Join GYAN GAMING ɪɴ Discord Server

GYANGAMING is a youtuber and having more than 15 million subscribers over youtube.
Hi this is my server which is belongs to a gaming community where we play lot of games and we host daily giveaways for members and do cht chat and enjoying events and music together

Hi this server is a gaming server and the owner of this server is a growing youtuber [ GYAN GAMING] and have more then 15m+ members.

In this server we have everything for everyone.

In this server you are completely free from raids and here you can make some good friends and do date and spend some quality time with our members in vc and cht zone and also you can play games with them .

Here we also host tournaments for eSports players and giveaway and event for no gaming segment and many more thing swe can do in our server .

In this server we host giveaway of good stuff which include cash prizes nitro and all.

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