Best Email Reseller Hosting Service Company, Australia

Moving to DreamIT has been such a massive and welcome change for us. After a disastrous experience with a well known provider, we made the jump to DreamIT and have never looked back.

DreamIT are honest about their prices, which are both fair and competitive. They charge enough to be able to offer stellar service and features. While other hosts may be cheaper up front, in our experience you get what you pay for with service and ‘premium add-ons’ will push the price up quickly. These ‘premium add-ons’ (like e-mail hosting and SSL certificates) are all included in DreamIT’s base plans.

DreamIT’s customer service is superb (shoutouts to Jason and Davy for their help!), their hosting is reliable and fast, and accessing and maintaining your websites is simple. We’ve contacted support several times for a variety of issues (even just to see if we’re on the right path) and responses are quick, with the team telling us where we’ve gone wrong and even making adjustments for us. We couldn’t ask for more.

Highly recommended!

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