MORDHAU Server Full Error – Fixes

MORDHAU is a fun and chaotic medieval slash-and-slash game for the PS, Xbox, and PC. However, given its multiplayer nature, it’s a common sight to see errors such as “Server is full, retrying” and “Failed to join server” when attempting to join a room. Here’s how you can fix it.

How to fix Server Full error in MORDHAU

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“Server Full” errors are pretty common for games with online play, and it’s usually caused by an influx of players trying to join a server. In MORDHAU, you can troubleshoot the issue in the following ways:

  1. Wait around 30 minutes and try again. If servers really are congested, trying to force your way in won’t help. Wait a couple of minutes before joining a Duels Room.
  2. Check your network speed. If your ping is over 80ms, your error is probably caused by packet loss. Contact your network provider to see if they’re doing some sort of maintenance on your connection.
  3. Restart the game.
  4. Disable your Firewall for MORDHAU as a last resort. Go to the Firewall & network protection menu of your PC’s settings and uncheck MORDHAU from the list.

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Note that we highly do NOT recommend number four, as we never want our PCs to be vulnerable to any form of malware. You’re better off putting the game down for the day. Any gaming server being full isn’t a serious issue unless the developer doesn’t have enough hardware to support all their players—which isn’t a problem for MORDHAU.

If MORDHAU is undergoing maintenance, the error “Failed to join server” might also pop up. You can follow their official Twitter account to get live updates on the game.

For more help with MORDHAU, check out How to 1v1 in MORDHAU here at Pro Game Guides.

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