Shared Hosting Vs. Reseller Hosting

Advantages of Shared Hosting

Great value for money – There are so many hosting providers to choose from these days, that anyone looking to start a business can get a website up and running for just a few dollars per month. Sharing server space with other business owners and entrepreneurs means you all benefit from cost savings

It’s easy to get to grips with – Your hosting provider will provide all of the technical support, set up instructions and administration of servers. You just need to worry about perfecting the style of your website

Impressive customization tools – A lot of platforms these days offer intuitive website building tools and a comprehensive range of add-ons. These are made easy to understand for beginners, and they enable you to create some pretty awesome-looking websites. Simply choose your template, make some tweaks and you can have a site up and running in hours

Easy to scale – Since your data isn’t stuck on just one server, it’s really easy to scale up your business when you grow. If you need more memory and bandwidth, the hosting provider can simply allocate you more in another shared server for an additional cost

Compatible with content management systems – Most shared options can be used easily with the likes of WordPress, Joomla and Drupa

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