10 Best Hardcore Minecraft Servers to Play On

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Minecraft has an abundance of servers made by other players to enjoy, and several “hardcore” servers are worth your time checking out. Of course, the process of discovering these servers can take a while so we have compiled a list of all the greatest ones to hop into. This article will take you through the best hardcore Minecraft servers that you can add to your game and join the next time you boot up Minecraft.

Best Hardcore Minecraft Servers of All Time

Complex Gaming | IP: bmc.mc-complex.com

Complex Gaming is a long-running server that offers the hardcore experience to take part in. We recommend choosing this server if you are looking for an active server (currently has 4852 players online) and one which has a range of other game modes included. From Skyblock to Factions, there is something for everyone in the Complex Gaming server.

SiphonMC LifeSteal SMP | IP: Play.SiphonMC.net

This is a lighter Hardcore server, although there is still the general Hardcore game mode included. What makes this particular server unique and great to play through is the lifesteal mechanic. Anytime you battle a player in PvP, you will be able to steal hearts from them so it puts a great twist on the Minecraft formula. The server still has plenty of players and it is hosted in the United States.

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Hypixel Network | IP: mc.hypixel.net

Hypixel is a server that many will be familiar with due to its sheer popularity however, Hardcore game mode enjoyers can feel at home within the network. It is a highly stable server so you will have no issue hopping in for others on end to play Hardcore mode. Even though it is not explicitly a Hardcore game mode, Skywars is also included in this server along with other general modes.

Twenture | IP: mc.twenture.net

Twenture can be great to choose for your main Hardcore server if you plan on logging in frequently to the server. You will get daily rewards for logging in so consistency is key with the Twenture network. Along with the daily rewards, there is an excellent social spirit and events even run from time to time so it can be rare to not find anything that keeps coming back for more in the server.

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1Vie.fr | IP: play.1vie.fr

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If you are looking for a brutal hardcore server then 1Vie will certainly be that for you. The ultra-hardcore game mode (including no health regeneration) will ensure that if you die at any point in the game, you are booted off the server until a month later. This keeps the tension extremely high while playing through the server. There are ways you can buy more lives but we recommend just waiting the month.

Vortex Network | IP: sm.vortexnetwork.net

This particular server is more “hardcore” on the PvP side of things but there are a lot of great reasons to check the server out. From its vast player base to changing game modes and experiences, there is a lot here to check out. Along with all of that, the server is space-themed and who doesn’t like a journey to space every once in a while?

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Dungeon Realms | IP: play.dungeonrealms.net

Dungeon Realms prides itself on being an “MMO” experience and has custom mechanics, weapons, armor, and more. The overall aesthetic is highly effective and it is a great server to hop into with friends to enjoy the offerings. The custom-coded features add something fresh to Minecraft so you won’t want to miss out on trying them at least once.

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Minewind | IP: morbius.minewind.net

A highly updated server is Minewind and new additions are added to the server every so often. There is no griefing protection in this server so you will have to keep your own bases secure by whatever means necessary. You have classes to choose from when you start up and you can then go out into the world to find loot (or pillage it) and eliminate monsters on the field.

Donut SMP | IP: DonutSMP.net

Don’t be fooled by the adorable-looking name of this server, the experience which waits within will ban you for two days if you die in the server. It is a highly favored hardcore server by many players and is worth checking out if you’re looking for one of the best hardcore offerings. There is an overarching “goal” which is simply to earn money and try to be the top player in the server’s rankings.

Viper | IP: play.vipermc.net

Viper will offer you hardcore Factions among other modes and it is especially great to join at weekends to take part in Factions. This is because the server has peak times of players across the weekend (especially on Saturday evenings) so if you are wanting a hardcore server for the weekends then Viper can be great. The server is well-maintained but it should be noted it is based on version 1.19.4.

Now that you know all of the best Minecraft hardcore servers, you can delve in head first and experience everything that they will offer you.

– This article was updated on June 30th, 2023

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