6 Best Web Hosting Services for Multiple Domains [2023]

Choosing a service that doesn’t overcharge for domain transfers, registrations, and server resources is essential when hosting multiple domains. Your host should also provide enough storage and bandwidth for all your websites, and have the resources to guarantee fast loading speeds and good uptime.
If you choose the wrong host, you might end up paying extra for features you don’t need, or dealing with downtime or mediocre loading times. Or you might find yourself chasing down customer support if something goes wrong.
I researched and tested many different web hosting providers, and created a list of the seven best hosts for multiple domains. My research found that Hostinger is the best of the group overall. It offers the most features that owners of multiple domains are looking for at a very affordable price.

Pressed for Time? Here Are the Best Web Hosts for Multiple Domains in 2023

  • Hostinger – cheap domain names, unlimited bandwidth, and 100 websites
  • HostPapa – easy domain forwarding, unlimited add-on and parked domains on the higher-tier shared plans
  • A2 Hosting – anytime money-back guarantee and performance enhancing features

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What We Look for in the Best Web Hosting for Multiple Domains

In my search for the best-value web hosting services for multiple domains, I’ve compared them on the following:

  • Number of domains per plan: While you may not need a thousand domains and websites, the ability to host an unlimited number of either without any restrictions is a plus.
  • Domain management and pricing: When you own multiple domains, easy domain management becomes a priority. You’ll want a lot of extension options and the ability to easily transfer current domains and connect new ones at a fair price.
  • Number of domains per plan: While you may not need a thousand domain names and websites, the ability to host.
  • Sufficient resources: If you are hosting multiple websites on multiple domains, server resources are important.

Detail text of Hostinger's global data centers and hPanel features
I was impressed with Hostinger’s global data center locations

Hostinger is one of the most affordable web hosting services for multiple domains. You can host 100 websites on all shared plans and then add 100 subdomains, as well as another 100 parked domains. With a cloud hosting plan, you can even have as many as 300 websites. The only exception to this rule is the entry-level shared plan, the Single.
If you need more room for your domains, you can discuss your needs with the team and they’ll help you. You can also buy and register domains through Hostinger, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of updating the nameservers or transferring the domains from a different place.

A free domain name is included with some hosting plans from Hostinger

When you purchase a year or more of hosting, you get a free domain to get you started.
Hostinger’s hPanel is a proprietary control panel that helps you manage multiple domains by streamlining your access to a wide range of server features. With it, you can put content management systems on your websites with a one-click installer, easily create and edit databases, manage emails, and more.
All Hostinger’s plans come with 24/7 support, so you can rest assured that if an issue comes up, a member of Hostinger’s tech crew will always be on duty to take care of it.


  • Unlimited features. Hostinger offers unlimited bandwidth, email and FTP accounts, and databases on all cloud plans and both of the higher-tiered shared plans to easily accommodate multiple sites.
  • Unlimited SSL certificates. All shared and cloud plans include unlimited Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates to protect your customers’ data, on all your sites.
  • Nice WordPress tools and features. Create and run multiple WordPress sub-sites from one installation with WordPress Multisite. Utilize the speed and security of LiteSpeed’s LSCWP plugin. And admin via the command line with WP-CLI. All with the basic plan.
  • Cloudflare DDoS firewall protection with all plans. Nameserver DDoS protection via Cloudflare reroutes malicious traffic to the global network, keeping your site up and running even when its origin nameserver may be compromised.

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Detail from HostPapa's domain name feature section
Getting a domain name with HostPapa is easy

HostPapa offers the ability to host unlimited domain names, subdomains, websites, and email accounts on its shared Pro and UltraPro plans. And if you’re a fan of green energy, you’ll be pleased to know that all of HostPapa’s data centers are powered by 100% renewable sources.
You’ll want to look out for email limitations: The plans have different storage limits for your mailbox, ranging from 500MB of individual storage to 20GB of overall storage.
All HostPapa’s plans come with cPanel to help you manage your websites, domain names, emails, and more.

A free domain name is included with some hosting plans from HostPapa

You can purchase your domain names straight from HostPapa. One free domain name for your first term is included with HostPapa’s shared hosting plans, and you can choose from a 1 month to a 36 month contract.


  • No limits on the higher-tier shared plans. You receive unlimited storage, bandwidth, databases, and email addresses on those plans. Free unlimited site migrations come with a support expert to help you move your sites smoothly and seamlessly.
  • Free website builder. The higher-tier plans include HostPapa’s custom website builder. A simple drag-and-drop platform with one-click publishing, allowing you to design a site with up to 1000 pages. 
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee. HostPapa is true to its word, as our tests resulted in 99.97% uptime over four months.
  • Reliable support and a free 30-minute training session with a PapaSquad expert. I had a much more satisfactory experience with HostPapa support this time around than when testing for the main review. You can learn about managing your website and account, moving your business online, and more.

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A2 Hosting - domain options
A2 Hosting offers lots of features at affordable prices

A2 Hosting’s higher-tier shared plans let you host unlimited websites and domains. The Turbo option, available on the Turbo plan and VPS plans, guarantees fewer users per server, faster performance, and more resources per user.

However, A2 Hosting’s unique advantage is its A2 Optimized software. This is a fancy way of saying you can opt for pre-configured software installations for popular CMSs (like WordPress or Drupal). It saves a good amount of time you’d otherwise spend configuring.
A2 Hosting’s VPS plans offer improved granular control and high-performing servers. You can install any operating system you want, choose your data center location, and modify resource allocations as needed. 


  • Exclusive features. In addition to its A2 Optimized software, you get access to the A2 Site Accelerator package of caching software, as well as Server Rewind, a data recovery program. Site Accelerator is available on the two highest-tier plans, while Server Rewind is available on all but the Startup plan.
  • NVMe SSD storage. While the Startup and Drive shared plans include 100GB and unlimited SSD storage, respectively, the higher-tier shared plans include unlimited NVMe SSD space.
  • Deliver your websites even faster with LiteSpeed. A2 Hosting offers all the performance and security of Litespeed Web Servers, along with the WordPress caching capabilities of its two top plans. 
  • WordPress Toolkits. If you’re like Time Magazine or the White House and build your websites on WordPress, you’ll appreciate the tools A2 Hosting provides in its standard WordPress Toolkit (for all plans) and the Deluxe WordPress Toolkit (for the top two plans.)

For a full list of features, head over to our expert A2 Hosting review.

Some feature details from SiteGround's higher-tier plans
Call me a computer nerd, but I love SiteGround’s GoGeek plan

SiteGround’s GrowBig and GoGeek shared plans have unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, advanced on-demand backups, and WordPress staging. In other words, the works.
Although I’m not usually a fan of premium shared hosting, SiteGround’s top-tier offer is worth considering. For a slightly higher price, you get 40GB of storage, pre-installed Git, staging, and a white-label hosting option, which can be helpful if you build sites for clients.

A free domain name is included with some hosting plans from SiteGround

One SiteGround’s best features is its proprietary control panel, Site Tools. The dashboard is sleek and responsive, and it will make website management more easy and fun.
A minor drawback is that you don’t have a one-click install for hundreds of apps, as is the case with cPanel. Rest assured the big names, like WordPress or Joomla, are there.


  • Automated daily backups going back 30 days. You can restore your websites, emails, or files if something goes wrong. For additional peace of mind, you can store your backups in a data center in another city, state, or even country. 
  • Reliable data centers running on Google Cloud architecture, powered by renewable energy. SiteGround has 10 data centers with CDN servers and 6 solely CDN servers located in the US, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, South America and Australia. Your sites will be accessible from around the globe.
  • Web application firewall and account isolation, so that breaches on other websites on the same server don’t affect your website(s). Your sites are also protected by an AI anti-bot system and free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, available on all plans.
  • Ecommerce-ready. Unlike many other hosts that charge a higher price for ecommerce hosting, SiteGround includes a free installation of WooCommerce with all its plans. If you prefer, you can build your site with Weebly instead, and take advantage of its easy inventory management.

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Detail of
It’s fast and easy to get started with Scala Hosting.

Offering free website transfers and generous resources, Scala Hosting is a great choice for hosting multiple domains. All of the higher-tier shared hosting plans offer unlimited websites and domain names, free migration for all your websites, and more. You can also get a free domain name for a year with every plan.
Scala Hosting’s plans come with generous storage space (50GB on the Mini plan, unlimited on all the rest) and unlimited bandwidth. In addition, the higher-tier shared plans come with SShield Security Protection. It blocks 99.998% of hack attempts and sends you a real-time report on what is happening, what has been done, and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Scala Hosting Web Hosting

A free domain name is included with some hosting plans from Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting also offers VPS plans, which are hosted on the cloud and include unlimited websites and SPanel, Scala’s equivalent to cPanel.


  • Free expert migration for all your websites. Give Scala Hosting the login details from your old host, and one of its expert team members will copy and transfer your sites to your new server. Should you decide to revert back to your old host, the Scala Hosting team will provide you with a refund and a transfer back.
  • “Anytime” money-back guarantee. Should you decide that Scala is the hosting solution for you, you can cancel your account and receive your money back at any time, no obligation or questions asked.
  • Site backups are a priority. Both daily and on-demand site backups are offered on all of SiteGround’s plans.
  • WordPress staging and cloning, as well as Git support as standard. While many hosts make you pay for a higher-tier plan before including these features, SiteGround makes them standard on every plan.

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FastComet - Resource Usage Monitoring
FastComet also gives you some premium features

FastComet stands out from other hosting services because it provides free daily backups, a web application firewall, and a comprehensive resource usage monitoring tool with every shared hosting plan.
All FastComet’s plans come with cPanel and Softaculous solo licenses. You also get unlimited parked domains, subdomains, and databases. FastComet will transfer one to three of your domains for free and renew it for a full year.

But FastComet isn’t the most affordable web hosting service for multiple domains, and it has a strict bandwidth usage limit, so check out the caps before you commit to a plan. Also, the lowest-level shared hosting plan only includes one website.


  • FastGuard security features keep your site safe and secure. FastGuard includes account isolation on CloudLinux servers, daily backups with one-click restore, DDoS and DNS protection, and email anti-spam protection, as well. 
  • Easy-to-use control panel and Client Area. FastComet provides good old cPanel for your hosting admin. The FastComet Client Area is also easy to navigate and puts all your account management info in one place. 
  • 11 data centers around the globe. Not only do FastComet plans include free Cloudflare CDN, but it also offers data centers scattered throughout North America, Europe, Asia, India, and Australia.
  • On-point tech support. Like every other host, FastComet also guarantees 24/7/365 support. However, what sets FastComet apart is their ability to truly fulfill that guarantee, offering a “15-minute response time” in addition to it. Based on my experience with this review, I can attest that the team delivered on their promise.

For a full list of features, read our in-depth FastComet review.

Which Host Is Best for You?

As you’re looking for the best web hosting service for multiple domains, you’ll want to consider your preference to make sure the host offers everything you want and need.
If you want the best overall value for budget hosting, go with Hostinger. It’s the most cost-effective solution, thanks to hPanel, affordable domains, and outstanding performance.
If you need a more managed, beginner-friendly hosting solution, give HostPapa a try. With its extensive knowledge base and PapaSquad member to help you get up and running, you’ll feel like a pro in no time.
When VPS hosting is a priority for your multiple domains, A2 Hosting is the one to choose. You’ll get the privacy and security you need with the added bonus of A2 Hosting’s super speeds and performance.
Here’s a quick comparison table to sum everything up:


How do I point multiple domain names to the same website?

To do this, you first need to pay your host to register your chosen domain names. Then, depending on where you registered your domain names – in your domain registrar’s admin section, or your web host’s control panel, such as Hostinger’s hPanel – you can configure your domain names to redirect to the main domain name for your website.

Do I need separate SSL certificates for each domain name?

Yes. That’s why Hostinger’s offer of free unlimited SSL certificates is such a nice feature.

When choosing a domain name, what’s the best choice of extension?

Generally, .com is the most trusted domain extension, with .co and .org coming in second and third. When purchasing a new domain name from a host such as SiteGround, you’ll want to search for an available domain name with a .com extension first, and then adjust it or move to a different extension if your first choice is unavailable.

Why are unlimited subdomains an important feature?

A subdomain is a way to create organization and better navigation for your website, which makes A2 Hosting’s offer of unlimited subdomains potentially very useful. The most common subdomains are different content sections (such as on a news site), a blog section, or an online store section of a website.


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