Cloud Based Service For Replacing Corporate Email Server

Being a former system engineer I have first hand knowledge regarding the issues that an organization may face when maintaining their own email server. Servers like Microsoft Exchange can be extremely costly to maintain and the license alone can be quite expensive. Furthermore, the server hardware requires immense maintenance and 24/7 management by a dedicated team of professionals. Moreover, mail servers often require additional support from third-party tools for preventing spam and other types of malicious agents. As organizations are moving more towards cloud based services, maybe it’s time the conventional mail server was replaced by a cloud based solution like SendGrid.

What is SendGrid?

SendGrid is a service which replaces the conventional mail server to provide you with the functionality to securely and efficiently send your mails. This cloud based SMTP provider manages all aspects of sending mails in an efficient manner so that it is not caught up in spam folders or marked as inappropriate by various online filters. This is done by using a dedicated IP and by scaling the infrastructure to achieve a positive reputation and monitoring for your email reputation. SendGrid even provides real time analytics for end users so that they can track their mails and email campaigns. Whether you require sending a PowerPoint presentation to someone, wish to integrate email functionality for your app or need to ensure that your important corporate emails don’t get stuck in the recipient’s spam filters, SendGrid has you covered.

Why Use SendGrid?

As SendGrid is a cloud based SMTP infrastructure, it can be used for sending corporate emails or integrating an email system within your application, without the need for maintaining your own servers. This may even include integration of SendGrid at the backend of a web or mobile app for efficiently managing outgoing emails.

SendGrid Features

Integrate SendGrid in Applications

For example, developers can configure their email to point towards the SendGrid servers and use the API for various integration options to provide email support for your applications. Similarly, the newsletter feature enables creating email campaigns with a list of email delivery and scheduling options , along with  analytics to track outgoing emails.

SendGrid API

Built-in Apps For Easier Email Management

SendGrid comes with various apps for easier management of your outgoing emails. These include; apps for subscription tracking, Google Analytics tracking, click tracking, email templates and others.

SendGrid Apps

To find out more about SendGrid, check out the video given below.

Unfortunately, SendGrid has no trial version, however, you can get started with 40,000 email credits for as low as $7.46 per month. If you are a first time user, you can get 25% discount by using the link given below.

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