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If you have come to read this article then we assume you are already aware of the different types of servers. A majority of web businesses enter the world of the internet through shared servers. But as the website grows a virtual server feels more suitable. The journey from a shared server to booking an exclusive virtual space in a physical server is more complex than you could imagine. 

One might face questions like the need for such a server space, benefits of VPS hosting, eligibility, etc. We will address all your queries from basic to expert level and further provide you with a list of trusted VPS hosting providers. Scroll through the article to discover the details.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

A virtual private server is basically like a business-class ticket inside an airplane. A business-class ticket holder gets larger leg space, better food options, and entertainment options. These services are better as compared to an economy-class ticket holder. The only reason is that one of them is paying more for those services.

Similarly, a VPS hosting user pays more than a shared server user. They get benefits like better website speed through faster data transmission, good storage space for data, a sturdy security system, etc.  We will talk about the benefits of a virtual server in detail but do you know what a VPS Server looks like?

Well, let’s use our brains to imagine it. A virtual private server is created by raising virtual separation inside a physical server. It is different from a dedicated server due to its virtualization feature. This factor also most of the time makes it cheaper than a dedicated server. 

Now let’s check the details of some of the best VPS hosting providers of 2023.

10 Best VPS Hosting Providers of 2023

One of the most trusted web hosting company around the world on the internet is Hostbillo. They offer everything from compatible prices to reliable VPS server hosting. Check Hostbillo’s exclusive VPS hosting features here!

This platform is known for its classic web hosting services. The only deal-breaker is their customer support service which is quite an essential part of any hosting service.

Another good service provider could be HostGator. The process is simple, the brand is known but charging additional fees from users for small tasks might sound bad to some of you. 

GoDaddy’s big market share says a lot about its services. But a brand needs regular checkups to maintain its levels. Charging higher fees for longer domain names has become a famous practice at GoDaddy.

With competitive hosting prices, Bluehost might be a good option for you. But Bluehost doesn’t offer monthly plans for VPS hosting.

Good storage and better uptime are some of the features of MochaHost’s hosting. You can choose this hosting if you don’t have any problem with doing manual backups.

A good virtual server provider with good hosting plans. The only bad point is DreamHost’s protection services in case of DDoS are somewhat dicey.

It could be your go-to web hosting provider with good plans, security, and storage. Hostwinds is a developing company and thus has data centers at limited locations. 

Even though inter-server has lower brand awareness it is still among the best web hosting services providers. This platform is working on improving its customer support which has a slightly bad reputation. 

   10. SiteGround

SiteGround being a well-known brand offers good technical support and a pricing policy. This platform faces issues during data transmission as sometimes the speed is slower than expected.

How to choose the right VPS hosting plan for your business?

Choosing the right VPS hosting plan you the web business can be an exhausting task. We have covered all the important factors just for you to reduce your burden. You can thank us later!

  • Freedom of operating system

The availability of different operating systems in the market has made it mandatory for virtual hosting providers to give choices of operating systems to their clients.

A virtual private server can seem like a complex thing to manage initially. This is where you will require smart technical support from the host. Make sure your provider is capable and available enough to solve your hosting problems.

Most of the users of virtual hosting come here from shared hosting in search of better data transmission speed. With increased traffic, the VPS hosting user finds comfort with virtual hosting through better resource availability.

Pricing is quite a vital factor if you ask any web hosting user. People use virtual private servers because they want similar resources as compared to dedicated hosting while paying a much lower price. Hostbillo’s is even better because it provides the best pricing plans for its VPS hosting users.

A gold-standard guarantee should be a major deciding factor for any virtual hoping user. The best VPS hosting provider will offer 99.90% uptime to its clients.

A quality virtual hosting provider will ensure flexibility through entertaining upgradation requests from the clients. You must check if you have proper scalability options available with your host after all VPS is all about flexibility.

A higher number of data center locations establishes a client’s confidence in the hosting provider. Not only does it help the client in choosing the preferred location but it can be a game changer in getting world-class facilities.

Benefits of VPS Web Hosting

If you run an ecommerce business, host multiple websites, test apps, work on WordPress, etc then VPS could be your best option. But so can dedicated server hosting? Well, in a way yes. Take a back seat and analyze this situation. 

You are a developing e-commerce web business or a growing WordPress blog. Your visitor base has grown recently and you are positive of its increasing popularity. But here’s the catch you want to wait and watch the progress journey and then take a step towards high-priced server hosting due to your budget. 

At this point, you need virtual hosting instead of a dedicated one as it can save you some money while giving you the taste of high-priced server hosting.

Who is The Best VPS Hosting Provider of 2023? 

Without any doubt, we can give you one single name that can solve all your VPS hosting needs. Are you ready? Here it goes, Hostbillo. 

A platform that offers striking VPS hosting plans at competitive prices with the freedom to choose your location among more than 5 countries.

With better data transmission speed, no-cost server setup, supreme security, and friendly customer support, Hostbillo is the most common choice among VPS hosting users.

Be it managed or unmanaged virtual server hosting, Hostbillo takes care of everything efficiently. 


For a high-traffic website, VPS could be the best bet. Virtual hosting can offer security, proper resource utilization, and flexibility to the client that is required to handle increased visitor counts. 

Choosing a good VPS hosting provider is equally essential and should be chosen only after analyzing certain factors. One must not forget the importance of data transmission, uptime guarantee, data security, and customer support facility while choosing a smart virtual server hosting provider. 

Make sure to compare Hostbillo’s web hosting services with other hosting providers to trust our words! 



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