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LiteSpeed is already one of the fastest web servers on the market, but we don’t stop there.  Like an extra shot of espresso, our SSD database storage makes CMSes like WordPress and Joomla fly.  Whether you’re a developer looking for a place to host your clients or planning on starting your own web host, our reseller accounts let you hit the ground running!

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Faster than Apache, Faster than nginx

LiteSpeed’s modern event-driven architecture and highly-optimized code makes it as much as 533% faster than Apache and up to 67% faster than nginx!  And because LiteSpeed is fully Apache compatible, your favorite web apps work out of the box without any recompiling or reconfiguration!


console 2Perfect for Designers & Developers

You aren’t a “discount” developer.  You don’t build “discount” websites.  So why trust your clients — and your reputation — to some “discount” web host?  Our LiteSpeed-powered server uses SSD for MySQL storage, which means that database-heavy applications really scream.  And if that’s not enough, all our reseller hosting packages include CloudFlare — a free content delivery network (CDN) to help pump your content out even faster!


consoleVPS Discounts

Every reseller hosting package $19.99 and up entitles you to a generous discount — up to a whopping 30% — on our rock-solid Xen virtual private servers (VPSes)!  As long as your reseller account remains active, your discount remains in full effect.  And best of all, you’re free to either use the VPSes yourself or resell them to your clients at a healthy profit.  That means you can expand your product offerings without the hassle and expense of building out your infrastructure by yourself!


Dallas Aisle 5

Tier 3, SAS-70 Type II, and Enterprise Grade

Our accelerated web hosting platform is hosted on enterprise-class servers in our tier 3 SAS-70 Type II datacenter in downtown Dallas Texas. Housed in a former Federal Reserve building, the facility features biometric access control, digital video surveillance, and 24-hour on-site staff. 10 on-site diesel generators and facility-wide battery backups provide 2N and N+1 power protection, while the N+1 cooling system always beats the heat.

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