Hostinger Pricing Review 2023 | In-Depth Price Breakdown

Single Web Hosting: $9.99 $2.99/month

Top Tip: It’s important to note that shared hosting is the cheapest type of hosting. It involves multiple websites being hosted on a single physical server, so resources are much more limited for website owners – hence the price drop.

All of Hostinger’s shared web hosting plans offer a pretty economical package if you’re looking to build an online presence – without emptying out your pockets. Plus in our testing Hostinger got an above average score of 4 out of 5 for overall shared hosting.

Hostinger introduces its Single Web Hosting plan at the discounted price of $2.99 per month, when you choose a 12-month subscription. Fast forward to a year months later, and the renewal price is $5.99 per month. That’s a saving of $84 compared to choosing a month-by-month payment! Hostinger also recieved a 3.7 out of 5 for it’s shared pricing.

Shared hosting is ultimately best for:

  • New website owners
  • Small business owners on a limited budget
  • Brochure sites
  • Personal sites
  • Single site owners

Here you can check out a breakdown of all the different features and costs of each of Hostinger’s shared hosting plans:

Features Single Shared Premium (Most Popular) Business
Starter Price/Mo $2.99 $2.99 $3.99
Renewal Price (after 1 year) $5.99 $8.99 $11.99
Regular Price/Mo $9.99 $11.99 $16.99
% Savings/Mo 80% 75% 77%
No. of Websites 1 100 100
RAM 768 MB 1024 MB 1536 MB
SSD Storage 30 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Bandwidth 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited
24/7/365 Support Yes Yes Yes
Free Domain No Yes Yes
Free SSL Certificate Yes Yes Yes
Daily Backups Weekly only Weekly only Daily
Email Accounts 1 100 1
Database Size 3 GB 3 GB 3 GB

The Premium Web Hosting plan for $2.99 per month (12 month subscription) is great if you just need hosting for one website. It covers all the basic needs, and offers unlimited bandwidth, 100 GB of storage, and a free domain for the first year!

Hostinger introduces the premium option as the ‘perfect package for personal websites.’ This makes that decision-making process a little easier, because this plan has everything you need to get your awesome website flying high!

Premium Shared Hosting: Cost Breakdown for 12 Months

Essential Cost:

  • Shared hosting plan – $2.99 per month – $35.88 upfront payment

What You’ll Get Free of Cost:

  • Free domain for the first year (usually $8.99)
  • Free SSL certificate  (usually $11.95)
  • Free setup

You May Also Want to Consider:

  • SiteLock for added web security (typically $24 per year)
  • Productivity suites such as G Suite or Office 365 (up to $15 per month)

Overall, you’ll be looking at a total cost of $35.88 as a minimum spend when going for a shared web hosting plan with Hostinger, with the free domain, SSL certificate and setup included in that price. If you decide to go for all of the additional costs, the price increases to roughly $175, which covers your shared hosting plan alongside SiteLock and productivity suites for 12 months.

Check out our article on how much it costs to host a website to learn more about these hidden costs and extra hosting fees!

Business Web Hosting Plan: Cost Breakdown for 12 Months

Hostinger has optimized its business shared hosting plan for small businesses specifically, so you’ll have all the tools you need to get your online store off the ground. The most popular Business Web Hosting plan is $3.99 per month on a 12-month plan, with a free domain and SSL certificate. This plan renews at $11.99 per month after a year.

It’s built to handle an impressive 100,000 visits to your site per month, so it can manage traffic better than a single shared hosting plan.

Hostinger also provides all of the following security features for free with its business plan, so you can avoid those sneaky added expenses and still keep your site protected:

  • SSL certificate activation
  • Domain name
  • CloudFare protection
  • Daily backups
  • Setup help

Hostinger Shared Pricing vs Competitor Pricing

Hostinger BlueHost HostGator
Cheapest Shared Hosting Price/Mo $1.99 (48 month plan) $2.95 $2.75
Free Domain No Yes Yes
Storage 30 GB 10 GB Unlimited
Free SSL Yes Yes Yes

Unlike rival hosting providers, Hostinger isn’t able to offer a free domain or a great amount of storage with its cheapest shared plan. However, you’ll notice its significantly lower price, which is perfect for those getting started on a limited budget.

In testing, Bluehost got a shared pricing score of 3.1 out of 5, and HostGator got a 3.6/5, while Hostinger steams ahead with a 3.7 out of 5 for its shared pricing.

But, Bluehost and HostGator have a lot more added benefits at play, such as a free Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network), hence the greater expense when signing up to those providers.

Shared Hosting: Cheap But Limited

A cool way to think of shared hosting is like living in a shared house. You have your own room with all your belongings (i.e., your website). However, the resources such as milk, toilet paper and living essentials are limited, because you’re sharing them with others. Essentially, your room is your website, and the house is your server!

Want to Start With Shared Hosting?

Sharing a server with others means saving money as you start up your online business.

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