Help! I am the only one that can join the dedicated server? – Multiplayer & Networking

I have created a Dedicated server. I use the Open Level command to join it. but i am the only one that can connect to the server? I have sent my firends a build copy “same one i am using” But when they use the Open level command with the server IP it does not connect to the server. The server log doesnt even show them trying to connect. I can join the server with multiple copies running on my PC? Any ideas? I am not using the Advance Steam sessions. I am using the UE5 Start Sessions.

You might have ports blocked? Might be a firewall issue or even Net Drivers and ini configurations. Maybe try and ping outside of your gateway and see if it comes back.

i have disabled all ports on my servers firewall. I have also tried to join the server from my other PC that is on my same network but it will not work. All my friends and my other PC can ping the server with no issues. Its like the game file is missing something that is running locally from my PC, But the package game still works on solo

The Problem is now fixed, Ended up having to do a Rebuild before packaging.

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