7 Best Cheap Web Hosting in Nigeria for 2023

7 Best Cheap Web Hosting in Nigeria for 2023

There are many low-cost web hosting providers in Nigeria, but most of them have poor service, low server resources, slow websites& bad uptime.

We signed up with the hosting providers that offer affordable shared hosting to Nigerians. Namecheap is our pick based on the cost, features & other factors.

You should not host your websites with any hosting provider just because they are cheap. You should look at what you are getting for the price. Below is our detailed research on the cheapest hosting providers available in Nigeria.

List of Best Cheapest Web Hosting in Nigeria

  • Namecheap – Best Cheap Web Hosting in Nigeria
  • Hostinger – Cheapest Web Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth
  • HostGator – Affordable Hostingwith Multi-year plans
  • Ionos – Very Cheap Unlimited Hosting for first year
  • BlueHost – Best Web Hosting for WordPress
  • DomainKing – Cheap Local Web Host in Nigeria with SSD servers
  • Truehost – Cheap Web Hosting with cPanel

In our tests, we hosted websites on the servers of each of these hosting providers. We installed a simple WordPress website with default WP Twenty Twenty-Three theme.

We’ve compared the uptime, hosting features, availability of cPanel, customer support, cost (initial & recurring), and more. Read below, the research on each hosting provider.

#1 Namecheap – Best Cheap Web Hosting in Nigeria

Namecheap Pros

  • Namecheap’s plans start from $24 or N18,000 approx. for the first year.
  • The website is hosting on SSD servers
  • CPanelis available with all hosting plans
  • You can host upto 3 website on the starter Stellar plan
  • There are limited downtimes
  • 3 server locations are available
  • Unmetered Bandwidth


  • You cannot pay via bank transfer in Nigeria.
  • Extra fees of $15 is charged for backup restoration of terminated or suspended accounts.
  • Free .com or .com.ng domain is not available with Hosting.
  • Namecheap does not have a local phone number in Nigeria for technical support.

Namecheap is an affordable provider of Hosting & domains. Their services are popular in Nigeria, and they have more Nigerian websites hosted than local providers.

HostingPricing 4/5

Their Stellar Shared Hosting plan costs $1.98/mo. or approx. N1500/mo. (N18,000 for first year). But you must buy the plan for 1 year. Also, this cost is for the initial year only.

The renewal rate of Stellar plan is approx. N33,660, which is quite high. But one of the advantages is that you can host 3 websites on this plan.

Hosting Features 4.5/5

  • Namecheap offers a 100% Uptime Guarantee with their hosting plans. Although we did experience minor downtime, but nothing major.
  • 20 GB SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth, 3 Hosted domains, 30 sub-domains, 30 Email Accounts
  • Money Back Guarantee – Namecheap offers a 30-day money back guarantee with all their hosting plans.
  • Customer support at Namecheap is available 24/7 via live chat and email. During our chat, we experienced hold time of few minutes before connecting, but after that, the answers were helpful.
  • They offer standard cPanel for managing website, emails, uploading files.
  • One-click App Installation – WordPress Installation is available through cPanel

Signup with Namecheap’s Stellar Hosting plan from N1500/mo.

#2 Hostinger – Cheapest Web Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth

Hostinger Pros

  • Hostinger’s Single Web Hosting plan is available for N1500/mo. approx. if you buy it for 4 years.
  • SSD servers with Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Customer Support is available 24/7
  • The Uptime at Hostinger is pretty good
  • Free Website Migration Is available
  • The DNS are protected with Cloudflare
  • Free SSL
  • You can create free emails on hosting.
  • Free 7 days Backups are available. Weekly backups of the last 7 weeks are available.
  • You can host up to 100 websites & get a free domain with the Premium plan.

Hostinger Cons

  • You can only host 1 website/domain with their starter plan
  • cPanel is not available for managing hosting, emails.
  • Free domain is not available
  • Only 1 email is allowed to be hosted on the Single Web Hosting plan. But 100 emails on Premium plan.
  • No office or local phone number for support in Nigeria.

Hostinger is a low-cost hosting provider that accepts clients based in Nigeria. They are based in Cyprus and are one of the largest web hosting providers with millions of websites hosted on their servers.

Signup with Hostinger’s Premium Hosting plan from N2200/mo.

#3 HostGator – Affordable Hosting with Multi-year plans

HostGator Pros

  • Free domain is available with Hosting plans.
  • All the hosting plans come with SSD servers
  • Unmetered Bandwidth is available
  • Free SSL is available for all hosted websites
  • cPanel based web hosting plans, so you can access all the features of the hosting panel
  • 30 Day money back guarantee is available
  • The uptime at HostGator is pretty good, as we did not experience much downtime
  • One Click Installation is available
  • Customer support is good & available quickly, 24/7 via live chat

HostGator Cons

  • The plans are expensive during renewals compared to other web hosts in Nigeria.
  • You can only host one domain with Hatchling plan.
  • The servers are not the fastest, but the website speed is okay.

HostGator is one of the large web hosts in the world, and in Nigeria. They are owned by Newfold Digital. More than 15,000+ Nigerian websites are hosted on HostGator’s servers.

Signup with Hostgator’s Hatchling plan from N2100/mo.

#4 Ionos – Very Cheap Unlimited Hosting for first year

Ionos Pros

  • Ionos has an ongoing discount on Plus plan, which is available for N750/mo. approx. to all new clients (even from Nigeria).
  • You can host Unlimited websites on Plus plan.
  • Free .com domain is available with all Hosting plans.
  • Free backups for up to 6 days, which can be automatically restored from the Hosting panel.

Ionos Cons

  • The storage space & bandwidth with the initial plans is restrictive.
  • Shared web hosting websites at Ionos are hosted on HDD servers.
  • The renewal pricing is very expensive. The Plus plan renews at N9000/mo. Approx.
  • cPanel is not available with Shared Hosting

Ionos is owned by the Germany ISP 1&1. They are a large hosting provider in Europe & the UK. They also allow Nigerian websites to be hosted on their servers.

Signup with Ionos’s Plus plan from N9000 for first year.

#5 BlueHost – Best Web Hosting for WordPress

BlueHost Pros

  • Bluehost is one of the recommended web hosts in the list by WordPress.org (for self-hosted WP).
  • Free domain is available for the first year
  • Websites are hosted on SSD servers, which are faster compared to SATA drives.
  • Free SSL is available for all hosted domains
  • The technical support for issues related to WordPress& in general is reliable & available 24/7.

BlueHost Cons

  • The renewal rates are very expensive relatively for Nigeria.
  • Less features are available with Basic & other lower plans.
  • You can only host 1 website/domain on the Basic plan
  • The discount for new hosting plans is only available with long-term contracts of 24-36 months.

Bluehost is a popular hosting provider for WordPress users. They are also owned by Newfold Digital Inc. (the parent of Hostgator).

Signup for Bluehost’s Basic plan from N2100/mo.

#6 DomainKing – Cheap Local Web Host in Nigeria with SSD servers


  • DomainKing is a local hosting provider in Nigeria.
  • The hosting plans start from N900/mo. & you can choose monthly billing cycle.
  • Free .com.ngdomain is available with all hosting plans for the first year
  • All shared hosting plans are hosted on SSD servers.
  • Free SSL
  • Technical support at DomainKingis okay, and agents are knowledge for handing WordPress related issues.
  • cPanel control panel is available
  • Websites are hosted on Litespeed webserver
  • Create unlimited emails.
  • They run their own servers & don’t lease them from other providers.


  • Storage space is very limited, only 4 GB space with Soldier plan.
  • Servers are hosted in South Africa & the server speed is not the fastest
  • You can only host single website on their Soldier plan
  • Live chat support is not available 24/7 (offline on Sunday). It is also only available during working hours.
  • The server resources like CPU, memory is quite restrictive. The intro plans are suited for very low traffic websites only.
  • Only 7-days money back guarantee compared to 30 days of foreign providers.

DomainKing.ng is owned & operated by HostAfrica, which is a South African web host. They are a local hosting provider in Africa with almost 50,000 websites hosted on their server IPs.

Signup for DomainKing’s Soldier plan from N900/mo.

#7 Truehost – Cheap Web Hosting with cPanel


  • The hosting plans & their renewals are very inexpensive, starting from N750 per month.
  • Free .com.ng domain with all hosting plans.
  • Host 3 websites on Silver plan
  • Free SSL is available in cPanel control panel.
  • Create unlimited email accounts in your hosting
  • Customer support is available on Whatsapp


  • Truehost does not own their servers, they rent it from OVH.
  • Their servers are slow compared to other web hosts.
  • The websites are not hosted on SSD servers, which makes the website load slower
  • The uptime is not that great, but it is okay for small website owners.
  • They upsell their Ecommerce Hosting plan for dedicated resources. The plan costs N4200/mo.
  • The server resources with their Shared Hosting plans are very low compared to foreign web hosts.
  • Websites are hosted on Apache webserver, which is slower compared to Litespeed.
  • The hosting is not suitable for large traffic websites.

Truehost is run by a Kenyan company Ryanada. They offer very low-cost web hosting for small websites.

Signup for Truehost’s Silver plan from N750/mo.

How to choose the Best Cheap Web Hosting in Nigeria?

We focus on the overall features that you get from the cost paid to host your website. Here are the important considerations to make in your research.


a. Cost of Hosting (1st Year & Recurring) – Several hosting providers discount their services for the first year to attract new customers. But their recurring pricing can be much higher.

Let’s take the example of Namecheap. You can buy Shared Hosting from them at almost 50% discount for the first year (all 3 plans). But in small print, they mention the renewal cost of each plan, which is much higher than the first-year pricing.

Nigerian developers should carefully take this into consideration. Always check the cost you will pay in the long-term, and what you are getting for it.

b. Disk/Storage: Check the amount of space that is available to you for hosting your file. Most providers restrict the storage in one form or another. Don’t be tempted by high storage or unlimited, because the hosting providers restrict inodes for shared hosting.

For example, the disk space for the second plan in the screenshot of plans at Namecheap shows Unlimited SSD with the second plan. But the inodes are the same.

Inodes are basically the total number of files you can upload. Each image, php file counts as 1 inods. This is a common way to restrict hosting storage.

c. Bandwidth: Several hosting providers now offer ‘Uncapped Bandwidth’. It basically means there is no cap. But there are always restrictions on Shared Hosting, so don’t be tempted by this word.

Unlimited Bandwidth does not mean you can host a music website, as these are not suited for Shared Hosting. So, discuss with your hosting provider what exact type of website you are looking to host, and then select the relevant plan.

But for normal websites, having unlimited or uncapped bandwidth is good.

d.Free SSL: Always check whether your hosting provider offers free SSL for all hosted websites or not. With cPanel, in general, you can install AutoSSL from there.

But make sure that your provider does offer the required SSL for SEO by default with hosting plans. Avoid any provider that does not have SSL

e.  Backups: Your provider should offer you free backups in case you accidentally cause issues with your website.

Some hosting providers charge extra for backups. Always check this with your provider before you signup & pay for any plan.

f. One Click Installations: The hosting company should offer 1-click installation for basic CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Opencart.

Some hosting providers even offer support for installation on these CMS. Prefer a hosting provider that can help you with basic installations.

g. Uptime: Most Hosting providers will promise 99.99% or even 100% uptime on paper, but that does not mean they will deliver on it. Normal downtime of a few minutes a year is okay for normal websites.
You should use Cloudflare on your website andset up notifications to inform you in case of any downtime at your provider. The only way to check the uptime is to actually use a monitor.

Also note that any error like 404, 500 errors etc. may not necessarily be the fault of your hosting provider. It could be due to faulty plugins.

h. Technical Support: Your provider should offer basic technical support for popular CMS like WordPress. They should be able to debug issues & fix them in case you run into trouble with your website.

The support should be available 24/7 via live chat. Many Nigerian hosting providers are not available during the Night, and this can be very troubling if your website is down. On average, you should get a response to your email in no more than 30-60 minutes.

i. Allowed Email Accounts: You should be able to host emails on your hosting plans for free. Check the number of emails allowed, and the access features.

Many providers in Nigeria including DomainKing, TrueHost allow unlimited email accounts on shared hosting plans. You can check the plan’s features or contact the web host to check this.

You should also be able to access these emails on your mobile. Check the SMTP settings with your provider and ask if they support emails on mobile or not.

Comparison of Best Cheap Web Hosts in Nigeria

Web Host Local Lowest Hosting Price Uptime Storage with Initial Plan
Namecheap No Approx. N1500/mo. for first year with Stellar Plan 99.9% 20GB SSD
Hostinger No N1500/mo. on promo 99.95% 50GB SSD
Hostgator No Approx. N2100/mo. with introductory offer 99.9% 10GB SSD
Ionos No N750/mo. Plus plan for 1st year 99.98% 10GB HDD
BlueHost No N2250/mo. for Basic plan 99.9% 10GB SSD
DomainKing Yes N900/mo. for Soldier plan NA 4 GB SSD
TrueHost Yes N750/mo. for Silver Hosting NA 30GB HDD

FAQs – Best CheapWeb Hosting in Nigeria

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service that allows you to host your website files & make it online. If you have a HTML page or website, or even a dynamic website built using WordPress, you can buy domain & hosting & make it visible on the internet.

In general, domain is the name of your website & web hosting is the storage space.

Which Web Hosting is the cheapest in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, Hostinger&Namecheap are the foreign providers with the cheapest hosting plans with good features for the cost. In terms of local providers, almost all have poor website speed & uptime, but if you had to host with one, you can go for DomainKing.ng&TrueHost.

How much does it cost to host a website in Nigeria?

You can buy web hosting in Nigeria & host a website from just N1500/mo for the first year through Namecheap.

There are other local providers as well that have their initial hosting plans starting from N1000-1200/mo. But their features, uptime are not as good.

Is there any Free Web Hosting in Nigeria?

There are some hosting providers that offer free hosting plans, but it is not worth it. This is because these providers will display ads on your website, your data would likely be unsecure, there would be no SSL, or ability to host emails.

Also, you will not get any support from a free web hosting provider. It is best to avoid going for free, because you can host your website will good providers affordably.

Most of the providers in our list are low-cost hosting providers, which offer hosting, email, FTP, security, customer support, and backup services for very low prices.

Should you choose a Local Cheap Web Host in Nigeria?

Almost all the local hosting providers in Nigeria have their servers outside Nigeria and pay for software in USD. These providers lower their costs by offering poor technical support that is not 24/7, and not offering 100% uptime. Their servers are also slower than foreign providers.

So, if you must host your website, you should choose a foreign provider, because there is not that much of a difference in their cost, but you can be assured that you will get quality service.


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