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Almost 80% of the gamers in the USA are above 18 years. This data clearly states that the gaming world is a competitive US market.

Are you, too, a gaming freak or planning to become one?

Do you love smooth playing sessions with top-notch internet speed? 

If you are thinking about which type of server hosting will best suit your gaming needs, you are at the correct place.

The requirement for a dedicated server in the USA has emerged, with online gaming becoming a competitive marketplace for game lovers.

This article will discuss dedicated gaming server hostings, top companies to buy such hosting, etc. First, let’s check out what exactly is game-devoted hosting.

A game-dedicated hosting is basically a physical server booked for a multiplayer video game. It is very different from shared hostings, where loads of web platforms share resources and uses them unevenly. A high-quality video game requires larger RAM space and better bandwidth. Such games fully utilize their web hosting resources to provide a smooth gaming experience. A separate physical space on the main server solves the problem of uneven resource utilization. Such server hostings give their clients the freedom of customization and faster data transmission speed. They also provide the option to upgrade the current plan as per the requirement.

A game-dedicated hosting service is majorly used for smooth performance during gaming sessions. These server hostings are important as each player has their own location, personal details, track record, etc. With the rise in the number of players or the introduction of hi-tech features, the loading speed of a game is affected. A dedicated server in USA is the best step to resolve such issues.

A US dedicated server gives the utmost control to the gamer. A gaming setup requires the best-in-class data transmission, internet speed, RAM, etc. Let’s discuss these aspects in detail.


  • Lightning fast performance

High-end gaming is all about speed and smoothness. A swift performance comes from faster data transmission, which is easily accessible through such types of servers.


A lag can destroy a gaming experience, leading to a gap between the gamer’s action and reaction. This type of situation occurs when the shared server is being used. If the gamer uses a devoted physical server, they will experience zero lag during the gaming session. 


A high rate of uptime is attainable only when the lags are almost zero, and the data transmission speed is top-notch. The US-based dedicated server ensures 99.90% uptime for its clients through constant automated monitoring of the server.


  • Powerful customer support

Gaming is a rapidly ongoing session with players continuously entering and leaving the playground. Strong and powerful customer support that is widely available ensures quick and easy solutions to the issue at hand. This builds the gamers’ trust in the platform and saves them from poor user experience.


The best dedicated server USA gives greater control to their clients. They offer the option to customize the server hosting per gaming requirements. Further, the gamer gets the option to upgrade when there is a higher load on the gaming platform. 


A dedicated server in USA facilitates potent SSD support storage and strong hardware tools to support the gaming sessions. Overall a good speed, higher RAM, better system performance, a good security system, etc, leads to the superior reliability needed for a perfect gaming session.

You are just in time if you have made up your mind to purchase a game dedicated server in USA. We have especially curated a list of all the top 6 companies for you.


Ovh Cloud offers the latest processors for faster performance through 1 Gbit/s bandwidth. 

The client gets a high service level agreement with this hosting company. With IPv4 and IPv6 address space, Ovh Cloud provides enhanced security and scalability to the client. A plus point with Ovh Cloud is that it allows the client to rent an ancillary IPv4 address. This company offers the best video editing and gaming processor, AMD Reyzen. 

You are wrong if you think this company might charge you higher rates given its facility. The pricing plans of this platform are also very competitive. This company is said to be perfectly suitable for publishers and professional resellers. The client also gets a routinely optimized anti-DDoS protection system.


Liquid Web is a one-stop destination for managed dedicated game server users. It facilitates safe and secure single-tenant gaming servers. Standard DDoS protection efficiently saves the gaming platform from disruption in usual traffic and increased downtime. Hybrid hosting is one of the most sought-after features of this company. This company offers single-tenant gaming servers for both Windows and Linux. A special feature offered by this company is proactive sonar monitoring. This feature skillfully examines applications to check if they are malicious.

A variety of management modes is available for the user, from unmanaged to self-managed single-tenant gaming servers. This gives the client the freedom to undertake the management task as per the requirement of the business. Liquid Web does not bind its clients to use a particular type of control panel. The variety ranges include Interworx, Plesk, cPanel, etc. 

The 100% uptime guarantee is supported by the SSD facility, and the client can fully rely on their storage disk facility.

Serverwala cloud data centres offer cent per cent internet bandwidth and advanced security. This platform offers cheap dedicated servers in USA for gamers.  This leads to a smooth gaming experience for the gamer. The client enjoys the freedom to upscale their resources with their free upgradation. They also offer automated monitoring to save their client from any unforeseen situation like the sudden slowdown of the platform. Serverwala guarantees 100% internet bandwidth for its single-tenant gaming server users. This company has data centres across the world which result in excellent connectivity. 

A key point that separates this platform from others is the variety of payment cycles it provides to its clients. You can make monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly payments. 


Hostbillo is a platform that facilitates powerful hardware support and a timely updated operating system. The client has the option to pay monthly with this platform. The robust customer support of this company makes them stand apart in tough situations. Hostbillo is the perfect space to host your gaming platform due to its powerful hardware support. Their widely available data centres provide high-quality connectivity to the client. A special feature of this company is that they provide extra internet protocol to their clients when needed.

Google Cloud is specialized in multi-cluster management. This platform requires high-speed internet to entertain gamers. This platform clients find the platform very user-friendly. Google Cloud Platform is known for higher reliability rates among its users as it offers the best uptime scores for games. If you want to run your game servers at lightning-fast of  3.8 GHz speed then Google Cloud might be the best choice for you. Google Cloud unlocks a top-notch gaming experience for its clients through Agones and Kubernet API.

If you want a flexible hosting provider that allows you to scale your web hosting resources at a good price, then Ionos might suit you. This platform is famous for providing complete admin control to its clients through proper root access. It powers 

the gaming platform with highly-efficiently CPUs like Intel Xeon processors. Ionos offers both SSD and HDD disk storage options for proper data storage. This platform presents gigabit connectivity for an unwrinkled gaming experience.

Choosing the best-dedicated server in USA might seem a daunting task for you. Don’t worry; you don’t need to waste your precious gaming time to curate that list. Just tick off the below requirement, and you are all set to purchase the game server hosting.


Hosting platforms such as Serverwala cloud data centres are among the safest matches as per the above points. You can get the above specification , like the latest hardware, faster performance, better uptime, flexibility, etc, from this platform. While many companies offer such hosting, Serverwala gives the cheapest dedicated server USA.

The gaming world has changed a lot in the last few years. With simple multiplayer games turning into global games, it is needless to say that the requirements have shifted largely. Everything from fast data transmission to advance level security has become the need of the hour for gamers in USA.

The gaming public in USA relies heavily on dedicated servers for faster performance, reduced lag time, and better customer support. Companies like Hostbillo, Serverwala, Liquid Web, etc, are rapidly evolving their services for their clients. 



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