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Let’s summarize. If you’re choosing your own game server, what should you keep in mind?

The type of game you have should influence your hosting choice decision. But there are a couple more considerations you should make while evaluating your game server hosting options, namely:

Where are your players located?

Are they predominantly in one or two countries? Or spread around the world? Understanding where your players are located is key to choosing the best game server hosting option for you. In virtually all computing scenarios, speed is crucial – but none more so than in gaming. Game servers are latency-sensitive applications: players experience games at their best when latency is below 60-100ms at the time of everyone playing together.

When it comes to latency, every mile between server and player counts. To ensure a consistently good experience for everyone, players need to be located as close as possible to the setup game hosting server. If your game has a global player base, you’ll want to opt for game servers for rent from a hosting company that operates an international network of data centers.

What hardware specs do you need?

What is the optimal specification of game server infrastructure you need to ensure a speedy, efficient gaming experience for players?

Cloud server providers typically offer high density hardware powered by lower-speed multi-core CPUs. These work fine for general business computing tasks, but as they lack the clock speeds needed to meet the demands of high-performance gaming, they aren’t the ideal game server hosting option.

In order to get maximum value from your game servers for rent, consider how you can make the most of the multi-core CPU. In theory you will be able to run multiple instances of the game server application on the same hardware – but you must ensure you specify enough RAM for each core.

Good hosts that provide games servers for rent will help you set up various hosting options to experiment and find the optimal configuration for your game. Your game’s entire performance and user experience is dependent on a solid infrastructure, and even good value options aren’t cheap. We’d even suggest looking elsewhere if your chosen provider is unwilling to assist you when choosing your game server specifications. We’re more than happy to guide you through testing rounds and help you choose the best setup game hosting server.

How we can help

There’s a lot more to game servers than simply plug-and-pay, and there are many considerations to bear in mind if you’re looking for game servers for rent. We have years of experience hosting some of the world’s most popular online games; we help launch more than 50 games per year.

By using the top carriers and smart routing, our game servers for rent provide the super low latency and fast loading times required to ensure excellent game play.

If you’re looking to set up a game hosting server or have a question for our experts, you can reach out here or check out some of our previous work.


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