windows – 10 Station Gaming Server

The task I am trying to accomplish is creating a gaming server to handle 10 game sessions simultaneously. Currently, my requirements are as followed:

  • The computers are located in one room so distance shouldn’t be a problem
  • I would like to minimize user input latency
  • The software works for Windows 10 or 11
  • I have concerns about using Virtual Machines because anti-cheat like BattleEye seem to have issues in VMs.

Some software I have already looked into:

  • Windows MultiPoint -> This looked promising but many of the example I see are several years old so I was concerned it had fallen out of favor.
  • Remote Desktop Protocol -> From my understanding you need a client PC to handle the local connection
  • Virtual Network Computing -> This seems promising because from my understanding I can standardize the desktop environment
  • Thin Client -> This was my original idea but I had concerns about input lag

What would the community suggest I use for this kind of situation?

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