Subscriptions | BR1 Gaming – The Big Red One

At BR1 Gaming, we believe in our community and members. Whether a member of our community or not, you have the opportunity to help us operate and grow. We offer several different options to contribute through our subscription plans below. Each subscription plan provides different perks based on your subscription tier. By subscribing to BR1 Gaming, you are helping fund the ongoing success of the community.


“Front of the line.” 

Perks of BR1 Gaming Subscriptions can include priority access on BR1 Gaming servers.

Your Subscription helps cover BR1 Gaming’s operating expenses, including the following:

  • Game Servers

  • Discord Bots

  • Moderation Tools

  • Website Operation & Hosting

  • Email Hosting

  • Business License & LegalZoom Fees

  • Giveaways

  • Donations to Veteran Focused Charitable Organizations


Through our server providers, we guarantee our servers are operational and ready to play 98% of the time. Thank you for taking the time to review our subscription plans. We hope you decide to become a member of this amazing community.

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