements.

We will examine each of these options to assist you in determining which is the best option for you.

You Require a Reliable Web Hosting Company like HostingSeekers

It is critical to understand that, while most web hosting businesses offer comparable packages, the firms themselves are not equal.

At HostingSeekers, we take pleasure in providing our customers with a fast, secure, stable, and expandable environment in which to develop their websites. We keep our pricing cheap while having a good impact on the environment.

What Is Web Hosting?

Before you begin examining each plan, you need to first grasp what web hosting is. This is a service that lets you rent server space for your website. When someone visits your website on the internet, they are connected to this server.

As a result, if you do not host your website, it will not be available to visitors.

Almost no two web hosting plans are alike, and there are several aspects to consider when selecting a package. You must examine not just the resources you will require, but also the quality of the web host itself.

What Exactly Is Shared Hosting?

You may rent space on the same server as other websites with shared hosting providers. It completely supports numerous CMS, implying that it is not tailored to a single platform.

Shared hosting is analogous to living with roommates. You all share the same flat and the same space. You will save money on rent as a result of this. However, if your roommate wishes to entertain guests, they will want additional space.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Shared Hosting

The primary benefit of this sort of hosting service is its low cost. This makes it the greatest choice for a new website that does not require a lot of resources at first, such as a blog.

Furthermore, because numerous clients share a single server, downtime and technical concerns are often fixed much faster than with dedicated servers. Furthermore, all maintenance is done by the web host, so you don’t need any understanding of how servers work.

However, there are some significant drawbacks that must be considered.

The primary drawback is that you are sharing server resources with other websites. As a result, if another website experiences particularly high traffic, you may have fewer resources available for your website during that time.

The impact your neighbor’s actions can have on your website is a significant disadvantage of a shared environment. If another website on your server decides to publish dangerous information that a search engine, such as Google, does not like, the website will be penalized.

However, even if you do nothing, this will have an impact on your website’s SEO.

What basically is WordPress Hosting?


WordPress hosting, as the name suggests, is specialized in hosting WordPress websites. This signifies that the servers have been configured particularly for WordPress.

WordPress hosting, on the other hand, is a considerably larger phrase. Shared or dedicated hosting might be included in these specific options. You may also come across managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting.

Managed hosting implies that the web host will assist in keeping your website working as smoothly as possible. This is accomplished by assisting you in optimizing the server’s performance.

In contrast to unmanaged hosting, where server optimization is totally up to you. However, it is less costly than managed hosting.

WordPress Hosting Benefits and Drawbacks

The biggest advantage is the noticeable boost in performance. Websites will enjoy faster load times, improved security, access to automated WordPress upgrades, backups, and WordPress-specific support.

And, of course, WordPress comes preinstalled, which is ideal for individuals who are new to site building.

Many WordPress hosting plans are managed, which means that the hosting company handles the majority of the server-related work. As a result, as a web developer, you may spend more time generating content and less time optimizing.

The biggest downside of WordPress hosting is its higher asking price. While you are clearly receiving more for your money, many websites, particularly those that are young, do not require this level of support.

Because many hosting services are managed, you have less control over your website. Best WordPress hosting tries to be one size fits all, however, this usually results in fewer possibilities. This is a no-no for individuals who prefer to fiddle with their settings.

You Must Have a New Strategy


You need to know what you need now that you have a better grasp of shared versus WordPress hosting.

It is simply impossible to determine which hosting package is best for you until you first understand your personal requirements.

These are some of the fundamental concerns you must address before ever considering a web hosting package.

What amount of money are you willing to spend?

The price will be the deciding factor for the majority of consumers. Your hosting plan costs the same as renting office space for a business, but much, much less.

In many circumstances, if your website is fresh, you might easily go a year without producing money from your blog. As a result, selecting the solution that best fits your budget is critical.

Do you have a new or old website?

You should expect relatively little traffic if you have a fresh website. As a consequence, you might not require as many resources to get started.

If you already have a website, you should have clear information on your visitors from tools like Google analytics.

The more visitors your website receives, the more resources you’ll require. So make your plans appropriately.

What kind of material do you intend to create?

There are several sorts of websites, each with its own set of material. Different forms of material require different resources.

Some forms of websites, such as blogs, rely on text-based content. Others may rely on pictures, such as photo galleries or films.

Images and videos have far higher file sizes than text, which means they consume more resources.

Do you have the necessary skills to administer your own server?

Having the skills and expertise to manage your website is becoming increasingly rare as more individuals seek to create one. If you’re just starting out, you’ll need all the assistance you can get. A web host may greatly assist you with this by providing extra administration tools and high-quality support.

Do you just want to work with WordPress?

While WordPress is the most popular and my personal favorite CMS, there are many more to select from. If you wish to experiment with different CMS, choosing a WordPress hosting plan is a major error because the plan is designed for that platform.

Which Plan Should You Pick?


I’ll run through a couple of situations to see which is ideal for you. Remember that WordPress hosting is a fairly broad phrase, and I will attempt to cover a variety of options.

Shared Web Hosting

If you are new to web development and want to test the waters, shared hosting is the ideal option. It will be a very low monthly cost to maintain, and your web host will handle most of the settings.

It’s also a good choice if you don’t expect a lot of traffic because you won’t require as many resources. Websites that fall under this category include online portfolios and company pages with contact information.

Shared WordPress Hosting

A Shared WordPress plan is quite similar to a regular shared plan and will fit the same types of websites, but the key difference is the increased performance and the additional money you will pay for it.

This is perfect if you are launching a new website and want to guarantee that it functions smoothly. I would advocate this strategy for new online companies since customers are less likely to make a purchase if they believe the website is sluggish or unresponsive.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

If you already have a website that receives a lot of traffic, dedicated WordPress hosting is usually the better option. Your website will have enough resources to manage the demand while still having the capacity to grow.

However, any type of dedicated hosting is more expensive as a service. As a result, you must ensure that you will be able to pay the expense of your own server. However, if you have a lot of traffic, this should not be an issue.

Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

This is the plan for you if you are an experienced web developer who understands how to properly optimize your website and enjoys tinkering with your own settings. Other plans eliminate many of the options you may choose. It can also save you money if you conduct the job yourself rather than hiring a hosting business to do it.

Managed WordPress Hosting

If you lack the time or expertise to handle everything yourself, having your hosting business assist you and give you additional administration tools might be a lifesaver. Of course, you’ll have to pay for those extra services. So it comes down to your money and availability.

Websites are distinct, therefore plans must be as well

Websites are distinct, therefore plans must be as well

No two websites are the same, and I don’t simply mean in terms of style. The amount of traffic they receive, the material they provide, and the times when they are most often visited are all determined by a variety of variables. Every website is a one-of-a-kind case.

As a result, your web hosting package must be unique as well. This explains why there are so many different hosting plans to select from. The plan you select should offer you adequate resources.

Taking on a larger plan with more resources than you can handle is a sure way to waste money. As a result, you must select a design that provides the resources you require while still providing space for expansion.

However, if you make a mistake when selecting a service, keep in mind that switching or upgrading plans are simple. Furthermore, if you are dissatisfied with your web host, you can easily switch to a more dependable one at any moment.

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