Best Reseller Hosting for Australians

We have often discussed what we like about SiteGround. It is one of the best hosting options for WordPress. All of the reasons that we have mentioned and more are why we added them to this list. SiteGround is a fast hosting option with a low price.

They offer phenomenal support fast speed, stable service, have special focus on support and tons of extra features.

SiteGround Offers Three Reseller Plans 📜

Besides the StartUp plan, which can host only one website, all other plans offered by SiteGround could be used by resellers. Since SiteGround introduced Site Tools, their own user-friendly dashboard, now each site within one hosting account has its own dashboard and can be managed separately. 

In addition, with the GoGeek plan you get the white-label feature activated, which means you could resell SiteGround hosting under your own brand. This is not all, with the Cloud plans you even have the option to allocate resources across each sub-account. 

To sum up, with the GrowBig plan you get 20GB of webspace, where you can host multiple websites, have Staging, the Ultrafast PHP, SSL, CDN, E-mail, Collaboration tools, Daily backups and backups on demand, out-of-the box caching, SiteGround security plugin and more.

The GoGeek plan comes with 40GB of web space, Priority support, Staging+Git and white-label hosting feature.

Cloud plans have even more resources and you could add more if needed. You could allocate different resources per hosting account, which gives you plenty of flexibility when reselling. What is more,  clouds have the auto scaling feature, where resources are added automatically in times of traffic spikes.

Many quickly come to appreciate the flexibility SiteGround plans offer, the premium service and all the geeky features. 

However, many quickly come to appreciate the flexibility that this type of plan offers. Instead of having a universal account, each plan can be tweaked to meet the needs of the customer who is going to receive it.

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