Reseller Hosting Plans

 What Is Reseller Hosting? 

With reseller hosting plans, you rent server space, software, and bandwidth from a larger, experienced web hosting company at wholesale prices, and then resell the resources for profit to someone looking to build a website. 

There is a lot of demand for web hosting, whether it is shared hosting plans, WordPress hosting plans, dedicated hosting, or virtual private server (VPS) hosting. Web hosting is the backbone for personal blogs, corporate websites, podcasts, vlogs, and nearly anything else you can imagine that exists on the web. Resellers are aspiring entrepreneurs who look to make a few bucks in the web hosting arena, as well as web designers and developers who want to expand their client offerings (and also make a few bucks).  

Resellers set the pricing structure for their offerings, not the web host that provides the servers and software. In many cases, resellers brand their packages by using a customised control panel. This establishes a level of trust with people who may already be familiar with the reseller’s brand. Who wouldn’t want to set up shop with your company if you’ve done well by them in the past? And branding is important if you’re looking to get into the reseller hosting game. More on that in a bit.

Reseller Hosting the Right Choice for Business 

  • Design your own packages 
  • Earn Profits 
  • Low set-up costs 
  • Flexible 

How can you Choose the Best Reseller Hosting Plans 

  • Find a server in your region 
  • Check the features offered 
  • Bandwidth and Storage Space 
  • Ensure 24/7 support from the provider 
  • Analyze the reviews of the provider 

How Does Reselling Work?

Resellers are responsible for interacting with their customers, but are not responsible for hardware, software, or connectivity problems. Web hosts’ data center operators are responsible for that type of troubleshooting. However, resellers may be placed in the tricky position of liaising between the hosting provider and the customer for other kinds of technical support, such as billing and payment issues. In other words, you’ll need to demonstrate patience and understanding when dealing with irate customers.

Is Reseller Hosting a Good Option? 

Yes, reseller hosting is a good option if you’d like to earn profits by renting out hard disk space and bandwidth. Reseller hosting needs low investment and offers high return if done right.

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