What Is Shared Hosting Traffic Limit?

Shared hosting traffic limit often refers to the maximum number of website visitors that your hosting plan can accommodate within a given period.

For instance, a typical shared hosting plan may cater to approximately 300 to 800 visitors per day. However, a very good hosting provider may be able to support all the way up to 3,000 visitors per day, or about 90,000 visitors per month.

These figures can significantly vary based on the hosting provider and the specifics of your plan. This limit includes all incoming and outgoing data, such as website visits, downloads, emails, and more.

If your website traffic exceeds this limit, hosting providers may charge additional fees or even temporarily disable your website, as per the terms of your hosting agreement. As highlighted in a report by WebTribunal, about 37% of website owners experienced downtime due to exceeding their traffic limits, underlining the importance of understanding your hosting plan’s traffic capacity.

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