Fozzy Game Server Hosting Review

Fozzy Game Server Hosting Review

What is Fozzy Game Server Hosting?

Fozzy is a web hosting company established in 2012. It has data centers in the US, Europe, and Asia. Its game server service hosts popular games like CS: GO, Ark: Survival Evolved, Minecraft, and more.

You may be thinking twice since Fozzy isn’t a gaming-focused company. Just keep in mind that it has 10+ years of experience under its belt and has all the features for an awesome online gaming experience.

Network and Infrastructure

Fozzy has 5 major data centers located strategically around the globe. Their main headquarters is in Dallas, Texas.

These are the options for Fozzy’s gaming server locations:

  • Dallas, US
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Roost, Luxembourg
  • San Jose, US
  • Washington, US
  • London, UK

Note that all game servers use the latest Dell hardware, specifically the enterprise-level Dell PowerEdge R340 servers.

Fozzy’s partnership with Dell is its trump card in providing a seamless and lag-free hosting experience. Expect 99.99% uptime (certified by the Uptime Institute)  with one of the best hardware in the market.

Fozzy Game Server Hosting Features

The platform only supports 8 games at the moment – CS:GO, Ark: Survival Evolved, Arma, Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, Valheim, Rust, and Team Fortress 2. Although few, Fozzy makes up with its robust features, which are the following:

Fast CPU and Memory

Game server hosting requires a strong processing power that won’t easily come from your household PC hardware. This involves coordinating all players’ actions and synchronizing the game environment.

This is where Fozzy’s Dell-supported hardware comes into play. It uses a 5 GHz CPU and NVMe SSD memory. Also, CPU cores, RAM, and disc memory can be upgraded at any time without having to switch plans.

With its hardware, Fozzy is more than capable of handling huge open-world games with hundreds of players as well as competitive FPS games.

Easy-to-Use Server Management Tool

No need to go crazy with confusing settings and an overwhelming UI. Fozzy offers one of the most intuitive game panels out there, powered by Pterodactyl.

Everything is automatically set so that you’ll be ready to play within 10 minutes upon order. All activities are properly logged, and the dashboard shows real-time CPU usage and memory statistics, allowing you to gauge your gameplay’s needs.

Mod Support With Easy Activation

This is very important. Many players rent a gaming server host for the purpose of being able to use mods while playing with friends. Fozzy got it covered with its mod support that is easy to activate.

Game panels differ with each game server as well as the mod activation procedure. Detailed instructions for each game are given on Fozzy’s Knowledge Base.

For example, to activate a mod in Ark: Survival Evolved, you need to copy the mod ID (from Steam Workshop) and paste it into the Adding a Mod (by ID) from the Startup section of your game panel. Don’t forget to restart the server.

Game Panel Security and Anti-DDoS

Gaming can be competitive in a different way. Your server can be maliciously taken down with DDoS attacks, and the last thing you want is an unsecured server community.

Fozzy’s anti-DDoS feature is free for its game servers. No need for activation compared to its web hosting counterpart.

You can also enable 2-factor authentication for your game panel for added safety.

Daily Automatic Backup

Daily backups are automatically saved without you having to do anything. This is crucial in case of system downtimes (which are very rare) or if you decide to switch hosting providers.

Server data can be deleted and restored anytime. It can also be downloaded to be saved in your device or a cloud service.

You know that your data are always safe and secured, plus the freedom to dispose of your files whenever you want to. All of these in an easy-to-navigate user interface.

Customer Support

Fozzy is known for its friendly and responsive technical support. You can usually get an answer to your questions in 10-15 minutes. Unfortunately, Fozzy’s game server technical support isn’t available 24/7, unlike its web hosting.

Support availability is Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM GMT +2. You can directly email [email protected] or send a message through their contact form. Your ticket will be handled within support hours.


The price ranges from $7.98 (10 slots in Minecraft) to $130.98 (150 slots in Ark: Survival Evolved). Price differs for each game and server capacity.

You can opt to make an upgrade to your dedicated CPU cores and memory to suit your gameplay needs. This is best for servers with multiple mods activated – mods affect overall game performance, so you might need a more powerful system to handle maximum slot capacity.

If you don’t want to be tied up for a monthly plan, you can choose Fozzy’s 3-day plans. Play all you want on weekend hangouts with 3-day plans available on CS:GO, Arma, and Team Fortress 2.

All plans have a 3-day money-back guarantee except for the 3-day plans. Also, if you want to get a feel of how the system performs, try using Fozzy’s public game servers for free. 

Fozzy Game Server Hosting – Verdict

Fozzy game server hosting is the perfect example of the “quality over quantity” principle. With limited titles (but major ones), it is not as big as the other providers but assures top-level quality service.

We can say that the generally positive customer feedback for Fozzy web hosting can also apply to its game servers. This can be expected since both services benefit from the company’s years of experience and infrastructure.

If you don’t mind Fozzy’s regular work-day technical support and are an avid player of the games they host, this might be the best option. The only thing gamers hate is lag, and Fozzy has nothing of it.

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