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If you have a business website in USA and you are looking for Linux-shared web hosting for the first time. Then there are so many eye-catching hosting services offered most often draw them in. Multiple providers in the industry claim to be the right choice. It can be difficult to weigh all of the available web hosting options and select the best option. Given the huge number of web hosting providers, it is simple for new customers to get deceived by one that doesn’t deliver what it promises.

However, because you are a first-time web hosting user and are familiar with some fundamentals, locating a suitable and cost-effective web hosting subscription will be simple. It is essential to protect oneself from an unsatisfactory web hosting provider.

Many business owners pick a more expensive option than shared hosting because they believe unreliable information they have heard from colleagues or read online. But the truth is Linux Shared Hosting Plan in USA is a customizable, secure, and reliable service that brings lots of benefits to your business.

In this article, we’ll examine the most widespread myths surrounding the hosting of shared servers. After reading it, you could still opt for something different than shared hosting, but this time for good reasons rather than just because of false information that has getting spread online.

4 Things You Shouldn’t Believe About Linux Hosting Plans in USA

Free Hosting And Shared Hosting are The Same

If you’re unfamiliar with looking for hosting providers, having access to free hosting can be truly remarkable. Every free hosting service you come across will get shared hosting; even so, this does not indicate that all shared hosting is free or that shared hosting is low-cost hosting. The truth is that free shared hosting should never get used.

As you probably be familiar with the idea, even if something appears to be free, there is usually a charge. Free hosting providers should somehow make money off of their offerings. This commonly takes the form of unwanted advertisements on your website for which you will receive no compensation.

Additionally, free hosting offers free substandard customer service and makes no uptime guarantees.

While only a few dollars more expensive than free hosting, a full-featured Linux hosting package offers more advantages in USA. If you run a small business, you should avoid the co-branding and ads that come with free hosting.

Linux Shared Hosting is Not a Scalable Option in The USA

One of the most popular assumptions about shared hosting is that it gets limited.

Many people believe that if their business grows, even slightly, they will exhaust Linux hosting resources in USA. There’s a worry that you’ll be stuck with not enough storage, RAM, or bandwidth to run your site, or that you’ll have to find a new hosting provider entirely.

It is true that shared hosting solution is incredibly scalable. To meet the needs of website owners who want to grow their websites and organization, the top providers offer a range of managed hosting packages at different price points. Beginners can start with a Linux shared hosting plan at the lowest level and upgrade as their company and website expand in USA.

In USA, Linux Shared Web Hosting is Not Secure at all

Shared hosting is supposedly less safe than other hosting options, according to what you might remember hearing. Contrary to popular belief, shared hosting regularly makes use of highly secure, enterprise-level server resources. Best Linux hosting plans in USA include network security, surveillance, and vulnerability scanning. 

Moreover, there are many providers like Hostbillo that provide, DDoS attack prevention, network monitoring, and other security-related services that are typically available to website owners with their cheap Linux hosting plans in USA, all of which are carefully managed by the hosting provider.

Is it possible that more expensive hosting offers higher levels of security? When compared to a well-managed shared platform, an unmanaged VPS hosting package could produce a less secure website if you have the knowledge and resources to follow a more hands-on approach to cybersecurity.

There Are Huge Server Downtime Problems in Shared Hosting

Due to shared hosting’s regular outages, there is yet another common misunderstanding. In opposition to this, shared hosting is very dependable.

With 99 percent or higher uptime guarantees, the best Linux shared hosting plan delivers on its promises of dependable service in USA. If you have a problem, you can get help right away because they will offer customer support around-the-clock.

The way they handle these issues sets them apart from other hosting companies, even though the best providers occasionally encounter client problems.

The company will use servers that are continuously inspected when you use a well-managed shared web hosting services in USA. As soon as a server experiences hardware or network problems, an automatic switch-over to backup systems or another corrective action will ensure that your site is back online before your visitors even become aware there was a problem.


Claims that shared hosting is not secure, reliable, or capable of growing with your company get made wrongfully. The truth is now clear to you.

This hosting option gets selected as the top choice by a large number of webmasters. Hostbillo- offers hyper-scale and focused services of Linux shared hosting in USA. 

This business makes sure the website is well-maintained, expands quickly, and draws a lot of visitors. To identify the most suitable Linux hosting in USA for your website, get in contact with Hostbillo’s specialists right away through a customer service facility. Visit the company’s official website to learn much more about this service.

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