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There are a few options for web hosting services from GoDaddy. Shared hosting is the most common because it’s an entry-level collection of plans for hosting one or more small websites. It’s good for those just starting out, whether you’re running a small business or want to host a website for fun.

WordPress hosting plans are a little pricier ($8.99 CAD to $19.99 CAD per month), but these are fully managed, so you don’t have to worry about updating your content management system (CMS) or online store platform. Advanced hosting options include virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers, which is what you may want if your site grows too big for the disk space allowed on shared servers or you’re running a high-traffic website. The VPS plans (with standard RAM) range from $6.99 CAD per month to $94.99 CAD per month on a three-year term. Dedicated servers (with SSD drives) are much more expensive and will cost around $189.99 CAD per month to $549.99 CAD per month for a two-year term.

Storage and Bandwidth Limits

The economy plan from GoDaddy is more generous than even some of the best hosting services—25 GB goes quickly, though. You can upgrade to one of the higher-priced tiers for 50 GB, 75 GB or 100 GB, respectively.

Along with some web hosts today, GoDaddy doesn’t label its bandwidth allowance as “unlimited,” rather it’s unmetered. This means that it isn’t going to monitor how much data transfer you’re using unless it becomes a problem for others on the same server as your website. If you do use more than what GoDaddy deems appropriate for your plan level, it may request you upgrade your service or the company could suspend your website.

Extras and Inclusions

GoDaddy offers a free domain name for new accounts, but it goes further than most web hosting services. Your free domain name is free for your first term, so if you sign up for two or three years, it’s yours that entire time before you have to pay for the renewal.

You’ll get a free secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate, which secures your site (it’s what gives you the lock icon in your URL) and its data. It’s only for the first year, though. You also get daily backups, which is new to GoDaddy’s offerings.

Ease of Use

Although many web hosts advertise one-click installs of CMS apps, it’s rarely one click. You have to find apps in cPanel, click the app you want, fill in a form and then click to install. Access WordPress through cPanel or through the typical wp-admin login on your site (you can also change that login page, if you prefer).

With all that said, GoDaddy is fairly easy to use and it isn’t fair to judge the company on cPanel. If you’re looking for the easiest route to a website, choose GoDaddy’s website builder option because it walks you through everything you need to do to publish a website.

User Dashboard/cPanel

Setting up GoDaddy is simple whether you choose to go with the site builder option or you want the classic cPanel dashboard. Assuming you opt for shared hosting on a Linux server, just fill out a form when prompted with a username and password and GoDaddy will setup WordPress for you (it’s the CMS the web host suggests).


GoDaddy includes a few security features for your website in its web hosting plans, but they’re minimal. You get a basic SSL certificate for free for the first year, daily backups and GoDaddy provides network security for its own servers (24/7 monitoring), but if you want more security, you’ll have to pay. There are three site security plans that include tools such as malware scan, backup recovery, site clean-ups and a web application firewall. These range in price from $6.49 CAD  per month to $19.99 CAD per month, with a two-year contract (renewal costs $12.99 CAD per month to $29.99 CAD per month).


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