HTML Editor in our Bulk Email Server Provider

By using our bulk email server provider to code your own email campaigns, you can:

keyboard_arrow_right Add an HTML img alt attribute

keyboard_arrow_right Have a full-width background image

keyboard_arrow_right Add typographical emphasis to your text

keyboard_arrow_right Use images and videos of any format

keyboard_arrow_right Select any serif or sans-serif typeface

keyboard_arrow_right Have complete control over spacing

Once you have created a code you are happy with, you can save it in Mailify and use it as a template for any future email marketing campaign. Of course, there is no need to stop at one: if you are comfortable coding your own email marketing templates, why not create several to reflect different campaign types? With bespoke, branded templates for newsletters, event invitations and promotional emails, your life is made more intuitive when it comes to creating new campaigns. From here, you are free to make tweaks and A-B test your email design according to the response you receive.

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