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Starting a web hosting business from scratch requires expensive IT infrastructure, such as servers, routers and storage drives, to name just a few items. With reseller web hosting, you can purchase server resources like storage and bandwidth from a larger web hosting provider, then resell the hosting to your clients at a profit. However, picking a suitable reseller web host can be daunting due to the numerous choices with different offerings.

To help you make an informed decision, we evaluated dozens of resellers to help you select the best reseller web hosting service for your business.

Our Top Picks for the Best Reseller Web Hosting

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Best Reseller Web Hosting Reviews

  • Round-the-clock tech support via email, phone and live chat
  • Unlimited emails and domains and free SSL certificates on all plans
  • Free half-hour personalized training session offered on premium plans
  • Brandable control panels
  • Billing software isn’t included in the two entry-level plans

Why we chose it: HostPapa provides an intuitive dashboard where you can manage all your clients centrally. All hosting plans come with unlimited emails, domains and free secure socket layer (SSL) certificates.

Resellers often provide clients with support for issues such as account configuration, script installation and website migration. If you’re unfamiliar with these things and clients request help, you may find yourself in a pickle. That’s why you should consider HostPapa if you’re new to reseller hosting.

HostPapa offers 24/7 support to resellers via phone, email and live chat. You won’t need to worry about handling complex issues, such as migrating websites, monitoring networks and thwarting brute force attacks, because HostPapa handles these technical issues for you. And if you’re on one of its higher-tier plans, you’ll get a free half-hour training session from a HostPapa expert who will bring you up to speed with the fundamentals of reseller hosting.

HostPapa offers five plans ranging from $30.99 to $120 per month for an annual term. All plans offer unlimited emails, domains and free SSL certificates. And with HostPapa, you can white-label your services. This means you can swap HostPapa’s branding with yours to remote your business and position yourself as an independent hosting provider.

It’s worth noting that HostPapa doesn’t include Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) — a billing and client management tool — in its two entry-level plans. You must upgrade to one of the premium plans to automate billing, but if this isn’t a huge deal breaker, HostPapa is still a worthwhile choice.

  • Unlimited disk space, data transfers and email addresses
  • 24/7 tech support via live chat and online ticket system
  • Excellent discounts for growing businesses
  • Free migrations and nightly backups
  • Unlimited domains are only available with Ultimate or White Label plans
  • WHMCS and custom branding are only offered with White Label plan
  • Short 72-hour money-back guarantee period 

Why we chose it: Hostwinds offers unlimited storage, bandwidth and email addresses on all plans. It also provides 24/7 support and free nightly backups, so you can rest easy knowing your clients’ information is secure.

Hostwind plans are ideal for websites that receive a large number of daily visitors since bandwidth determines how much web traffic a site can handle. All of the web host’s plans come with unlimited bandwidth, so you won’t have to worry about your clients’ websites crashing if there’s a spike in web traffic. They also include unlimited disk space, making Hostwinds excellent for clients who work with content that takes up a lot of space, such as high-quality images and videos.

Hostwinds offers four reseller web hosting plans ranging from $5.24 to $10.00 per month, with discounts on your plan if you purchase at least six reseller hosting accounts. While we found its pricing reasonable compared to other services we evaluated, it’s worth noting that the plans renew at a higher price after the first billing cycle. Additionally, it only provides WHMCS and white labeling on its most expensive plan.

If you need technical help, Hostwinds offers stellar round-the-clock support via live chat or an online ticket system. It also offers free website migrations, free nightly backups and 24/7 website monitoring, so you can rest easy knowing your clients won’t experience serious downtime.

  • Powerful dedicated server, VPS and cloud reseller hosting plans
  • Free DDoS protection and WHMCS license
  • Stellar 24/7 reseller customer support
  • 100 percent uptime guarantee
  • Unsuitable for beginners
  • Quite expensive

Why we chose it: Liquid Web offers virtual private servers (VPS), cloud and dedicated hosting, which don’t share server resources with multiple websites, making them ideal for high-traffic websites.

Clients managing high-traffic sites such as news, e-commerce and membership websites can’t afford any downtime. Whereas most reseller web hosts only offer shared hosting — a slower type of hosting that is more prone to crashes due to shared server resources — Liquid Web offers VPS, cloud and dedicated hosting plans to cater to high-volume clients. Moreover, because Liquid Web offers free DDoS protection and a 100 percent uptime guarantee, you won’t have to worry about clients experiencing downtime.

Liquid Web’s entry-level dedicated server hosting plan starts at $99 per month. All plans have a free WHMCS license for easy billing, provisioning and administration. You’ll also have access to technical support 24/7 if you have an issue.

Overall, Liquid Web offers powerful features. But the service’s great power comes with great responsibility (and cost). It can be challenging to set up quickly, and you’ll need to learn several things before you even get started. However, if you’re familiar with web hosting and your clients want a premium experience, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a hosting provider better than Liquid Web.

  • WHMCS included in all plans
  • Unlimited domains, emails and free SSL certificates
  • Excellent uptime guarantee
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Entry-level plan only offers 60 gigabytes of storage

Why we chose it: All HostGator plans come with free WHMCS for easier billing and client management. They also include unlimited domains, emails and free SSL certificates.

As a reseller, you’ll need to handle several tasks, such as tracking payments, creating accounts and suspending delinquent accounts, to name a few tasks. Managing these can prove pretty challenging, particularly if you’re providing hosting to numerous clients.  HostGator makes client management easy because all its hosting plans come with free WHMCS.

With HostGator, you can position yourself as an independent website hosting provider because every plan offers free white-labeling. If your clients encounter any issues, HostGator provides 24/7 technical support to resellers via live chat, phone and Twitter. Alternatively, you can find solutions to common hosting problems on HostGator’s extensive knowledge base and blog.

HostGator offers three reseller plans ranging from $19.95 to $24.95 per month, and they all support unlimited websites and domains, emails and SSL certificates. But there’s a caveat. The cheapest reseller plan only offers 60 gigabytes of storage, so you could quickly run out of storage if you host multiple websites. Fortunately, the plans remain affordable should you need to upgrade because you require more disk space.

  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Free WHMCS and domain reseller account
  • Generous disk space and bandwidth offered on entry-level plans
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Resellers need to purchase two-year plans to get discounted pricing
  • Entry-level plan doesn’t offer phone support

Why we chose it: InMotion is an excellent risk-free reseller hosting option thanks to an industry-leading 90-day money-back guarantee. With InMotion, you can scale resources easily as your business grows due to the variety of hosting plans available.

While most of the other resellers we evaluated offer a one-month money-back guarantee, InMotion provides a generous three-month money-back guarantee. Its entry-level plan offers great value for money, with 100 gigabytes of solid-state drive (SSD) storage and 1,600 gigabytes of bandwidth. In comparison, many other hosting plans we looked at offer entry-level plans with disk space between 50-60 gigabytes and bandwidth between 500-600 gigabytes at a higher cost.

It’s worth mentioning that you must purchase a two-year plan to get the best possible price. Additionally, the entry-level plan doesn’t come with phone support, so you’ll need to upgrade to get phone support.

Every InMotion reseller plan includes unlimited email accounts and free WHMCS software to facilitate client management and billing. Besides the free WHMCS software, its reseller hosting plans include Softaculous — a popular script library — that allows one-click installations of popular script applications like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Additionally, the web host offers BoldGrid, one of the best website builders for WordPress.

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Other Reseller Web Hosting We Considered

Some of the reseller web hosting services we considered nearly made our list of top picks, but were omitted because of their high pricing, limited features, average tech support or limited scalability. Here are some notable mentions.

A2 Hosting

  • Superior speed and performance on Turbo plans
  • Excellent uptime guarantee
  • High speeds only come with Turbo plans
  • Entry-level plan doesn’t provide free WHMCS or white-labeling
  • Relatively expensive

A2 boasts excellent speed and performance on top of a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee. The web host offers nonvolatile memory express (NVMe) storage, a type of drive that provides better data transfer speeds than SSD drives.

While this sets apart A2 Hosting from many other reseller web hosting services, we noted that the feature is only offered on Turbo plans, which start at $22.99 per month. We also noted that A2 Hosting’s entry-level plan, which costs $17.99 per month for a 12-month term, doesn’t offer free WHMCS and white-labeling.


  • Eco-friendly hosting
  • Free white labeling and WHMCS
  • Free domain reseller account 
  • Substandard bandwidth offerings, even on the highest plan

GreenGeeks offers sustainable hosting solutions and will plant a tree for every hosting plan you purchase. All of the web host’s plans include free white labeling and WHMCS. And you’ll even get a free domain reseller account to boost your income selling domains.

GreenGeeks didn’t make it to our list of top picks because of its average bandwidth offerings across all plans. Its highest reseller plan, which costs $34.95 per month, only provides 1600 gigabytes of bandwidth. In comparison, some of our top picks, such as InMotion and Hostwinds, offered unlimited bandwidth on their highest plans.


  • Affordable entry-level plan at $4.99 per month
  • Many useful features for WordPress users 
  • No billing software on any plan
  • Fairly low disk space
  • White-labeling excluded on entry-level plan

SiteGround is one of the most affordable reseller web hosting services, and one the web hosting providers recommended by WordPress. It offers several useful WordPress features on all reseller plans, such as free WordPress installation, automatic WordPress site updates and a free WordPress site migration plugin.

While SiteGround’s affordability made it a top contender for our best reseller web hosting picks, it failed to make our list due to a lack of custom branding on its entry-level plan and relatively little storage compared to our top picks. SiteGround also doesn’t offer WHMCS with any of its reseller plans, so you’ll need to purchase billing software separately. Nonetheless, if you primarily (or exclusively) work with clients who run WordPress websites, SiteGround is worth considering.

Reseller Web Hosting Guide

New to reseller web hosting? Read on to learn how this type of web hosting works, as well as its pros and cons.

What Is Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller web hosting is a service most commonly offered by established web hosting companies. With reseller web hosting, you won’t have to buy expensive IT infrastructure like servers, software and networking equipment to start your hosting business. Instead, you’ll rent these resources from larger web hosts in bulk at wholesale prices and then use these resources to sell web hosting to your clients at a profit.

How Does Reseller Web Hosting Work?

Reseller web hosting allows you to provide web hosting services to your clients without investing in costly infrastructure. To get started, you need to purchase a reseller hosting plan from a web hosting provider that offers reseller hosting services.

Most web hosting providers will handle the technical aspects of web hosting, such as server management, infrastructure maintenance and connectivity issues. Meanwhile, you (the reseller) will handle tasks like payment processing, customer support and online marketing.

The Pros Of Reseller Web Hosting

Still deciding whether reseller web hosting is a worthwhile business for you? Here are some of its benefits and drawbacks.

Low Operational Costs

Starting a hosting business from the ground up requires a significant investment to purchase, run and maintain IT infrastructure. Reseller web hosting offers an inexpensive way to provide hosting services because you won’t need to buy or manage costly equipment.

Building Brand Awareness

As a reseller, you act as a middleman between the web host provider you rent resources from and your clients. But if you want to appear like the web host, choose a reseller plan with white labeling. With white labeling, you can substitute your host provider’s branding with yours, making it an excellent way to build brand awareness.

Incredible Income Opportunities

Offering hosting can be an excellent way to generate recurring income every month or year your clients host with you. If you already offer other digital services, such as website design, development and maintenance, you can easily add hosting as an add-on service to supplement the income from the other services you provide.

Besides hosting, some reseller hosting providers can also allow you to sell other things to generate even more income, such as domains, email accounts and SSL certificates.

The Cons Of Reseller Web Hosting

Challenging For Non-Technical Users

Starting a web hosting business can be relatively challenging for users without technical skills. While you won’t need advanced programming skills, you’ll require a working knowledge of domains, servers and web development to troubleshoot issues. You’ll also need business knowledge to handle tasks like record keeping, client billing and digital marketing.

Changing Providers Is Often A Complicated Task

Transferring websites from one host provider to another usually involves several tasks like signing up to a new provider, saving website files and updating nameservers, to list a few. Performing these tasks can be pretty challenging if you aren’t familiar with website migrations.

Reseller Web Hosting FAQ

How Does Reseller Web Hosting Differ From Traditional Web Hosting?

Reseller web hosting is tailored towards resellers who want to provide web hosting services to clients. With reseller hosting, you can provide each domain name on the plan with its own control panel. Traditional web hosting is tailored towards individuals and comes with one control panel. While some traditional web hosting plans can allow you to host unlimited domains, reselling hosting is prohibited on traditional hosting plans.

Is Reseller Hosting A Good Business Venture?

Reseller hosting offers an excellent opportunity to generate income because of its low upfront costs. Reseller hosting also offers a great way to earn income from hosting to people who are already providing services like web design and development. They can include it as an add-on to their other services.

How Do I Get Started With Reseller Web Hosting?

The first thing you should do is identify your primary clients. This will determine the kind of reseller web hosts you should consider. For instance, you’ll want a hosting provider that offers dedicated or VPS hosting if you want to provide hosting to high-volume clients. 

Once you’ve found a good fit, choose a reseller hosting plan. Hosting providers typically offer several plans, so go through the features your host of choice offers on each plan and choose a suitable one that’s within your budget.

How We Chose The Best Reseller Web Hosting

We compared the reseller plans of numerous hosting providers to create this list. We also looked at dozens of online reviews from independent, trusted third-party sources.

These were the key factors we used to compile our list of the best reseller web hosting services: 

  • Features: We picked reseller web host services that offer generous storage and bandwidth across all their plans. We also took into consideration other features, like unlimited domains, email accounts and free SSL certificates.
  • Uptime: We only listed reseller hosting services that provide 99.9 percent (or 100 percent) uptime guarantees.
  • Price: Some of the services we evaluated offered cheap reseller plans but compromised on features. We only listed services that feature a good balance between cost and features, making them a good value.
  • Customer service: We only listed reseller web host services that provide round-the-clock tech support on various channels.
  • Management tools: Some of the reseller web hosts we looked at didn’t offer client billing and account administration management tools. We only listed services that offered WHMCS — the leading management tool for reseller host providers.
  • Branding: Some of the hosts we checked out didn’t offer white labeling, while others only included it on their premium plans. We prioritized reseller host services that offered free white labeling across all their plans.

Summary of Digg’s Best Reseller Web Hosting

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