How to Choose the Best Server Location in 2023: (Web Hosting,Game,Trading)

Everything we do on the internet requires a server — hosting websites, working remotely, online trading, hosting games, and so on. Servers can vary based on your needs. You can get shared servers, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and managed or unmanaged servers. Another factor you need to consider when getting a server is location. Choosing the best server location depends on your expectations. For example, if you are hosting a website and your target audience is in Germany, you want to go for a server in Frankfurt or Berlin. If you are trading in the Forex market, getting a server close to your broker can make trading faster and more accurate. 

The right server location eliminates negative elements like latency and creates the opportunity for your business to grow. In this blog post, I will walk you through tips on choosing the best server location for different means.

Why is Server Location Important?

A server is a dedicated machine that stores data and provides service to a computer program and its users. A server receives users’ requests for data and complies accordingly. 

A physical server requires both hardware and software resources to function.

Server’s Hardware Components:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Connectivity Adapters
  • Hard drives
  • Power Supply Units
  • Fans

Server’s Software Components:

  • Operating System (Linux, Windows, macOS, Unix, Ubuntu, …)
  • Server Application

A server location is a physical destination where your data centers are located. No matter why you need a server, the best server location is one that is close to the location you are working in. It is also important to choose a server location that can provide you with all the hardware and software resources you need.

A server’s location can impact your business, trading, gaming, or any other digital activity. Let’s go over a hypothetical situation. A website is hosted in Germany, but its servers are in the US. How would that affect user experience?

Website’s Speed

Your website has a maximum of three seconds to load before users move on. People are in a hurry even when they are doing stuff digitally, so your website’s performance must be fast. The best server location is one that is near your target audience. This is important since the closer your server is to the audience, the least latency and delay they will experience with your website. If your target audience is all over the world,you need to opt for multiple servers or use one to set up virtual servers to handle your website’s international traffic. 

Accessing data is super easy, but if a hosting server takes a long time to receive and process a user request, the latency rate rises, and users get frustrated. Users care about tiny improvements, so if you can boost your website’s speed by even 1 second, do it now. If you want to find out your target audience’s location, Google Analytics is the best tool you can use. 

SERP Rankings

Google algorithms change from time to time, but one clear thing is that your server location plays a part in your SEO rankings. You set SEO strategies based on where your target audience is located, but when your servers are in another country, the ranking process becomes much more complicated. That’s another reason why it’s essential to find the best server location.

Maintenance Costs

You have decided that the US is the best server location for your particular needs, even though your website is hosted in Germany. Are you prepared to pay different costs, including taxes, hardware or operation costs, and rent? Your servers need to be up and running 24/7, or you would lose a lot of money. So if you are starting a new business, it’s best to have your server location nearby. 

Best Server Location for Hosting Websites

Your business’s data and bandwidth requirements can change over time, so having the best server location from the get-go is essential. First, let’s make a checklist of the best server criteria:

  • Infrastructure flexibility
  • Advanced disaster recovery options
  • Advanced collaborative systems
  • Public cloud access
  • Scalability options
  • Optimized application environment
  • Modern data analytics strategy
  • Stable connections and efficiency
  • Uptime guarantees
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Connectivity problems occur when there are proximity issues, so the best server location is one that is close to Internet Exchanges or peering points. This is the only way you get low-latency and multiply-redundant bandwidth. No matter where your customers or users are located, one thing is undeniable; data takes time to travel. 

Data goes through networks, routers, and switches until it reaches the recipient. The smartest move is to choose a server close to you and your target audience. However, some servers are located far enough from city centers for disaster recovery purposes that provide rich connectivity, but they might be expensive.  

Best Server Location in the US 

Best Server Location Target Audience Location 
Los Angeles-Phoenix West Coast
Chicago-Virginia-New York East Coast
Kansas  Both Coasts 
Miami  North, South, and Central US

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Best Server Location for Forex Trading

The best server location for Forex trading is highly secure with minimum latency. Forex brokers and traders value time as the cruical factor that can either win or cost them a fortune. New York and London are two popular locations for Forex trading. Considering where your brokers are located, the best server location is one that is close to your brokers.

Forex VPS Location

With Forex VPS, you can have a seamless internet connection from anywhere in the world. If you are a professional Forex trader, you know that you need a Forex VPS with the following features:

  • Uninterrupted internet connection 
  • Maximum speed and minimum latency 
  • Slippage bypass
  • Trading on the go

To choose the best Forex VPS location, you need to make sure your VPS provider has data centers at the location of your broker’s data center.

If you are on the look-out for the best server location for Forex trading, here are the top countries you should consider:

  1. The United States
  2. The united Kingdom
  3. Singapore
  4. Switzerland
  5. New Zealand
  6. United Arab Emirates
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Belgium
  9. Oman
  10. Brunei
  11. Monaco
  12. Malaysia

If you choose Cloudzy VPS, you will have access to the Singapore, USA, and UK servers with the highest performance, minimum latency, and affordable prices.

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Best Server location for Trading Binance

The best server location for trading Binance and other cryptocurrencies is one that can embrace new technologies like distributed ledgers and keep up with the challenges of the tech world. Here are the top 10 countries you can set up your server and trade on the go:

  1. Belarus
  2. Portugal
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Netherlands
  5. Germany
  6. Canada
  7. Estonia
  8. Cambodia
  9. Iceland
  10.  India

Cloudzy Binance VPS guarantees 99.99% uptime on all its servers, and we also have a great money-back policy.

Best Server Location for Gaming

Choosing the best server location for gaming comes down to the specific features of the game you want to play, such as:

  • The minimum and optimal configuration recommendations
  • Volume of RAM
  • Required network bandwidth 

In addition, the number of players is an important factor. The good news is that you can invite players to your game worldwide without leaving your house. But more players mean you need an even more powerful gaming server. 

Gaming is your hobby, and you might be thinking about setting up your gaming servers in-house, but there is another solution. You can rent a gaming server and not deal with sudden crashes, blocked router ports, security issues, and downtimes.

If you want to enjoy your gaming time to the fullest, opt for a dedicated gaming server and enjoy all the benefits that come with it, such as:

  • Customization
  • Gaming circles
  • Advanced processors and SSDs
  • High-traffic friendly
  • Multiple gaming environments
  • Easy-to-use control panels
  • Responsive support team

Finding the best gaming server hosting solution can be challenging, which is why we have a list of all the top gaming VPS solution providers in 2022:

Product  Uptime  24/7 Support Money-back Guarantee  DDoS protection Price
Cloudzy 99.95% ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ +$7.95
HostHavoc 99.9% ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ +$5
ScalaCube  99.9%  ✔️ ✔️ +2.50
OVHcloud 99.9% ✔️ ✔️ +$60
Google Cloud 99% 24/5 ✔️
Citadel Servers ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ +$0.16

Gaming VPS Location 

You should choose a gaming VPS location that can support the demands that come with high-end video games. Otherwise, your time will be wasted dealing with infrastructure and technical problems you know little or nothing about. Cloudzy provides ultra-fast gaming VPS solutions at the best prices; choose your package and never worry about gaming VPS location again. 

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Best Server Location for Top 10 Popular Games in 2022

Game  Best Server Location
Arma Armed Assault Germany, America, Russia
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory America, France, Germany
Quake 2 America, Russia, Germany
Day of Defeat Source America, Russia, Germany
Call of Duty: United Offensive America, Russia
Call of Duty: Black Ops United Kingdom, France, America
Medal of Honor: Warfighter America
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero India, Russia, Brazil
Starbound  America, Germany, France
Halo America

Best Server location for SEO

There are no specific locations to choose as the best server location for SEO. Search Engine Optimization depends entirely on your website since website’s server location affects page rankings. Google uses server location and IP address to show accurate search results based on users’ locations. If you host a single-location website — meaning your target audience is in a certain location and not global — Your rankings will be higher. Another factor of choosing the best server location close to your audience is speed. 

A website with high loading speeds gets a better ranking. Fast-loading websites are also easier to crawl for search engines. A high page speed also reduces the bounce rate that is important for SEO. Bounce rate evaluates how many users land on your website and leave fast without making any actions. If your website is loading slow, bounce rate will increase. So it’s crucial for SEO to find the best server location close to your audience to increase website speed.

Best Server Location for VPN

You can choose the best server location for VPN based on three factors: internet speed, censorship bypass, and data privacy. If you need a Virtual Private Network with a fast internet connection, the best server location is a location close to your physical location. If you need to bypas censorships and unblock geo-restricted content, choose a location where the content is available. Now, if you are concerned about data protection, a location with data privacy laws is the best server location to set up your VPN.

Here is a list of countries with strong data privacy laws:

  1. Panama
  2. Switzerland
  3. Iceland
  4. Romania
  5. British Virgin Islands

Choosing the Best Server Location

You now know that you can choose the ideal server location based on your demands. The question is, where can you get the server from?

Many companies are server providers who offer servers in various locations with different pricing plans. To choose the best provider with the best server location, you need to consider the following:

  • Server location
  • Pricing
  • Hardware resources
  • Data center quality
  • Customer support

Virtual Private Servers are absolutely convenient for any type of business. They function just like dedicated servers while being much more affordable. You can get a VPS in almost any location you want, depending on the provider.

Cloudzy offers virtual private servers in more than 15 global locations. We cover USA, Europe, and Asia. Apart from diversity, we offer our servers with the latest technologies at the best data centers. Cloudzy’s servers have the following features:

  • DDR4 RAM
  • NVMe SSD storage
  • 1 Gbps network connection
  • High bandwidth
  • Low latency
  • 99.95% uptime

Cloudzy aims to be approachable and affordable for every kind of user; no matter your business or budget, you can experience high-quality servers, at any location that suits your needs, without going bankrupt. Cloudzy also cares about your comfort; Cloudzy’s VPS comes with instant setup, a free and pre-installed OS of your choice. You even have various payment options including payment with cryptocurrencies.

Here are all the locations Cloudzy offers VPS at:

Best Server Location + Cloudzy VPS Hosting = 100% Ownership & Security in Your Business 

Finding the best server location means elevating your business to the point of growth without limitations like latency, censorship, or resource shortage. Cloudzy VPS solutions are the best budget-friendly option if you want to experience rapid and stable growth in +15 locations all over the world. Check out our website, VPS plans, and secure your package today. We want you to experience our VPS services with zero pressure; we offer a 7-days money-back guarantee on all our services.


What is the best server location for VPS?

The answer to this question depends on your needs and where your target audience is located. Check out the “10 Tips for Choosing the Best Server Location for Hosting Website” section for more information. 

Does server location affect my website?

Yes. Some servers are located in restrictive countries, affecting your website’s performance. The best server location can provide the lowest ping for all areas with good bandwidth and powerful DDOS capabilities. 

How to find my website’s server location?

You can use the WHOIS tool. WHOIS is installed on FreeBSD systems, but if your operating system is Linux, you can install and run WHOIS with these commands:

  • Debian-Ubuntu: apt-get install whois
  • Redhat-CentOS-Fedora: yum install jwhois
  • ArchLinux: pacman -S whois

What is a game server?

A game server consists of two components: the physical computer that hosts the program to run multiplayer computer games over the Internet and the program itself.

How much does a game server cost?

The cost of a game server depends on the number of players and the games you want to play. In general, a gaming server of average quality costs at least $5 a month.

Can someone hack my server?

Yes, every server has two critical vulnerabilities: 

  • Operating systems/networks misconfiguration
  • Operating system/web servers bugs. 

However, you can take security steps to protect your server:

  • Set up roles and permissions correctly through Default settings
  • Enable 2 Factor Authentication 
  • write backup codes on page

What are the advantages of having a server?

  • Easier users access and workflow management
  • Improved resources and files sharing 
  • Powerful backup software 
  • Improved collaborative project tracking
  • Network-attached storage (NAS) devices

Where are Binance servers located?

The Binance website is hosted on a server in Tokyo, Japan since there are no censorships for using cryptocurrency in Japan.

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