How to use Email Domain Name with Outlook, Gmail & Co. with Custom Email Hosting

Are you still using a generic Outlook, Hotmail, or Gmail email address for your business communications? Then you should think again, as there are many disadvantages compared to a custom domain email, especially one that you really like and that represents you best.

If email marketing plays an important role in your business operations and you target millennials of which over 70% prefer businesses to contact them via email according to HubSpot, then read on.

What is the difference between a custom email domain and a free email account?

So, presumably, you have set up a free Gmail or MSN mail ID with your business name like [email protected]. Not a problem at first sight as the email address contains your business name and everyone is familiar with Gmail.

And often sites such as Gmail or Yahoo offer unlimited storage, which sounds like an incredible deal. But do you really think these tech giants would make the revenue they do by handing out “free” email accounts left and right?

Well, here’s the catch: often these email accounts are unsafe, feature ads and retrieve all the data shared, including your customer data, which can of course be sensitive.

With data protection being a big deal these days, you don’t want to jeopardise your loyal customer base just because you want to save a penny or two. Web property management expert at digital marketing agency ClickDo and web hosting provider SeekaHost, Fernando Raymond, has worked with many small and medium-sized businesses and knows firsthand what a difference a professional business presence can make. He explains:

“One of the first things I’d advise my new clients is to have a basic but professional business website set up with a custom business email domain (the same domain name as the website) that is the gateway to reaching more potential customers.”

According to research by and other reports, most people only trust businesses that have a business website and display trustworthy and up-to-date contact details on it, including a professional email address.

You can get a custom email domain in one minute via SeekaPanel that can be integrated with the email clients you are familiar with. Find out more below.

So, why opt for a custom email domain with affordable email hosting?

1.      A Professional and Unique Email ID

Do you really want to look like another spammer when you reach out to potential new clients?

No one will respond to your emails and block them or mark them as spam if they are unsure about the email sender.

With a custom email hosting solution that gives you a personal domain such as [email protected] customers that already know you by name, will recognize your email address and open the mail. And new clients will recognize that they have received a professional business email, which instils more trust.

2.      A Branded Email for more Credibility

Gaining the trust of a customer is incredibly challenging, and nothing is more impressive than a branded email address.

Think of [email protected] and [email protected]. If people have visited your business website with the same domain name, they will immediately recognize this email is connected due to the custom email domain.

If they haven’t yet, they can quickly search for your domain name on the web and find it to ensure that you’re the real deal.

3.      A Consistent Set of Business Emails for the Team

If you have a team around you, they may all require emails. If they all use the same email domain, it is clear who they work for and even among staff members, it makes communication easier. Just think if you’d receive emails from [email protected] compared to [email protected], which email would you rather open?

4.      Full Control over all Custom Domain Emails

When you set up your own custom email you enjoy admin rights over all the email addresses you own on that domain. That means you have full access and control over all information exchanged through this email domain.

If employees leave or change names it would be difficult to manage emails as part of generic webmail. With a custom email hosting solution, you automatically own and manage everything easily.

5.      Higher Safety & Transparency

As the admin of all emails registered with your custom email domain, you can manage the security server settings to ensure that no data exchanged can be compromised.

If you’re unsure about a member of staff and their activity, you can check their email recipients and monitor their mailing activity.

With affordable Email Hosting you can easily register a custom email domain via the control panel, irrespective of whether you already have a business domain or not. You can simply register an account and host your custom email in under one minute.

Why choose a professional Email Hosting Service?

1.      Great Value

It is possible to get email hosting for as little as $1 per month. Even the upper-tier Business and Enterprise email hosting plans are affordable at $10 to $20 for 50 to 100 GB of storage space and several mailboxes.

2.      Speedy Servers

Multiple servers ensure that you can access your email from anywhere in the world with minimum latency. So, when you’re about to head to an important business meeting you will not have to worry about waiting for ages to download a 2 MB PDF file.

3.      Reliable Backup

All emails hosted on a primary server are backed up on an additional server so you can rest assured that it’s business as usual without any technical glitches and disruption.

You can usually contact the customer service team via live chat, email, and phone. The tech team will resolve every issue you have in an hour or less.

4.      No Annoying Advertisements

Forget about those banner ads irritating you by scrolling through your emails. For only $1, you have access to an organised and clean email environment offering all the features you’d want from a business email account, including 5 GB storage. For just $2 extra, you can triple the space if you often send and receive big files, which you also tend to store in your email account.

5.      No Frustrating Spam

Forget about these pesky random emails landing in your inbox daily. A professional Email Hosting Service uses advanced anti-spam filters to stop future emails with the same subject lines or senders from ending up in your inbox again.

6.      Outlook and Gmail Integration

If you still don’t want to part ways with Gmail or Outlook that’s not a problem at all.

With SMTP mails such as POP3 and IMAP, these email hosting services can be integrated with Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, and similar email clients offering easier management of emails, especially if you’re already used to it.

This allows you to compose and format more complex emails compared with the basic editor of a webmail service.

Make your Email more professional with a custom Email Domain and dedicated Email Hosting Services 

When you choose a custom email domain and dedicated email hosting via a customised control panel that makes hosting of any kind easy, whether it’s a website or business email hosting, you will reap the benefits.

Hosting providers may also offer a custom domain email for free when you register a domain for a website. That’s unparalleled and highly affordable email hosting for you. So, test it to see if it is the perfect email hosting solution for your business.

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