Top Pros & Cons of Dedicated Web Hosting [Explained 2022]

This article is all about dedicated hosting advantages and disadvantages in a descriptive manner. So you can make sure that your website or application is hosted on the hardware that makes sense.

If you are looking for High Performance, Credibility, Reliability, Security and want root access of your server, then certainly Dedicated Servers are pretty solid hosting option as compared to others like VPS & Shared Hosting Services.

The Dedicated Server is primarily excellent for-

  • High traffic websites
  • High traffic web applications
  • Sites deals with confidential data
  • Secure Money Transaction
  • Big Data / Machine Learning
  • Dedicated Game Server Hosting
  • Huge Backup & Storage
  • Online Media Streaming

Hold On!

Is this type of server what you need?

Let’s breakdown what a dedicated server is and what are the pros & cons of dedicated hosting so that you can make the right choice.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Servers are those servers that host a single website/application. It completely dedicated to the person who owns it. You do not need to share any computing resources with another site such as bandwidth, processor, and much more. Hence, there is no sharing involved physically or virtually.

NETFORCHOICE is a leading Tier-4 data center company in India that has excellence in offering Cloud Hosting vertical. They provides impeccable, affordable, and powerful Windows Dedicated Hosting as well as Linux Dedicated Hosting at an exceptional price plan. In addition to it, NFC provides managed dedicated hosting with complete customer support.

Above all, you will get the DDoS protected Dedicated Server service to keep your site up in any disastrous situations

Take Dedicated Server Today!

Time to get into the advantages & disadvantages of dedicated web hosting.

Top Pros & Cons of Dedicated Server Hosting

The following section comprises all the positive and negative aspects of the dedicated server. Let’s get into it.

Advantages of Using Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Performance Reliability

Unlike shared hosting, server Uptime is higher up to 99.995% and traffic fluctuations do not impact your website performance. As well as you do not share resources with any other website.

Extensive Control

A user is paying for a server, so it has complete control of it. You are free to install any software or application as per your business need or fulfill the current demand of the work. Moreover, you can customize the server as per your requirement and have whatever configuration you want.

Complete Security

Security is the topmost concern of every business which cannot be sacrificed. One of the advantages of dedicated hosting is no security threat from neighboring sites as they don’t have other. Adding to it, you can take security measures as per your wish, and customize them as per your website need.

Dedicated Support

Due to the nature of the sites/applications hosted on dedicated servers, most of the service providers like NETFORCHOICE facilitates customer support of round the clock. This is a must because if you are spending a big amount to have your own server, which means it is an important site that cannot afford to face any problem.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Web Hosting

Apart from its pros, this hosting also has some downsides which are mentioned below.

Not For Everyone

The dedicated servers are expensive as they exclusively dedicated to you. All of the resources share with the person who owns it. No doubt, it is not an affordable option for start-ups and beginners. However, it is very solid when you are looking for high performance.

Technical Knowledge

Unlike shared or VPS hosting, managing a dedicated server requires the necessary technical knowledge – to set up, run or manage, install, administer, etc. the server.


It is difficult to scale a dedicated physical server as it is already a huge machine to start with. Also, if your business grows, it may call for moving to a larger server, rather than extending the resources you already have.

Final Say!!!

After reading this post, you have a clear idea about the pros and cons of dedicated hosting. No doubt, if your business dealing with huge traffic and sensitive data then this web hosting will be a great option.

These days for hosting online game, online streaming application requires dedicated server as they comes up with numerous benefits. Rest it is up to your budget and requirement to decide which hosting solution is great for your workload.

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