LiteSpeed reseller hosting – SupportHost

To give the best to your customers, you need to be able to rely on maximum performance. That’s why we decided to go for quality by choosing high-end servers with 128 GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 9 3900 12-Core CPUs and NVMe SSD disks.

The LiteSpeed reseller hosting we are offering gives you improved performance compared to Apache. In combination with LSCache you can get up to 20-30% performance improvements.

Our goal is to ensure optimal server operation at all times, to do this we set limits on the number of accounts and avoid overloading the servers. In this way, we avoid situations that can slow down your site and those of your clients.

Through a continuous monitoring system, we control accounts and resource usage. This ensures that if an individual account makes excessive use of resources it is slowed down or temporarily blocked. This allows us to avoid overloads on the server and knock-on problems throughout the account.

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