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InMotion Hosting is proud to announce that NVMe SSD drives for hosting servers will be a part of all shared hosting solutions. NVMe drives for servers deliver faster performance and better overall efficiency due to their PCIe interface and low power consumption.  This, in turn, provides improved website performance speeds, faster provisioning responses, and improved capacity for our hosting plans.

This article reviews the NVMe technology, how it is applied to InMotion’s Shared Hosting servers, and why customers should upgrade.

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What is NVMe?

NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a storage access and transport protocol for flash and solid-state drives (SSDs) that have the highest read/write throughput ‘and fastest response times to data requests.

NVMe solid-state drives (SSDs) are basically hard drives on a chip. Since they’re solid-state they have no moving parts.  This means more reliability and better performance. NVMe drives also connect through a PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) interface that operates much faster than the previous connection interface known as SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment). As a result of this efficient use of power and throughput provided through NVMe drives and the PCIe interface, it is possible to have larger storage capacities without reducing the performance of the server.

Using NVMe drives for servers also helps to conserve power. Though NVMe drives provide an increase in performance numbers, they also utilize less energy than SATA-based drives.  They consume less power making them less prone to generate heat that can decrease the reliability of servers in data centers. Using NVMe servers will help to make your data center more energy efficient and your web servers more reliable.

To learn more about NVMe technology, please visit What are NVMe Drives?

Using NVMe and Shared Hosting

The shared hosting plans are the most economical of the web hosting plans available with InMotion Hosting.  Shared hosting lets you host multiple websites using one user account making it a great choice for small businesses, blogs, personal websites, or someone just getting started with web hosting.

Depending on the selected shared hosting plan, the storage space for email accounts and active website files or applications will be unlimited when upgrading to NVMe drives. If you are an existing customer then you will be notified of the upgrade availability.

Shared hosting servers currently use SSD (Solid State Drives), but they are using older SATA technology for data transfer between the storage and hardware components of the server. 

Accounts on shared hosting servers will soon have the option to upgrade to NVMe SSD drives for servers.  Shared hosting accounts using these servers will see improvements in performance and reliability. 

All shared hosting plans will use NVMe drives including Core, Launch, Power, and Pro plans.

Should You Upgrade?

InMotion Hosting is at the forefront of utilizing NVMe drives for servers in hosting websites. The performance of these hosting solutions will eventually be expected for web hosting solutions as it becomes an industry standard.

The main reasons you will want to upgrade to NVMe servers include faster provisioning time (for new accounts), faster read/write times for your websites, and an increase in storage capacity depending on your selected hosting plan.

It would seem to be an obvious decision to upgrade to servers with NVMe storage. However, the decision to upgrade may simply be one of timing. Work with your InMotion Hosting sales or support representative to determine the best time to upgrade your account. 

The future of hosting with NVMe servers will continue to improve as technology advances.  The higher performance levels and reduced power consumption make it ideal for web hosting servers. 

With these advantages, using NVMe is simply the right thing to use for your website.  The positive experiences from using the upgraded technology can only help to impress your website visitors and strengthen the loyalty of your customers. InMotion also offers NVMe VPS Hosting plans if you are outgrowing your Shared account.

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