IP address of a game server in Spain

IP address of a game server in Spain

In general, online games require the gamers to get linked to the server that is somewhere in the cloud, and then send and receive data over the Internet. Through this method, the game server stores player’s data and updates it for other players to see all the activity on a server in real-time.

To establish this connection, the player’s computer must connect to the game server, so the player can ultimately find the IP address of a game server in Spain.

There is a slew of tools that you can use to obtain the IP address in Spain of the game server in the commercial market. However, among all these tools, there’s a simple DOS command that you can use to retrieve the IP address of the game server.

The built-in command line of Windows, also called ‘cmd’ provides a tool named ‘netstat’ that can do exactly the same that you require, in a jiffy. The easiest and simplest way to perform this is to close all programs using the network (e.g. Outlook, Skype, YouTube, etc.) and run “netstat n” from a DOS prompt.

It is not necessary to close all applications, but it will make the process easier for those users who are unfamiliar with the tool to locate the IP address of the game server. You will then see a list of all connected remote access services and their IP addresses so you can identify your game server.

IP Address of a Game Server in Spain: How to Connect to Your Game Server Using Steam

Wondering how to find the IP address of a game server in Spain? This guide will escort you through easy steps to easily find and enter your new game server. Some games, like Rust or Ark, have a built-in server search feature that may prevent you from seeing the server immediately. To solve this, you can utilize the Steam Browser from the Steam client to search and add your servers.

Follow these steps to connect to your game server via Steam client:

  1. Log in to Steam on your device.
  2. When you are on Steam, click View at the top, then click Servers.
  3. In the Servers tab, click on Favorites.
  4. Once in the Favorites tab, click on Add a Server.
  5. Enter the IP address of the server you want.
  6. Click on Find game at this Address to see if the server responds.
  7. After checking, click on Add This Address to Favorites.

Please note that the Steam server browser isn’t compatible with the following games, but you can connect to your IP address directly from the game itself:

How to Find Someone’s IP Address in an Online Game in Spain

You can find someone’s IP address in Spain in an online game only if the other device is turned on, connected to a P2P server like yours, and doesn’t have a gaming VPN server in Spain or proxy concealing it. With ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature, you can find IP address for your PS4 in Spain.

If you wish to find someone else’s IP address or the device you’re connected to, go to the command prompt and run the command “netstat -an”. This will reveal a list of all the devices your computer/desktop is communicating to on a particular server.

FAQs – IP Address of a Game Server in Spain

First, go to the Start menu and type cmd in the search bar. Once you’re done, click Enter. You’ll see a black and white window then. In that window, type ipconfig /all and click enter. You’ll see space between the switch of /all and ipconfig command. Your IP address number would be the IPv4 one.

Window: Search for cmd or type cmd at run time to open a command prompt. Once opened, type “ping” followed by the IP of the server without a port. When you press Enter, four pings are sent to the server with response time. A ping between 1 and 80 is good and does not affect the game in Spain.

Here are the best DNS servers for gaming in 2023:

  • Verisign
  • Google Primary DNS 8.8. 8.8 and Secondary 8.8. 4.4.
  • OpenDNS
  • Alternate DNS


This ends our guide on how to see the IP address of a game server in Spain

As you already know, a gamer connects to a cloud server for online gaming. These gaming servers regularly update the data of players for others to check it out in real-time.

For the establishment of this connection, players require finding a gaming server’s IP address, which they can do using the steps above!


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